Worst Children's Shows


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Dora the Explorer
doras blind and deaf. i mean the rainbow mountain is right in front of her face but she still asks where it is because she can't see it. and when she asks the kids questions she always goes "what did you say" even when the kids are screaming at the top of their lungs!
This shows sucks because all of the characters are ugly, stupid, and annoying and Dora is the most worst annoying character ever because she sings terrible and all of the songs are weak, bad, and ugly because they are annoying. Everything from the show sucks because of all of the stupid annoying songs, stupid things like I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map... Are annoying. I HATE THIS SHOW AND I WILL NEVER WATCH IT EVER AGAIN AND I'm NOT INTERESTED AT THIS SHOW EVER. RATING- 0/10- ZERO!, The show sucks and it is just a bunch of junk and crap like garbage, ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT LISTEN TO DORA AGAIN. This show is absolutely boring and I WILL NOT BELIEVE IN THIS SHOW AGAIN AND THIS SUCKS!. It is the most annoying and the stupidest show ever.
shut up Dora! with your annoying map and your talking backpack.
[Newest]Okay let me tell all you people something... I HATE this stupid show
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2Barney and Friends
Okay, you hippies are probably wondering what I have against an "education" and "informative" show like "Barney"? Well, I have a lot of hate against it for these reasons:

1. It teaches that having a personality and individualism is immoral. No one on the show has a personality. Everyone dresses alike, talks alike, acts alike and dances alike. Even in the episode called "Being an Individual", kids try to tell Barney about what they like and EVERYONE on the planet should do what I like. Do you wanna teach your kid that being an individual is wrong?

2. "A Stranger is a Friend, You Haven't Met" Episode. While seemingly harmless, the show's producers soonfound that it could also be extremely dangerous for young children. In fact, several young Barney-lovers from across the U.S. fell victim to pedophiles, who were using the show's friendly message to lure children away from their parents. The episode has since been pulled, but the damage had been done. So called "Innocent" mistakes in programming, like this one, clearly show why parents need to watch television WITH their children.

3. IF your not happy all the time, you are a bad person. No one seems to show any other emotion but happiness, no matter which situation they are in. If the child's parents get mad or sad for some reason, the child may think of Mommy or Daddy differently. Not a good message at all.

4. Magic solves everything! Seems like every problem is solved by magic. At least in shows like "Fraggle Rock", it teaches us that magic CAN backfire at it is best to solve problems on your own. Does Barney teach this? NO, of course not. There HAS to be magic in there. And the problem is, a lot of two year olds cannot tell fantasy from reality, and might think their parents, siblings or relatives can use magic to solve everything, yet become confused when they CANNOT use magic and think they are weird. Another boner pulled again.

5. Barney makes no distinction between stealing and sharing. He has even specifically said that "stealing is okay if the person you steal from doesn't mind". Kids can learn that if you really want something, stealing is a perfectly acceptable way to get it. This is not something that preschoolers need authority figures to tell them.

6. "If I just have the right thing, I can solve all my problems." Whenever the kids have a problem, Barney gives them whatever they need to solve it. The message being sent here is "Don't try to think to solve this! It's too much work, and the solution probably wouldn't work anyway. Just use this." Because of this, children could stop thinking through things (Barney said it was too much work) and become dependent on the "right" object. (The right shoes, the right food, the right computer, the right exercise machine... ) This is obviously a good message for the Barney marketers, but it's not good for preschoolers.

7. The message that cheating is okay. In another episode the children are involved in a contest to carry a peanut on a spoon without dropping it. One child puts peanut butter on his spoon, and easily wins. The child is then rewarded for his creative thinking, when the child in fact bent the rules, and changed the game so that he could win. This teaches that cheating is good, you win and people think that you are creative, when in real life you will often be disqualified, or worse, and severely disliked by other competitors who played by the rules.

8. Do the kids in this show eat anything else besides cakes, cookies and candy? That teaches that it is okay to eat tons of junk food and avoid healthy food, despite Barney's so called "Health Food" song. Other than that, EVERYONE in the show eats junk food. No wonder there are so many obese kids in America and Europe.

And finally...

Most other kids' television shows teach creative problem solving well, without having to resort to "magic". Barney could also have done that but instead decided to use the method that was A) best for the marketers and B) took the least time and money for scripts. It's a blatant sellout that shows just how little the Lyons Group actually cares about children.

That is my rant for you all.


I hate you, you hate me. We're not even in a family. With a great big shank and a fist from me to you, won't you say you hate me too?

Clean up, clean up everybody do your part. It's community service so do a good job or get back in the slammer.
If he didn't speak like he was a stupid brain dead moron it might be ok. But he acts stupid, and unfortunately kids are easily influenced and copy such ridiculous behavior. I don't know about other parents but I take pride in my daughter's education and this doesn't cut it!
[Newest]I hate you you hate me let's team up and kill Barney with a baseball bat and a two by four no more purple dinosaur

When I was a young tot I used to love the teletubbies. But now it absolutely scares the crap out of me. The Baby Sun is the scariest part. Don't ask why. Although NooNoo made me laugh, he's scary now! Teletubbies is the worst baby show ever. For your babies stick with Baby Einstein.
Teletubbies is just HORRIBLE! I used to like it when I was little (like everyone else) but when I grew up I found out how bad this show really is. I watched this so much when I was little I still remember the intro of the show, THAT IS EMBARRASSING! Please this show need to be cancelled because this HORROR has gone on for long enough.
Laugh out loud I used to like this show when I was little but know that I realise it, it is scary! I mean who likes giant monster things and a vaccum!? A very weird show and I can't believe that I actually used to like this show! Yo Gabba Gabba is also similar and very weird as well
[Newest]They're so scared, and when I watch it I cagey a head ache and fill myself getting more dumber!

