Top Ten Worst Best Movies

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1Hercules in New York

Meant as a light-hearted comedy romp a fresh face Arnold Strong stars in this awfully acted, un-intentionally hilarious corker! With Arnold's assertive presence and mono-toned voice come an assortment of strange supporting cast members such as Pretzy - a Squashed down Jewish Al Pacino and... Um.. Other memorable characters.

Quote: "How dare you strike Hercules! "


Space Lesbian's, a Busty female lead, tin can robots and stop motion animation. This blatant star wars rip-off comes with many laughs, much fatigue inducing dog fights in space and an appearance from the Hoff.

3Riki-Oh - The Story of Ricky

This film left me physically sick. Rubber mannequins filled with blood, gorged out eyeballs & guts. Cheesy effects, boring characters & plot craziness. Redeemed by sheers random pointless violence to the point of laughter.

4Plan 9 From Outer Space

When we think of bad movies we think of B-flick horror sci-fi rip-offs, gross outs or transgressive, like Transvestite brides vs autonomous space badger. These traditionally originate as far back as the entertainment business itself but its roots popularly identified as being the Ed Wood era. This is his masterpiece.

When you think of B-movies, you think of Ed Wood's infoamous Plan 9 From Outer Space.

5The Room

Tommy Wiseau claims this emotional drama was actually a clever black comedy the audience mistook for a bad movie. Watch it and decide for yourself.

6For Your Height Only

What if Ian Flemming's 007 was a Filipino midget. A material arts expert who loves disco.

7Hell Comes to Frogtown
8Troll 2

Considered to be the worst movie of all time immortalised by the line "Their eating her! And then they're gunna eat me! Oh my God! " and the subject of a rose tinted documentary Best Worst Movie. Lots of great moments there.

9Lord of the Rings (Animated)

Blends generic animation with live action baddies in cheesy. Dull which a cut off point half way through the story with no sequels.

10The Lion King

People who support terrorist loves movie

Disney rip this movie off

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11Batman & Robin

Rubbish embodiment of all that's wrong with Hollywood. Having said that it's very silly & entertaining

12Kung Fu-ry
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