Worst Assumptions About Music

If you have any of these assumptions, then you don't know anything about music.

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1Rock n' roll, heavy metal, hard rock, etc. are evil

Since a few metal and rock bands have a lot of screaming and loud vocals in their songs, people assume that the genre entirely consists of just satanic music. To be honest, screaming shouldn't affect the message each song conveys and screaming shouldn't be a reason people should call it satanic. Its more of those filthy drug and sex based rap n pop songs that can be considered evil. And they're all the more deceiving because they hide some of their faulty messages in melodic tunes. And again, there are exceptions in this. Not all pop and rap are crap. - LightningBlade

I HATE this assumption! Just because it's heavy, it isn't evil! - NikBrusk

Metal is not evil, it's just the poor mentality of people - Ananya

2If it's on the radio, it's good

90% Most songs that play on the radio are commercial poppy crap. - NikBrusk

3Pop music is the best

There's no such thing as a better genre.

What? Hell no! Most of it is terrible. - KianaLexi

4More sold copies = better music artist

I really hate this assumption, for me it's the worst of all. - Metal_Treasure

I agree, but also it doesn't mean it's automatically worse if it's popular. - Elina

This doesn't work at all.there are songs with lots of sale but those aren't good - zxm

5Bad music video = bad song

Not true, Right Now by Korn has a disgusting music video, but the song is one of my favorites. - NikBrusk

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6The more beautiful, the better

There's a difference between melodic and good people. - LightningBlade

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7Rock and Metal is all about Drugs

I read this extremely retarded study that said Pop is more Rock and Roll than Metal because it has more songs about drugs. So you're saying all Rock and Roll music is about drugs? Are you serious? - NikBrusk

I listen to Evanescence and it's a rock band and they did have 1 song which is my favorite about a drug, Other than that, I don't think Evanescence is all about drugs though. - KianaLexi

Wait, people think Rock and Metal are all about drugs, and not rap? - NikBrusk

I'm hearing this assumption for the very first time. - LightningBlade

8The newest song = the best song
9Computers make better music

Yeah and autotune is "supposed" to make your voice sound better. - KianaLexi

I think you're forgetting the electronic music genre...

10Legendary but old songs = bad songs

I don't think so - but I'm sure there must be some idiots who thought - Ananya

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11Real fan = having singers' signatures
12Rock is old fashioned
13Bigger butts = better songV2 Comments
14Stupid but new songs = good songs
15Old music = good musicV1 Comment
16Pop music = bad genre

Pop music is usually a bad genre but not always. Its to bubblegum for me. - Music_Lover123

17Popular Musicians = Talented MusiciansV1 Comment
18Overrated = Bad
19Rap Is All About Drugs, Sex, Violence, Etc
20It's accurate to call things overrated if I personally don't think they're the best
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1. Rock and Metal is all about Drugs
2. Rock n' roll, heavy metal, hard rock, etc. are evil
3. More sold copies = better music artist
1. More sold copies = better music artist
2. Rock n' roll, heavy metal, hard rock, etc. are evil
3. If it's on the radio, it's good
1. Rock n' roll, heavy metal, hard rock, etc. are evil
2. If it's on the radio, it's good
3. Pop music is the best



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