Top 10 Worst Beatles Songs


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Revolution 9
Worse. Song. Ever. Why the heck is Yellow Submarine on this list? That's my favorite song by The Beatles! That song made me a true fan of the Beatles. There are a lot of worse songs than that! If you hate Yellow Submarine, you are dead to me. Sorry, I got off track a little bit. Revolution 9 is not even a song to me. I first heard this song when I was 9 (ironic), and it scared the living crap out of me. John, stick to writing songs like 'Imagine' and 'In My Life'. This song ruined The White Album for me.
The absolute worst Beatles song ever! What was Lennon thinking? Sure, he can experiment, but not on one of the best Beatles albums ever! The white album (The album Revolution 9 was in) would have been the best ever if The Beatles hadn't included this song.
Just listen to the sample. Yellow submarine is a great song! I wouldn't even call it experimental. Revolution 9 is just a mishmash of garbage thrown together. Why are there so many GREAT songs on this list? Maybe because the Beatles don't have 10 worst songs. Just a couple!
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2Wild Honey Pie
I LOVE the beatles, they are my favorite band! but, c'mon, this is without a doubt the worst beatles song ever! but hey, why is tommorow never knows and blue jay way on here?! those are two of the beatles masterpieces! :(
The only bad song on this list. I love Blue Jay Way and Tomorrow Never Knows, and definitely Why Don't We Do It In The Road.
I don't think this even deserves to be called a "song". Just total nonsense, without any point
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3Yellow Submarine
I love The Beatles, but I hate this song. I use to sing it in kindergarten, when I was six. It's a children's song. Of course, they made some pretty great songs. This one, however, is not one of them.
Revolution 9 is incredible. Why is it on here, much less at the top?

This one is probably the worst off Revolver (at least, the US version)
Beatles is the best band to ever exist. They're the best pop band, rock band and psychedelic band ever. They've played heavier than Toni Iommi, experimented more than Captain Beefheart and Pink Floyd combined, and they wrote crazier lyrics than one can possibly imagine. Of course, behind all their masterpieces, you'll find some failed songs since they've done so much music. Yellow Submarine is definitely one of those, and just like someone else wrote here, it's like a children's song. It's so weird that it's one of their most known songs. It should really be a soundtrack for some children's cartoon instead.
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4Why Dont We Do It In the Road?
What on Earth is Help! Doing on here (And why does every one hate Ringo's songs? )
This is just plain boring, with no meaning and a track that doesn't really deserve to be on the
Masterpiece that is śThe Beatlesť
It's not a terrible song, but there's just really not that much to it at all. It's a song that, quite honestly, could almost be written, sung, and recorded by Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez.


Maybe the worst pop tune of the 60's by an entire production company that should have done much better.
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5Dig It
A pointless song, absolutely boring! Why did the Beatles: a) Write this, b) put it on an album? What is the point!? The song only last 50 seconds. Ridiculous! I don't know which one of The Beatles wrote this, but whoever did they musn't have been serious about writing it.
Phil Spector was the one that put this song on Let it be but why did he shorten it to 50 sec?! I've heard the longer version of 4:20, it's also not serious but if he put a complete version on the album it would be much more worth.
Yellow submarine, because, help shouldn't be on this list.
If I made a top 10 Worst Beatles songs, this is undoubtedly #1. Not sure why it doesn't get the hate it deserves. I'm listening to this album right not and even I can tell you it would be perfect without this piece of junk.
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6What's the New Mary Jane?
Why Strawberry fields, she said, help, yesterday, octopus's garden, within you
Without you, yellow submarine and because are in the list?!
They are very very good songs!


