Worst Ariana Grande Songs

She is the worst of everything. She started off with her annoying acting in Victorius and now her terrible songs.

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1 Bang Bang Bang Bang

All of her songs suck. I don't listen to them because I hate her guts. In one of my comments I even said that I'd rather watch 10 hours of Sanjay and Craig than listen to her music and Sanjay and Craig is in my top five mental list of worst kid's shows ever. Yeah that's how much I hate her guts and I'm not even a Victoria Justice fan. - Anonymousxcxc

Why? Most people on Google + vote for that song on what is your favourite Ariana song?

Stop being so mean and judging her people! I like her music and you should just stop being so critical

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2 Problem Problem

Awful, who would want to hear a line such as "I got one less problem without ya", very bad to say to a person!

WHAT THE HELL! this songs Sucks! And it deserve to be 2 worst of all!

It is bad song nothing is in this I don't know how people like it?

Just because you can sing that high, doesn't mean you should.

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3 Baby I Baby I

This is just as bad as Justin Bieber's Baby. They both repeat 'baby' over and over. ARGH! Why do some of my friends adore her? Why does the world adore her? It's always sweet Ari, isn't it? She's always the cutest, isn't she? It makes me SICK. With all the evidence that she doesn't give a damn about her fans, she still has those Arianators.

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4 The Way The Way

I don't like this song.this is the worst song ever from Ariana grande

5 Break Free Break Free

Makes no sense. Gives me headaches

Ugh I hate this song! It came on all the time and it's super bad!

I agree with the last 2nd and the last

Sounds like she's singing while she's brushing her teeth. "This is the pot ven I say ildonnawana"

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6 Love Me Harder Love Me Harder

It would blatantly be even worse if Justin Bieber sang Ari's lyrics... Right?! I HATE THIS SONG! SO ANNOYING!

It might as well just be called "Make love to me harder." :/


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7 Santa Tell Me Santa Tell Me

NO! I love this song! It's my favourite song by her!

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8 My Everything My Everything

I'm sorry, Ari, but I didn't really like this song

I'm sorry Ari, but I didn't like this song

Beautiful song and great concept.

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9 Focus Focus

Have you all listen that song! So dumb its just like problem but problem is way better then this! This sucker thinks that she is so stylish and so Beautiful! She is baddest of all time

in her video she Act like she us Diva! Bad Girl! All she is! Haha Grande not that grand!

To be honest, this is the worst song I have heard from her.

This song sucks it's so annoying but catchy!

I hate it it's so annoying it even says a bad word.

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10 Die In Your Arms

She is a cheater stupid can't write a song

Oh I hate her by knowing that her song is Justin Bieber song I just wanna kill her right now she just cheat see I'm a belieber so I can't take it anymore!

Oh how she can just sing jb song she has not got the lyric of the song hm bad

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? Side To Side Side To Side

Worst as little kids sing it and don't know what it is about...sex

Annoying, repetitive, always playing argh. I love Ari, don't get me wrong, but its annoying

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11 Break Your Heart Right Back Break Your Heart Right Back

Why this song? It's a really good some people. I get that you don't like some of Ariana Grande's songs, but stop being so immature. Ariana is amazing she doesn't deserve all this hate. If you don't like her songs don't listen to them. Simple as that!

I only like it because of gambino

12 Put Your Hearts Up Put Your Hearts Up

EVEN Ariana Grande hates this song, now THAT is saying something

Go for It! I MEAN! go for it to abuse this song! Because this sucks!

Iieoo ah this song sucks my ears was badly tourcherd ohh when I hear it I started feeling giddy ohh horrible AND CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS THIS SONG IS ON 5 on her popular songs oh

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13 Hands On Me Hands On Me

, why isn't this song #1? It is just a worse version of 'Love Me Harder'! But even worse! She got a rapper that says, 'Girl you got the cake can I put my candle on it'? come on Ariana, your way better than that!

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14 Best Friend's Brother

This is a Victoria Justice song

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15 Piano Piano

Stop being mean to ari man, this is a lovely song and she is so kind. Her fans have feelings you know

16 Just a Little Bit of Your Heart Just a Little Bit of Your Heart

Repetitive lyrics... Good at first listen but not at twice

Bland. She didn't even want to sing it

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17 Right There Right There

I love Ari but this song really sucks... try something without Big Sean and overproduction, such as "My Everything" or "Honeymoon Avenue".

This first comment I have written and now I want to write more

Oh she is discusting in this song right there she is pretending to be like princess well she is not a princess she is a crazy mental you can see in the video she always do fan and do stupid things with it and herpony tail was remain there in this stupid soñg make this one because it is very stupid ha


Hi have you seen the video of right there she was putting makeup again and again oh she want to say that in real life she have pimpuls hmm plus she was princess in the video and the song is not really li, e princessone like taylor swift love story hmm

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18 Adore Adore

Its just sucksnlike ariana badly waste of money why she record it?

19 L.A. Boyz L.A. Boyz

This song is a ripoff of California Gurls. It was made as a joke.

20 One Last Time One Last Time

Hey Hey! I know this song is pretty much good! BUT! Still don't you think she little suck! Means "One Last Time I need to be the one who takes you home! IS SHE IS A SUPERHERO!

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