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21 Robbie Williams vs Liam Gallagher
22 The Kooks vs Arctic Monkeys

In 2008, The Kooks revealed an ongoing dispute with The Arctic Monkeys. The feud arose from Pritchard kicking Alex Turner, lead singer for The Arctic Monkeys, in the face whilst onstage. Pritchard claimed that Turner had been attempting to disrupt his performance. "I had to kick Alex in the face after he tried to pull the leads out of my guitar pedals while we were on stage. " Pritchard spoke to The Daily Mail about his efforts to apologise for the incident later on. "I saw them recently in a studio and tried to patch things up. I asked Alex if he wanted to have a bit of a jam in the studio, but he just turned his back and walked away. " Pritchard went on to describe The Arctic Monkeys as "arrogant" but conceded that Turner is "a genius musician, and a really talented song writer, but now we've got this beef. But he shouldn't have touched my guitar.

23 Slipknot vs. Mushroomhead
24 Slipknot vs. Limp Bizkit
25 Dave Mustaine vs. Kerry King
26 Metallica vs. Megadeth vs. Anthrax vs. Slayer

why isn't it in top ten? Fight between them is more serious and also famous than ex. G'n'R vs. AC/DC (who heard about it? )

man who could forget the big 4? why did I have to put this up here? did everyone forget about them or sumfin? - munkee_linc97

27 Green Day vs Blink 182
28 Christina Aguilera vs. Britney Spears
29 Dir en Grey vs. GazettE

There is nothing more funny than seeing metalheads (like myself and friends) and fangirls (like my girlfriend and friends) argue to the death whenever one of these bands are mentioned.

Its practically metal fans (Dir en Grey) vs fangirls (GazettE) its hilarious!

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30 Mariah Carey vs. Jennifer Lopez

I'm pretty sure that this feud got resolved recently.

31 Dandy Warhols vs. Brian Jonestown Massacre
32 Killers vs. Bravery/Fall Out Boy
33 Toby Keith vs. Dixie Chicks
34 James Brown vs. Joe Tex
35 Dave Mustaine vs. Kirk Hammet
36 Eminem vs. Lil Wayne
37 Falling In Reverse vs Escape the Fate
38 Pavement vs. Smashing Pumpkins
39 Guns N Roses vs. Eagles of Death Metal
40 Jay-Z vs. Nas
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