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7Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
It's such a peaceful and simple song!
What is there to hate?
Such a good flow.
Its great and catchy
I'm sure at the time this was a fun, amusing little ditty. But it's really embarrassingly bad now and has not held up well at all.
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8Dizzy Miss Lizzy Listen to sample

9Maxwell's Silver Hammer
This is a good song. Good music and lyrics. Catchy and awesome
This is a fantastic song! It belongs in the top 50 beatles songs of all time!
A slight, upbeat ditty about a psychopath murderer. This doesn't work for me at all. Not that Paul could have predicted it, but Lennon was eventually gunned down by a psychopath which makes this song's premise even more distasteful. Ugh, "Granny Music" as John said.
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Not the Beatles best
I have never liked it. I can't really stand it that well.
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The Contenders

11I'll Get You
One of the few bad Beatles' songs
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12Little Child Listen to sample

13Mr. Moonlight
Should be the number 1 worst song, totally disagree with the top ten here, each song above has it's own inner thoughtful or experimental basis.
How is this not on the list? This is clearly a horrible song, performed by an exhausted band making mistakes.
Agreed, this one is a bit sketchy.
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14All Together Now

Why is this here? This song is short and joyful, if this song was 2 minutes longer and had a bit more meaning it would probably be a top 15 song.

I have to admit. I like this song. Catchy. Heard it twice remembered it. Good country type feel to it. But Yellow Submarine ( song) sucks, but the album of the same name is good

Is the absolute worst song the Beatles have ever made. They should dissown it. Ringo was a good drummer, but he really shouldn't have made any songs. I'M LOOKING THROUGH YOU IS A GREAT SONG!

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15P.S. I Love You
What! Why is this song even here it's definitely not amazing but there are worse songs... it's just a harmless example of early Beatles before they progressed...
This is definitely one of the weakest Beatles songs. The tune sucks and is not catchy.
Most of these are not great but I was very surprised to see Yellow Submarine and ob-la-di ob-la-the
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16Dig a Pony Listen to sample

17You Know My Name (Look Up the Number)
This is not a song. This ia a couple of guys getting really stoned and making funny voices; It probably seemed like a good idea with the chemical enhancement.
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18Rocky Raccoon
I adore Paul, but his fake accent in this song is so incredibly irritating.
Fake country with a fake accent, where's the rock/pop. And all the plot/subplot. What a waste of time.
Rocky Raccoon is one of the worst songs by ANYBODY, let alone the Beatles. Awful.
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Get this magnificent song off this list! That weirdo who says that "It is so bad even the devil hates it" is off his rocker. Get this song off the list!
Why wasn't this on here yet Maxwell, Yes it Is, Yesterday and Help are! This song is so bad even the devil hates it. Come on
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This is a really good song, since paul sings it
This should never be on this list. Have you even listened to the words? In fact this list shouldn't really exist because a 'worst' Beatles song just doesn't exist!


What is the meaning of the song is dramatic irony - the listener knows something important that the singer does not - The singer cannot understand why she left him, even though he repeatedly states the reason. She left him because he views love as simply "an easy game to play".
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21Anna (Go to Him) Listen to sample

22Octopus's Garden
A dopey awful song that wants to repeat the whimsy of Yellow Submarine and just sinks.
Dammit Ringo!
What where they thinking
This song really cuts the mood of Abbey Road
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23Within You Without You
WHAT?! WHY SO HIGH! Sure not every Beatles song is a masterpiece, I totally agree with Revolution 9. BUT WITHIN YOU WITHOUT YOU?!?! Such a good song. "With our love we could save the world, if they only knew. " come on PEOPLE!
Amazing song, expresses the true meaning of our inner soul which is so important in life
WHAT? Why's this so high?
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24Glass Onion Listen to sample

25Don't Pass Me By
Suck song by ringo
He is not a good song writer.
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26Maggie Mae Listen to sample

27Hello, Goodbye
Why is this song on here?! This is like my favorite Beatles song. It's very catchy!
The lyrics are meaningless and stupid
The dumbest most pointless weird boring Beatles song.
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28Blue Jay Way
not my favorite; but what's "Help! " doing on here?! That's my favorite!
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29Drive My Car Listen to sample

30A Taste of Honey Listen to sample

31I Need You Listen to sample

32Helter Skelter
Many like it, many dislike it. Rare piece, this one.
Weird, trashy and loud. Don't like it much, wonder what folks in 1968 thought of it when it came out. Rubbish.
It's terrible. Paul had obviously been listening to Hendrix when writing this drivel!
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33Magical Mystery Tour
Oh God! Why the hell did they do this?!?!