I can't go to sleep when I watch this show. I remember watching it when I was young and now I'm like why would they have shows like this for kids!?!? It should be a horror show! Along with teletubbies. Who wants to watch scary fat creatures that fart and have stomachs that are bigger than the actual body. I don't get why they show this crap to little kids! : /
This show is so pointless. It's just these colored puff balls with eyes that dance around. There are also lights above their eyes. They don't talk at all. They dance, move their creepy eyes but don't seem to do much else. This doesn't teach kids anything. Also, what's up with the theme song, it's just one word, Boohbah! Definitely the worst kids show ever!
My 5th grade class likes this crap, but I think its stupid, because of these weird stupid looking bath creatures running around
[Newest]This was maybe the best show ever it was so cute

5Yo Gabba Gabba!
Seriously what the hell were the producers thinking making a show like this. Kids should watch should that would entertain them and make them laugh but this would give them nightmares.

I do not know one kid that likes this show. It's not just the worst children's show, it's the WORST show in history.
Why is this show always on. Whenever my five year old brother turns on this channel, there it shows up. Sometimes he gets really scared and changes the channel. This show scares me and sometimes I play a game trying to guess who are the people underneath the suits. I can't believe Jack Black actually volunteered on this show many times. Also why does everything talk, this is like Dora but worse because it is not a cartoon.
It seriously can't teach children anything realistic. How do they take what they learn in that show and apply it to real life? Most children can't understand the concepts underneath all the bright flashy colors and strange creatures jumping around (oh, and a robot). They simply look at what they see, memorize the songs maybe, but can't apply what they learn with this show to real life. It also is vomit-inducing to watch. Awful songs, awful characters, awful "plots", just awful and cheap looking...
[Newest]Hey! This show is good, take this off now!
If you like this show, then you're a retarded little child with no life.


6Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
This show kills Mickey Mouse! It makes him look like he's for babies now! All the characters have changed! And Mickey is now an idiot, Ex: One time, he was asking where Pluto's tent was, he stared at it before asking the question! And yet this is the mouse who can drive a steamboat and use magic to bring mops to life! All the characters are nice now (Which stinks because I like them when they act like their real selfs) Please cancel this show and bring back Disney's House of Mouse and Mickey Mouse Works! Its as bad as special agent oso, it should be higher up the list!
Mickey Mouse was awesome in those old cartoons. Now everyone thinks he's for little kids because of this dumb show! Please take this show off and make more cartoons like the old ones.
This show made Mickey an idiot. He is now clueless, talks to the T.V. and they made him look like a babies show. I want this show to be canceled. I WANT THE OLD MICKEY BACK!


[Newest]I agree. It should.

7Bob the Builder
Annoying voice acting! The characters Gripper and Grabber just stereotype southern US by calling everyone "partner". Travis sounds like a drunk man. Why can't they just give him a calm male adult voice? Screw the show for keeping the US actors a secret some of them sound familar. Even in the episode "Scrambler gets Prepared" Cassie kissed Scrambler (preschoolers are too young to see kisses on the cheeks all I saw was hugging for affection). I will only watch it with the sound on if the characters didn't have such annoying voices.
Bob's fat and lazy. I mean he sits on Scrambler's bonnet drinking fizzy pop, reading and talking to his dad Robert by phone. The machines have to do most of the builder work. Bob only really does simple construction jobs. If you want a better T.V. show for your kids, check out HiT Entertainment's Thomas & Friends, Aurora World's YooHoo & Friends, FunnyFlux Entertainment's Tickety Toc or even Disney's Doc McStuffins! If you disagree with the other shows I mentioned being good, think about it! They rock!


You know why bob stinks because there machines talk like this is not a talking season who ever made this like thomas will pay peace
[Newest]Hey bob the builder buried yourself in dirt with your crane

Caillou is terrible. From beginning to end. He whines NON STOP, never gets punished by his brain dead parents for being a self centered, tantrum throwing whiny brat, and why the fk is a four year old completely bald unless he's sick? The adults in the show all wear the most god awful clothing and everyone has terrible names. I'm pretty sure the next door neighbor is a pedophile. I saw one episode where caillous parents left him and his sister both with this creepy old neighbor overnight. What? I will never allow my son to watch this. It only teaches bad, risky behavior to children!
I only let my toddler watch PBS because I figure its supposed to be educational and age appropriate. All kids shows are annoying, but CAILLOU WILL MAKE YOUR KID HAVE TANTRUMS AND ACT LIKE A WHINEY RETARD. I stopped letting him watch it, the rage inducing behavior stopped.
This show is terrible and why is he bald people in my class think he bald cause he has cancer even if he does he should be dead by now he is a greedy fool he does not want to share his toys with rosy he is so racist to he has almost no black friends Chinese, latino etc anyways I find his show boring I mean like the background is always white (anther thing racial) and is always whining even his theme song in the beginning is annoying his parents are even irresponsible leaving him with complete strangers sometimes he is toatally a bad example for kids
[Newest]Seriously? I LOVED this show as a little kid! That's a good show! Take Caillou off the list!

