Top Ten Worst Characters in Five Nights at Freddy's

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41Eyeless Freddy

It is golden Freddy just saying. He is in Fnaf 1 and is really scary. He is just an empty suit that is a golden yellow color the same as feed just a different color. He has black eyes and white pupils of you encounter him he will scare the crap out of you.

What? Eyeless Freddy? It's Golden Freddy, genius. Also, and do respect the fact that people have opinions, but I'm pretty sure the reason you put him on this list is because you didn't know how to avoid him. In FNAF 1, when he enters your office, you have to quickly flip up your camera, and he'll leave.

His name is Golden Freddy, idiot.

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42Phantom Balloon Boy

Can balloon boy get sent to the junk yard

Send him up Marionettes but crack

I'm about to write to scott to never make me have to look at his stupid rusty face again he should change balloon boy to mangle cause people actualy like her

Are you insulting Mangle?!?!? How dare you!

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43Phantom Puppet

Is so annoying. Not so than Balloon Boy, but annoys. It stops you during 20 seconds and, lures all! When he is attacking me, all go for me! Phantom Freddy attacks and then Springtrap kills me! Dumb puppet...

I think this was my favorite phantom

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44Shadow Bonnie

I have never encountered him before but he looks like a very cool Easter egg and is kinda creepy

Stupid Shadow Bonnie... I was having a very good night in FNAF2. I was playing perfectly. But, Shadow Bonnie comes, and crashes my game! I hate it

Shadow Bonnie is like the only character in fnaf that scares the hell outta me

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45Nightmare Fredbear

His jumps care is not scary at all but he has a very cool design. He has sharp teeth and is very withered. I don't think he is very scary though.

Then go play the game then you'll see

I never played the Game, But In The Videos, It does not scare me at all. He has No scare for me. Sorry Fredbear fans But he Bit the Childs Frontal Lobe!

Amazing character! - KennyRulz244444

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