Worst Britney Spears Songs

Britney is a great artist. But some of her songs may have not been the best…

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1 Mmm Papi Mmm Papi

I've downloaded her all her albums a while ago. (I only knew her hits)
And actually, all the songs I've heard so far sound good.
Sorry Brit, it's awful. - Sjinkiie

I find she doesn't even really sing anymore she just talks

I vote for this because It crossed my mind before even seeing the list! t's the only song that qualifies as BAD from her songs. - mood333

2 Ooh La La Ooh La La V 1 Comment
3 Work Bitch Work Bitch V 2 Comments
4 My Baby My Baby
5 Gimme More Gimme More
6 Tik Tik Boom Tik Tik Boom
7 Radar Radar V 1 Comment
8 Pretty Girls Pretty Girls

True, this song is new. But I Hate it! It offends millions of people - MLPFan

9 Brightest Morning Star Brightest Morning Star

Why this song is here? It's so beautiful

10 Blur Blur

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? Till the World Ends Till the World Ends
? Piece of Me Piece of Me

The Contenders

11 Womanizer Womanizer

This is actually the only one I like GET IT OFF THE LIST NOW - RockStarr

12 Body Ache Body Ache
13 I'm a Slave 4 U V 1 Comment
14 Selfish Selfish

It's just so basic and such a dumb concept for a song love Brit but probably her worst song I've heard from her... Still like it though!

V 1 Comment
16 Dear Diary Dear Diary
17 Perfume Perfume

This song is beautiful... take it off!

18 Scream & Shout Scream & Shout
19 You and Me
20 Baby One More Time
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