9Little Einsteins
The formula the show is supposed to follow is "Viewers learn Mathematics, Geography, Science, inc, in the presence of classical music to become smart." Eric Weiner mistook this as "Viewers listen to classical music to become smart, with atoms of other subjects for good measure." That's not how a person becomes smart, hardhead! Why is this show even called "Little EINSTEINS" if the formula is obviously dead wrong?! What have cartoons become these days?
Oh yes. Like people learn to start a vehicle by clapping their hands. This show is probably the most "musical" failure ever. With the cast shoehorning silly lyrics onto classical melodies, It drives me insane! It's almost like the show is trying to brainwash you in some instances.
They over personify objects. Ask me! Rocket eats! An episode featured a Cello having baby cellos. Even relatives of thing. ! And quit ruining the old classical music.
[Newest]No offense but when I was a kid I couldn't wait until the show was over I hated it also it was more like history class and about old people that meant nothing to us oh and their music sucked

10In the Night Garden
Stupidest show ever... What was the point to this show? Watching the same thing over and over again feels like groundhog day.
Absolute twaddle - can't believe the BBC coughed up 14.5 million for such crap!
When I was 12 I was scared of this show!
[Newest]This is a GREAT show for preschoolers!

The Contenders

11Team Umizoomi
I hate team umizoomi. I like spongebob, adventure time, magic school bus, phineas and ferb, jessie, bob the builder, thomas the train, oobi, wonder pets, blues clues, avatar, family guy, dragon tales, the simpsons or back at the barnyard better than team umizoomi, dora, diego, peep and the big wide world, bubble guppies, picme, winx club, super why, arthur, max and ruby or caillou or clifford
I hope this is cancelled... (Searches the rubbish show up) NOO! It's not cancelled!
Its very annoying team umizoomi, you lear nothing and the voice actors are very annoying, I don't really understand it
[Newest]I used to like it now I hate it

12My Little Pony
If you think this show is overrated, that is fine, but there are much worse children's shows than this one. Just because this show is feminine doesn't mean it's bad.
If you think this show is overrated, that is fine, but there are much worse children's shows than this one. Just because this show is feminine doesn't mean it's bad.
This show SUCKS. I cannot believe GROWN MEN watch this. I wish I can tell my little sister to stop watching this. Please cancel this show someday will ya? Oh and whoever said "shut up stupid MLP haters", WHY DONT YOU SHUT UP"! Everyone has their opinions.


[Newest]The fan base is the main topic here

13Spongebob Squarepants
Um why is spongebob on the list? Stop hating him so much. But squidward is ruining the cartoon! It is his fault, not patrick, sponebob, plankton, mr. Krabs or sandys fault. Why can't they make squidward nicer and educational? He should be number 2 on the worst cartoon characters list!
I actually feel bad for Squidward now because he is now just constantly tortured for not doing anything wrong which is not funny or good at all. Patrick is actually becoming really stupid and rude to everyone especially SpongeBob (if you don't believe me, watch the episode "Yours, Mine, and Mine). The writers think that gross-out, rude, and mean- spirited humor is "funny" but it ends up very childish and therefore, plotless. Old SpongeBob was amazing and don't get me wrong, there are some very good new episodes (like Sand Castles in the Sand) but they are overpowered by abysmal episodes like One Coarse Meal, A Pal for Gary, Boating Buddies, and the Splinter.
I think Spongebob is a great show and I'm 16
This is madness why is it on the list
[Newest]Stop it you haters this is a great show!

14Fred: The Show
That high-pitched voice is the stupidest thing ever!
Fred is stupid and has a horrible voice
That looser doesn't deserve his own T.V. show.
[Newest]He ripped off Alvin & the Chipmunks which used to be on Nickelodeon.

15Go Diego Go!
The show has not educational value, the story lines don't make sense, and Diego is always screaming! Oh one more thing, a baby tiger can speak English with no accent while an African kid speaks with a heavy accent... Doesn't anyone see something wrong with this picture?
For your info Diego isn't African he's Mexican and that's not a baby tiger it's a baby jaguar but its still a retarded show
Perhaps The Reason Why This Show Is Cancelled Is Because A Prizal In The Jungle Caught Diego And Baby Jaguar One Day Killed Them Both By Backstabing And Neck Stabbing Them And Ending The Killing With The Prizal Eating And Swallowing Diego Whole And Feeding Baby Jaguar To Her Children Who Are All Female!
[Newest]Well, it's better than Dora. That's it's only credentials.

16Strawberry Shortcake
Way too weird! recess should be on here also because they change moods in half a second.
What is Strawberry Shortcake? Wait, why does it say Strawberry Shortcake?!? They changed it to Hellberry Crapcake

I don't get why the show is called LazyTown and all the people that are living in the town do sports or any activity 24/7!?
This show is so bad! It's creepy with all the plasticy faces the characters have, and I don't understand why it is back on the air because to me it is pointless, there is no concept, the acting is bad, and it is awful! What is the message anyway? It is not a show that teaches little kids to be nice, it's just awful!
Lazytown is a super cool show. I love every character expect for Robbie Rotten. He always wants to make everyone lazy. Also, I don't like the name of the show.
[Newest]It insults people who are overweight. And why did they make this show?! To make kids get eating disorders!?