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34Chains Listen to sample

I can't imagine why this is on the list. One of the most gorgeous harmonies ever set to record.
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36Honey Pie
Just something about this song makes me want to scratch my eardrums out. Somethings besides that it's just mediocre.
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37Devil In Her Heart
Some of these songs shouldn't be on this list. Even this one.
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Help! Seriously?! And The Long and Winding Road as two of the worst Beatles songs? Woule never have said that in a million years. Both uplifting, beautiful songs.


The best song ever
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39You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
Hey! It is just marvelous why is it here?
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40Hey Jude
Every knows song in the world
Most of the song you here is Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na hey jude.
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41Boys Listen to sample

42Polythene Pam Listen to sample

43One After 909

44Revolution 1
Because of the fact that they put THIS? On the White Album instead of REVOLUTION? , makes me hate this song with a vengeance. It's too bad.


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45Yes It Is
This is the only song that is a song in which they are completely out of key. Only Beatles Song I don't like!


Who put "Within You Without You" on the list. I love that song. Would be in Georges top 5.


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46Love Me Do
I love this song! One of my favourites
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47I'm Looking Through You
This is great, you retards. Off course its different to a A day in the life, but this song has many meaning and a catchy beat. Underrated.
I actually like this song, I guess
This is song is ok, but compared to a song like "A Day in the Life, " it's just garbage.


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48I Am the Walrus
One of my favorites :). Still don't know why..
Hilarious video I love it. COO COO CACHOO
The beat and the rhythm are fine, but the lyrics and the 'English garden' part are what make this song just thumbs down.
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49When I'm Sixty-Four
This song is adorable, catchy and joyful. The lyrics are light and easy. Paul McCartney's vocals on it are smooth and clear. This song is really fun to listen to.
This should NOT be on the list. I know most of my family loves this song!
Absolutely worst. I can't even stand. Beatles is a rock band and have most beautiful songs in the world like "a day in the life" although it isn't in rock genre. This song one of the McCartney's senseless experimental songs.
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50The Continuing Story of Bungalo Bill
Yoko's voice in this song is very irritating and annoying that I risk scratching my White Album vinyl to skip this rubbish track. What was John thinking?!
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The only song I skip on the first disc of the White Album. Oh, and Bungalo Bill.
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52Her Majesty
Strange way to end a great Album. Really short too.
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53Yellow Submarine In Pepperland Listen to sample

54She Said She Said Listen to sample

55Free As a Bird
It wasn't the Beatles. It was John, and it sucked.
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56Good Night Listen to sample

57What Goes On
Ruins an amazing album. Ringo I love you but please stawp.
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58Martha My Dear Listen to sample

59Run for Your Life Listen to sample

60Sun King Listen to sample

61Carnival of Light
I like all of these songs except Revolution 9 (Paul didn't even like it. ) This was awful, though. Still better than #9.

62Twist and Shout Listen to sample

63A Day In the Life
This is the BEST song by The Beatles.


I don't like some of it. I hate those scary instrumental parts. The rest of the song is fine though
Everyone says it's beautiful and artistic. It's just noise! Except for Paul's part
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64Strawberry Fields Forever
The only Beatles song that I truly HATE! What were they thinking!
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65Tomorrow Never Knows
Nothing on the 'Revolver' album should be on this list! It is a perfect pop / rock album and the finest popular music record ever made!


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66The Long and Winding Road
"The Long and Whining Road"
Dafuq!? Not the best but not the fucling worst!
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