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1 Tranzit

You spawn, build the stupid turbine, and get to the du,b bus. You go to a useless spot, then to the power station. Then you have to CRAFT the power switch. The bus will be gone, so you have to go through the fog and deal with the damn denizens. When you get to town, no guns for you. To get pack a punch, you have to go back to the power station and do more crap. Then at town, the lava get you and you are dead. This is TranZit.

This is an impossible map to play solo and a chore to play with others

This deserves to be #1 because...its just bad I mean it is fun, if you get good guns, but if you don't then your screwed! There is only one ok, at best decent training spot (town) and even that's not great. because of how bad everything is its hard, not fun hard, or challenge yourself, just so bad its hard.

"This is the best map ever" said no one ever...

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2 Shangri-La

Really? shangri-la is one of the best maps, it has the best statistical wonder weapon of all time. the monkeys are annoying. But you can get a free perk out of it, the easter egg is badass (annoying if you have a bad team) and its fun and challenging

This map sucked! Full of annoying traps & monkeys.

3 Dead Ops

I wrote the comment of why dead ops sucked I forgot to add one reason because you run out of ammo if you don't shoot

This shouldn't even be classified as a zombies map.

Dead ops should be number 1 because of a few reasons.
1. Cosmic Space Gorilla
2. Not even a zombie map.
3. It's not that hard.
4. You get free guns (one reason it's less challenging. )

4 "Five"

The scientist who takes your weapons is so annoying...

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5 Nuketown Zombies V 1 Comment
6 Shi No Numa
7 Origins

I love how 1/2 of the comments saying this map is hard and sucks, this map is easy and it deserves to be the best zombies map

Why the hell is this map on this list. This is the best map ever

This is the best zombies map of all time! Why is it on this list?

This is the best map ever

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8 Verruckt
9 Der Riese
10 Die Rise

The only thing worse than this map is the drugs it took to make it.

How is Mob of the Dead higher than Zetsubou No Shima?!

At Least Shangri-La is fun... This isn't

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? Spaceland
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11 Nacht Der Untoten V 1 Comment
12 Shadows of Evil

Worst map ever! The monster you transform into is so useless. And besides that it has annoying music. And lastly the boss is so annoying. If you don't have a good weapon your obviously screwed. At least in Tranzit you could escape fast.

Should Be Number 1 and why is Kino Der Toten Here!

This map is like origins, if you don't suck and you can do thing efficently, you will like this map

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13 Bus Depot
14 Zetsubou No Shima V 2 Comments
15 Farm V 1 Comment
16 Outbreak
17 Mob Of The Dead V 1 Comment
18 Moon

I can't stand this map! Getting jugg is like getting pap on tranzit. But it's not the pap it's jugg! Black op 1 impressed me but moon was awful

19 Buried

It's to easy to just camp for the entire game and only one player really wins, the player with the paralyzedr

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20 Ascension
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2. Tranzit
3. Shadows of Evil



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