18Thomas the Tank Engine
Why is Thomas on the list. That show is awesome and please get Thomas the Tank Engine of the list right now
Thomas is not a bad show as the others
This show used to be amazing and for kid6-7 but it's much more babyish now.
[Newest]Oh my god whoever put this on the list I am going to kill you

19Special Agent Oso
I hated this show for a passion.
First for terms of characters, Oso is certainly "special", because he can NEVER FINISH A TRAINING MISSION ON HIS FIRST TRY, not to mention dumb. Paw Pilot is the worst character in the show; because A). She sings. And B) She isn't help at all since she screams out the answer for solving things for Oso. And finally, Wolfie, Dotto, Buffo, and Mr. Dos are all generic tokens you'd see in almost spy flick.
In story, it's just about just one kid in the world that doesn't know if he/ she can do it. Ad Oso has to come to the rescue without them noticing to solve it in 3 Steps. I should also mention that some of these things they can't do are really dumb such as throwing a ' ball, getting dressed, and lining up. After solving two of the special steps, Paw Pilot times them to finish Step 3 in Zx3 seconds, and it is predictable that they finish.
I think I've gotten too far, but in a nutshell, the show had choppy animation with a bad and predictable stroyline.
Agreed! How could he be an agent if he doesn't know how to do a ' thing. And can't those kids just go to an adult and ask them how to do a certain thing and not call Oso? This show promotes child neglect the parents seem very neglectful since they don't help their children.
Special agent oso is so stupid I mean like he doesn't know which way is right and in one episode he has to drive up to a building that is blue and then he stops right in front of it and he's like which building am I supposed to go to again like seriously you forget which building your supposed to go to in a second like my suggestion is to OPEN UP YOUR EARS OSO!
[Newest]Imagine a kid that needs help tying his shoe and instead of asking for help he waits for Oso.

20The Wiggles
I love it still but it's not really bad moron
I love the Wiggles and I'm 10.

21Fanboy and Chum Chum
This show has so many problems. First off the Main Characters. Good lord they have got to be one of the worst main characters ever! I mean there useless and are Extremely annoying. even more annoying than the annoying orange. Second the plot is as dead bones. I mean it's so corny that it puts people to sleep. and finally the animation is so bad. I mean it's mind blowing and ugly. 0/10
For those fortunate people who haven't heard of this stupid show, its a T.V. show that airs on nick about to retarded superhero wannabe kids that are so stupid they can't even wear their underwear properly. Deserves to DIE. Fanboy and Chum Chum, no you are not cool!
This show is about 2 kids with a superior mental problem who pretend to be batman and robin who epically fails.
Before I get to watch the good shows on nick. I have to force myself to watch this unholy piece of underwear stains.
[Newest]I've seen 2 episodes of this crud so far and they both had potty humor. And in the 2nd episode of this crud that I watched, Fanboy and Chum-chum were pretending to be British. In a racist way! I hate this show and I'm glad you do, too!

22Sid the Science Kid
This show is so terrible that it gave me explosive diarrhea. The characters are ugly and all they do is go to school and sing songs.
It sucks so bad, it gave my kids STDs
Looks like retarded 5 year old Simpsons learning science except for the fat, cone-headed one with bright pink skin who only cares about food and slides.

[Newest]They look like aliens

23Charlie and Lola
I hate when my daughter watches this show! I feel like it teaches her to not listen. They always do something they shouldn't be doing. They have good intentions, but it always goes wrong. Not to mention, it is all about constantly spending time with your best friend. It isn't realistic!
Aw its actually kinda sad to see it on this list because I loved Charlie and Lola when I was little.
I don't think Charlie and Lola is bad, they have a lot of good messages in their cartoons even thought they're for babies.

24Fifi and the Flowertots
This show is a rip-off of Bob the Builder with flowers and stupid and annoying girly stuff! I hate this show so much!
Mean spirited characters and annoying voices. I really hate this show.
They never frown. CREEPY!
[Newest]Just like Bob The Builder, they can't frown!

25Sesame Street
I'll be honest here, I've always found Sesame Street a chore to sit through, even in my preschool years. This just felt like a 30 min school day when all I wanted is to watch cartoons and be decently entertained for the day. A message or two in an episode is fine but I think school is enough education for us all.
ELMO HAS RUINED IT! I mean I put it here for that one reason (including that idiotic bear) like the first few years were okay until little red ABOMINATION ruined it.
Rainy days, sweeping the clouds away on my my way to where the devil lives can you tell me to get to horror hell street? Oh my god he says on my way and then he says can you tell me so is he (elmo) walking in the streets like a drunk hippy? What?
[Newest]I always loved this show next to other shows. Why are my shows on the list?

26Marvin Marvin
First of all, this show is disgusting. I block it from my children, since after watching it, my children go crazy and act JUST like those awful characters. I hope they will take this off the air as soon as possible.
This show make people retarded that is all
Thank God This Show Was Cancelled! It had horrible episodes, Annoying Characters, Dumb Plots, and More! It was so bad, it received negative reviews!
Thankfully, Fred Finally Left Nickelodeon, So let's cerebrate!


Yes, Okay, I just hate the people that say Icarly was good at first and now it's bad. Okay reality, hear this Miranda Cosgrove, and cast if this internet crap was real, from the start Carly would get hated on. Like come on RANDOM TIME DANCING, SHIRTLESS FAT KIDS, HOBO JOKES? This show is the reason kids act retarded on the internet! Yes to, Carly would be the next Justin Bieber (girl version) if she was real. I hate it when 13-25 year olds say only the last seasons are bad!
Such a stupid show and so corny. They have horrible acting and its not even funny. Just no.
I agree, it was never good. The humor was always stale and immature. It started bad, but the last seasons got even worse, because it became yet another T.V. show that just HAD to turn into a love triangle. This teaches girls that having a boyfriend is more important than having friends. The show couldn't just be about three kids that get together and do a web show together, carly had to kiss freddy at one point, then sam had to fall in love with freddy, not to mention the numerous episodes where carly falls in love with various guys. Why must every T.V. show do this? So annoying. And Miranda should NOT have started singing, because she was terrible.
[Newest]The only thing I hated about iCarly back then was the laugh track, but now I hate everything about it.

28Bobb'e Says
Is this like simon says or something?

29Sanjay and Craig
Disgusting, Nickelodeon has really hit rock bottom with shows like these, that talk about "butts" and "peeing" and "poop" and if it didn't have any of these elements, than maybe I might watch it with my little brother.
This show is so darn creepy, man.
Why is it creepy? It's gross, but why is it creepy?

30Choo-Choo Soul
The couple doing the show just couldn't make it on MTV so they thought they would do this. She is way too ghetto for kids to be watching. I don't let my kids watch the show. They are too little to watch a want-a-be stripper dance around. The show should be cancelled and who ever came up with it... Fired.
Hate this annoying show, so very much
This show is annoying. Just shows Disney continues to hit new lows.
[Newest]A ghetto woman and her thug that's all I see when this comes on

31The Backyardigans
The songs are annoying and waste time.
This show must go up on the list!
Dress up as Tyrone on hunting season. Dress up as a Moose for no good reason.

32The Problem Solverz
The characters are ugly and the animation makes me want to hurl 0/10.
This show just needs to die in a fire.

A cheap annoying rip off from Thomas. Chuggington is as stupid as the name of the show. The characters are annoying, babyishly simple and did I mention annoying?
This show ripped off Thomas! I should've never watch this!
Ok, it's good for a COMPLETE RIPOFF! This is why Thomas is awesome, it can stand ripoffs, for 18+ seasons. No other show has had as many ripoffs as Thomas. Get Thomas off this list.

34Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!
To number four on that list a woman played Bart's voice on the Simpsons!
A RIPOFF OF YIN YANG YO HUH. Wubbzy has the most annoying voice and every character there looks ugly. Everything has a W in it so it is annoying.
Oh no, the word man starts with an "m" so we should get a woman to play wubbzy because it starts with a "w"!

35Out of Jimmys Head
This was the show that literally (or nearly) killed Cartoon Network. With a idiotic storyline a bunch of stupid looking cartoon characters as well as a moronic looking kid who had a "Brain transplant" with the brain of a deceased cartoonist whose characters come to life thanks to Jimmy's thinking. Truly one of the most hated show in the 20 year history of Cartoon Network programming.
It began to go south when megas xlr went off, but even then it was good until 2011. And did this stay on long, for I don't recall hardly ever seeing this.
One of the worst series that ever came out of Cartoon Network.

36Sofia the First
This is price of trash on a episode stupid sung a annoying song that goes I'm gonna be a good little witch hint witch rhymes with another word
Sofia better not be in disney infinity 2.0
Yeah. Witch rhymes with another word.

37Destroy Build Destroy

THE worst cartoon I have ever watched in my life! This is completely stupid and the developers were wasting their time with this crap.
These reasons should clarify this is a bad show;
1- If you break a vegetable in their village, Goku's people get all mad
2-When Goku turns onto Son Goku, he changes hair colour ONLY!
3-Too much gore in this for a kid's show

Hey Naruto. Is awesome and my brother likes it
I also watch. It to you know

39Max and Ruby
Who pays the bills?! This show presents an unrealistic view of responsibility.
Ruby is 7 and lives alone. Other than their grandma who lives down the road. Other than that it is alright.
At the end max gets whatever he wants. This makes my brother think he can get whatever he wants. This show is horrible.
[Newest]Whatever happened to their parents? They do have a grandma so we could easily assume that their parents abandoned them.

40Jake and the Never Land Pirates
The worst show ever
It's not dumb! Sure, it can get a bit annoying sometimes, but kids like this show and I'm just standing up for them. So there.
Bud. It is dumb, I understand you. I have little cousins who like it, but I hate it.
Dear Howy Parkins,
Your brain-eating show is going to get cancelled. I will kill your 3 neverland idiots and this shouldn't be yours, as you make good stuff.

41Peppa Pig
Wow this is just horrible the animation and Drawings are horrible
Oh great. An episode with ugly graphics, feeds you the wrong information, has annoying sound effects, has annoying music, and some kinder gardener drew this on paper. Teaches you to do everything the wrong way.
The shows have no real plot, Peppa Pig goes to the shops, they jump in muddy puddles and everyone falls down laughing. THE END
[Newest]They are stick animals and talk with annoying british accents with shape bodies. The dialogue is random

42Dinosaur Train
This show sucks, I mean really? All this show is about stupid dinosaurs going on a train. Very stupid show. Just cancel this show!
Have you, you know, actually WATCHED the show yet? Tell me when you have.
Why can't they just make trainwreck out of this trainwreck
Please remove it! My little cousin love this show!
[Newest]Why is Dinosaur Train on the list? I like the show.

43Dude, What Would Happen

44Peep and the Big Wide World
What are you talking about? This is the best show ever. All the other shows on this list totally suck.
I love this show. Always have, always will. I mean, this show is from my early childhood years, and should not be on this list AT ALL.
Why is it so low on the list? Its dumb I makes me jump out the window. Why is regular show higher on the list? This and regular show should switch places!
[Newest]I love this show. So why is it on the list.

45Mike the Knight
The most stupid show ever. It ruined my summer vacation to Canada.

46Care Bears
I hate this show. Here are some reasons:
1. It will not go away, even though it was left for dead back in the late 80's.
2. Every series has had the same old choppy animation, same old singing and same old bears. The only thing that has really changed are the villains, but even then they are retards.
3. There's been like, only a few significant changes to the lineup, in any form. There's Funshine Bear, who had a gender change from female to male in the 2007 series, and Tenderheart, who is the leader of the pack, only had cameos in 2007, before returning full time in 2012, and then Wonderheart Bear was added to the lineup in 2012. It's stupid, really.
4. I can see why the Nostalgia Critic hates them so much. I feel like reaching into the T.V. set (without caring about the Care Bear Stare that they use) and stab them all so I don't have to look at them. And that's all.
You can't make it go away. It just comes back, angrier and agrier.

47New MacDonald's Farm

48The Chica Show
The squeaking is distracting and non-stop. It makes my ears bleed.
Who wants to watch a squeaking chick and have the human interpret what the heck it's saying? Dumb concept! And the transition from real to animated is even more unnecessary. Did I mention dumb concept and boring!
It sitnks and its stupid and chica is bossy all the time.

49Bananas in Pyjamas
Bananas in pajamas are coming down the stairs.
Bananas in pajamas are coming down in pairs.
Bananas in pajamas are chasing teddy bears.
Couse on every tusday they catch them.
(I forget the rest of the words)
But seriusly whats the point.
Utter, utter drivel. This and The Koala Brothers have to be the worst children's shows ever especially now that the el cheapo blokes in suits have been replaced with appalling CGI and having introduced highly annoying new characters. Cuddlestown - burn it to the ground.
Whoever came up with the idea of giant bananas living alongside teddy bears and a giant rat must have been out of their mind
[Newest]This show scares the heck out of me

50Kim Possible
No! I love this show

51How to Rock
This doesn't show them how to rock it shows them how to SUCK!

52Dance-a-Lot Robot
Thank Goodness That God-damn Robot And His Show Have Ben Sent To The Junkyard And Get Turned Into Scrap-Metal!
Nimrod from strange hill high is the boss of the robots!
More like Crap-a-lot robot. HAHA!

Ok! This Programme is so stupid and boring and my siblings try to copy the american accents which is SO annoying
Not as bad as iCarly or Sam & Cat and the other new shows except Every Witch Way.

54Hannah Montana
Worst show I have ever watched.
Miley Cyrus-Actor of Hannah Montana- is making fun of disney!
Sorry for putting this here. I just kind of don't like the acting very much.
That is fine. Hannah Montana never should have existed anyways.

55PAW Patrol
Ryder is blind and deaf. Even though that last rabbit is in his face, he can't even see or hear it. He need to go. Ryder: " Where's the last rabbit? " Me: It's over there, you dirty rat." Ryder:" Where? " Me: " Over there, you wet dog! " Ryder: " I think I'm loseing my marbles. Dogs, let's go home." Even though I'm
A kid, I don't like the annoying barks the dogs make. Those dogs are loud. "BARK! BARK! BARK"! They're so loud, it makes me jump out of the window. And Ryder needs a haircut. That mullet is grossing me out. But the dogs don't care. All they do is kiss his butt and laugh and call each other names like Big rubble bulldog fat. But boo- hoo little puppies when someone is in trouble. All they do is whine whine whine. "OH, NO! A CAT IS LOST IN THE SEA! ITS AN EMERNGENCY! "
The commercial is such a ripoff. The commercial had real talking dogs. I got so interested that I wanted to see this show. But, this show ended up being a piece of crap.
WHen I saw the commercial, I thought it would be similar to dog with a blog. But when I saw the show, it was a piece of crap.
[Newest]Talking animals are a trend for kid shows

56Doc McStuffins
I hate Doc Mcstuffins. Horrible.

This show is plain boring and the humor Does not exist on this show and the characters are racist and The pet is the only good character on this show. What? I like big monster lizards. so 2/10.

Pocoyo is extremely stupid and annoying and the characters make no sense! Here is why I hate it:

1. Pocoyo is extremely annoying and nothing he does makes any sense. Maybe because he and all the other characters lack the ability to talk. I am fine with actual people being troubled communicators as I have a relative who has extremely bad autism to the point where he cannot speak, but this is ridiculous. I am pretty sure that more than one person in the world can talk and you can voice the stupid characters instead of having that annoying guy do it for them. My sister used to watch this and I would come around the corner and see the T.V. and that stupid octopus is flying around with that big, derpy smile on his face, and I think, WHAT THE HECK? Is this what educational T.V. is supposed to be now?

2. The only major female character (besides that bird if it is female, I HAVE NO IDEA BECAUSE IT CANNOT TALK) is a total stereotype. Pink, wears a pink bow, obsessed with ballet and dolls and tea parties. And whenever she is involved in a conflict, it's something stupid like losing her doll, and she gets extremely upset like a huge drama queen. It's okay to have a character like this if there is another female in the show who is different, maybe an athletic girl or smart girl or something. But this is just teaching innocent young minds that this is what females are.

3. Would it have killed the animators to make the characters live somewhere besides an endless abyss of white? Really? I mean, animating does look super hard, but it seems pretty easy to just add a little brown line at the bottom and coat the rest blue. And then they go into space and THERE'S your sky and background with multiple planets.

4. From most of what I've seen, Pocoyo is supposed to teach kids about things like sharing and that stuff. Well, any educational value is canceled, because even if the child does learn something, it is canceled out by their new misconception of physics. For example, that stupid duck can stretch his neck out to a hundred feet long. WHAT? Where does all that neck come from? Why does it exist? How does it represent real ducks and why do you want your kids to learn ducks are like this? Exactly: You don't know. And don't give your kids a rocket; from watching Pocoyo, they now know that they can go into space and safely land on a planet with no protection whatsoever and just waltz around like they own the place. Even though there are aliens.

Thank you for reading this. If it has changed, A. Sorry for being irrelevant and B. THANK YOU ANIMATORS.


The only girl is the Elephant or the Hippo or something.

59What's Your News?
An animated ant who visits the real world, a retarded pink bird who predicts weather, an even more retarded anteater who claims he's an ant. This show's garbage!
Three words; Nightmarish animations aargh!

, lets let little fat pigs answer stuff! Perfect idea Nick Jr! Please I have siblings... and they make me watch it...
The creep jumps on couch, gets into stuff, & teaches little kids to act like a creep
Boring imaginatoins, unlikeable characters and not teaching kids anything at all.
[Newest]A copy of Peppa Pig except it is just as bad

61Rocko's Modern Life
Just because it should have been on Adult Swim doesn't make it a bad show you know. It is an extremely good show in its own rights even if it isn't exactly designed for children
Worst CHILDREN'S shows? Maybe. But this show wasn't actually made for children. Once I became old enough to understand it, I found that it was easily the best show ever.


Why is rocko is on the list its the best show ever its not like fanboy and chum chum hate fanboy chum chum more like fail boy and dumb dumb!

62Mr. Meaty
This really wasn't hire! Got cancelled for giving kids nightmares!
More like mr. Mental
Unrealistic theme, uncool usage, unamazing living. Hate it!

63Shake It Up
The absolute worst show ever! Cannot stand the irritating theme song!
Why not to watch shake it up;
01) They can't dance (I mean, look at the professional dancers, now look at them leaping around like leprechauns who have got sugar rush)
02) The theme song is an infectious little ear worm
Shake it up shake it up No shut up.
[Newest]It totally copied Taylor Swift

64Blue's Clues
I used to like this show as a kid, so why is it on the list? It's better than the cartoons we have nowadays.
This show is nice. I think blue is cute, and he sounds like my favourite character on Rio!
Please remove blues clues

65Scaredy Squirrel
It's a rip-off of SpongeBob, also Regular Show. That Squirrel-Girl is a total ripoff of Margaret. And Margaret is better.
Total rip off of Spongebob. All of my brain cells are dead. This show deserves to DIE!
It's like Fanboy and Chum Chum with weird characters and horrific cheap animation!
[Newest]This Is A Rip-Off Of The Scaredy Squirrel Books By Melanie Watt

66Tree Fu Tom
He look like 44th us

67Handy Manny
Okay it's weird for these main reasons:
1. ) Manny actually lives in his repair shop:
They almost never show him in an actual house.

2. ) The tools can have babies and grow:
I think they should just stick to eating, speaking, and sleeping. But growing and babies? Overboard! There has been two episode that say the tools grow (such as Beamer the level laser saying that he grew a few inches and Dusty talking about maturing). And then they have a family of crescent wrenches now (Lily, Lefty, and Junior) and it implies that the tools can have offspring. Creepy!

3. ) Dusty the Saw has no eyelashes:
Alright! Dusty is a girl and has no ' eyelashes! If she gets dressed up in a bow that's when she'll have eyelashes. So she wears mascara sometimes.

4. ) Dusty being a fan girl:
Okay she goes into complete fan girl mode when she sees Danny Starr (her favorite singer). Even she fainted eventually. And their too young to understand her fainting. In fact, I think the Danny Starr episode shouldn't have aired.

5. ) They chose the wrong pair to get married:
Oh come on old people getting married! I think they shouldn't of shown Mrs. Portillo and Manny's grandfather get married anyways I think they should of had young adults getting married.
The laziest voice overs ever! Even Bob sounds bored and disinterested. He's like, "please let me know when this sucky 22 minutes is over so I can go back to my lounge chair". The show is way to stereotypical of Latino being in construction. Too bad!
It's a direct rip off of bob the builder


[Newest]Turner is a boss

68Imagination Movers
Sexist show! There are barely any girls!
Knit Knots is a boss

69Pic Me
Um this show stinks because well the animals barely shut up and they call children mean names! Once I watched it and they called me an IDIOT. But bad news kids. It might be on pbs kids or nick. Don't let your 4 year olds watch this to have freedom.
You Kidding? Pic Me is brilliant. It might be annoying by the little boy/girl thing, but they only do it for a reason, so parents who don't like their kids names being yelled on T.V..
I absolutely hated this stupid show when it was on. Thank goodness it isn't on anymore! I mean, the stupid animals can't even call the children by their real names! They just call them 'little boy' or 'little girl'!
[Newest]In Mia And Me they called someone an idiot I think.

70Roary the Racing Car
Annoying. They show sibling rivalry and Big Chris treats Rory like as if he came out of his own body.
Basically a rip-off of Cars.
I almost forgot about this show!
[Newest]I liked this show when I was 6

Why is recess on here?

72Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

73Good Luck Charlie
Why is this one the list? It's the the Disney channel I like the best next to gravity falls, phineas and ferb, and fish hooks

74A.N.T. Farm

75Big Time Rush
Bunch of grown up idiots being retards.
I hate this show so much! Its so overrated! Probably one of the worst teen sitcoms in history! I miss the old shows real bad ;(!
Well there's one good teen sitcom out there that's new, it's called Every Witch Way.

76The Powerpuff Girls
The Powerpuff Girls is the stupidest show ever. Bubbles is too annoying and Buttercup is too strict! Users like it too much. This show needs to get off the internet. And I hate educational shows like The Magic School Bus, Sid the science kid, Wordgirl and Martha Speaks.
I love Powerpuff Girls It should not be in here

77Minnie's Bow-Toons

78Angela Anaconda
Honest, I watched the theme and I feel sorry for Nanette because she was doing no harm. Angela's voice is retarded as well.
It is very weird! You might think she IS an anaconda but she's human! I feel so sorry for Gordy when he is called 'weakling' and 'nerd'. It is also racist how Nanette is French.

79Big Comfy Couch
Who put this on the list?! This show is not a piece of crap with stupid clowns being stupid! This show was awesome and educational, now GET THIS OFF THE LIST OR I'LL KICK YOUR ASS!
Who put this on here!? I loved this when I was little and I would pretend I was the main character! Whoever put this on the list is (Pardon my language) EVIL!
I watched this when I was little.

80Higglytown Heroes
Who put this here?

81Jungle Junction
One time the bunny thing asked you what he had. He was holding signs! EASY! Then, he's all like, "Signs! Right! How did you know? "
Shooter and Ellyvan never know when to smile. At the end of the show, they ask darn easy questions

82Fireman Sam
F-FIREMAN SAM!?!? That show is awesome (the old one), get it off this list!


84The Hello Spencer Show
Take a beloved German childrens show, change the characters names, add a hip hop theme music replacing the original theme as well as the name of the lead character and what do you get? A Total train wreck by the creators of the Power Ranger franchise!
Sabah totally ruined the series by "Americizing" Hallo Spencer (The original German series) by adding a "hip-hop" theme to the opening as well as adding a idiotic rap to summarize the plot in the end of the show.

85Reading Rainbow

864 Square
WORST KIDS SHOW EVER! My IQ drops when its on! Ridiculous outfits, gestures, and actors = 4 people dancing around like idiots!

87The Wild Thornberrys
2 words: wedgie dance
Are You kidding? The Wild Thornberrys rock

88Between the Lions
Come on I used to love Between The Lions

89Clifford the Big Red Dog
Clifford is so annoying I barly like him anymore. I like spongebob square pants, family guy, adventure time, regular show, phineas and ferb,64 zoo lane, the magic school bus, dragon tales, avatar, back at the barn yard, bob the builder, thomas the train or mad T.V..
The title says Clifford the big red dog but it's actually Clifford the giant red dog
I used to like this show when I was 6th but now I don't

9064 Zoo Lane

It stinks and its lame never watch this!
It should've been Laisy (Maisy version of Lazy).

92Wizards of Waverly Place
Since Wizard's of Waverly Place, there have not been any good sitcoms.
Wizards of Waverly Place was the last sitcom on Disney Channel to be good, none of the sitcoms that aired after that are good, they are CRAP!
Take this off the list, it's a fact, Wizards of Waverly Place was the last good sitcom on Disney Channel, it was diffetent from today's sitcoms except Nick's Every Witch Way (in terms of quality entertainment, it's not a copy of W.O.W.P. , it is an adaptation of Grachi from Latam) and doesn't contain toilet humor or racism like the others, the plot is great as well, after this, the downfall of Disney Channel really began.

93Johnny Bravo

94Pinky Dinky Doo
More like stinky crappy poo.
Agreed! But I think "Stinky stinky poo" would work well, too. No offense!
I was 4 when I watched this show

95Henry Hugglemonster
That retarded theme song gets stuck in my head. This show is poop!
I want to vomit whenever it comes on.
The show makes me want to vomit.

96Make Way for Noddy
Everyone who likes this show tun the T.V. off.
The girl in overalls isn't bad. But why does toddy have girly shoes?
Each character has a disturbing name.

97Rabbids Invasion
This show is extremely annoying because all they do is scream. Even if you are on another STORY than the T.V. is you can hear those little rabbits screaming their heads off. And the plots are horrible. Seriously, one episode was about a flea. Ten minutes of rabbits screaming their heads off because of a STUPID FLEA. Seriously? Plus, all the characters are the same. There is nothing different from one rabbit to another except sometimes they wear a yellow wig. There are different human characters in the same episode, but they are used over and over. So overall, there are about ten or so human characters that repeat in different positions, and one rabbit character that is apparently cloned.


BAAHH! This show is just plain stupid, that's all that happens, they say BAAAH! But the reactions of people are kind of funny, but the show is still just STUPID, cancel it already.

The pictures are kinda creepy...

99Captain Planet and the Planeteers
It's about 6 teenage brats that uses the ring and summoned a superhero with barf green hair and dressed up like some kind of wrestler. We don't care much about an earth day cartoon because our world is started to filth right now.
Good message...
It can't be Magic School bus! NO, NO, NOO!

100Wild Grinders
All they do is eat burritos and fart if any thing this show should "fart" it's self out of existence. Is so dumb they sound like robots and the animation is done by 2 year olds
It's not a good show! The voices are not in good quality, the animation is horrible, and the plot makes no sense whatosever. Some kids who show no respect to adults and just skateboard all of the time? No good. Worst show ever.

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