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1Dora the Explorer

doras blind and deaf. i mean the rainbow mountain is right in front of her face but she still asks where it is because she can't see it. and when she asks the kids questions she always goes "what did you say" even when the kids are screaming at the top of their lungs!

This shows sucks because all of the characters are ugly, stupid, and annoying and Dora is the most worst annoying character ever because she sings terrible and all of the songs are weak, bad, and ugly because they are annoying. Everything from the show sucks because of all of the stupid annoying songs, stupid things like I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map... Are annoying. I HATE THIS SHOW AND I WILL NEVER WATCH IT EVER AGAIN AND I'm NOT INTERESTED AT THIS SHOW EVER. RATING- 0/10- ZERO!, The show sucks and it is just a bunch of junk and crap like garbage, ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT LISTEN TO DORA AGAIN. This show is absolutely boring and I WILL NOT BELIEVE IN THIS SHOW AGAIN AND THIS SUCKS!. It is the most annoying and the stupidest show ever.

shut up Dora! with your annoying map and your talking backpack.

Honestly, I have never seen ANY show even TRY to be worse than Dora. (Besides Jersey Shore). - Ededdneddyfan55

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2Barney and Friends

I hate you, you hate me. We're not even in a family. With a great big shank and a fist from me to you, won't you say you hate me too?

Clean up, clean up everybody do your part. It's community service so do a good job or get back in the slammer.

If he didn't speak like he was a stupid brain dead moron it might be ok. But he acts stupid, and unfortunately kids are easily influenced and copy such ridiculous behavior. I don't know about other parents but I take pride in my daughter's education and this doesn't cut it!

I can't imagine Barney teaming up with Dora... It would be like a reprise of the worst SpongeBob episode ever... - lamourieparkinson

I really can't stand a retarted dinosaur who survived the deaths of the rest of the dinosaurs lived long enough to make this crap. His singing makes my ears bleed. Make him shut the hell up.

He loves me, but I hate him. I'm so glad his show was pulled off the air. Even when I was younger, I didn't like Barney.

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When I was a young tot I used to love the teletubbies. But now it absolutely scares the crap out of me. The Baby Sun is the scariest part. Don't ask why. Although NooNoo made me laugh, he's scary now! Teletubbies is the worst baby show ever. For your babies stick with Baby Einstein.

I used to love teletubbies too. πŸ˜" BUT NOW I DON'T! 😱😱😱😱😱 why? Well, the teletubbies are terrifying. It doesn't teach anything and it's completely pointless. Like when I was little, there was this pink house with the scariest Petra toys cone puppet (more scarier than the American baby Einstein puppets) I litterly had nightmares about the puppet! When I was about to walk, I hid under the table when I saw the house faint on. I didn't come out of table until it was over. And my parents never bothered to change the channel or fast-forward it! I will never let my kids watch teletubbies when I'm a dad! NEVER EVER. I still can't get over it today. And I showed it to my best friend when I was in 5th grade and he had nightmares about it too. I will never love Teletubbies. Those sheepish aliens creep me the heck out! 😳😳😳😳😱😨😰

Teletubbies is just HORRIBLE! I used to like it when I was little (like everyone else) but when I grew up I found out how bad this show really is. I watched this so much when I was little I still remember the intro of the show, THAT IS EMBARRASSING! Please this show need to be cancelled because this HORROR has gone on for long enough.

I absolutely loathe this show! Those creepy things are nothing but nightmare fuel! It looks like they are wearing the faces of people they've tortured and murdered.

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I can't go to sleep when I watch this show. I remember watching it when I was young and now I'm like why would they have shows like this for kids!?!? It should be a horror show! Along with teletubbies. Who wants to watch scary fat creatures that fart and have stomachs that are bigger than the actual body. I don't get why they show this crap to little kids! : /

This show is so pointless. It's just these colored puff balls with eyes that dance around. There are also lights above their eyes. They don't talk at all. They dance, move their creepy eyes but don't seem to do much else. This doesn't teach kids anything. Also, what's up with the theme song, it's just one word, Boohbah! Definitely the worst kids show ever!

My 5th grade class likes this crap, but I think its stupid, because of these weird stupid looking bath creatures running around

Apparently I liked this stupid show when I was a toddler. I watched one episode lately and I was like... - AnonymousChick

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5Bob the Builder

Annoying voice acting! The characters Gripper and Grabber just stereotype southern US by calling everyone "partner". Travis sounds like a drunk man. Why can't they just give him a calm male adult voice? Screw the show for keeping the US actors a secret some of them sound familar. Even in the episode "Scrambler gets Prepared" Cassie kissed Scrambler (preschoolers are too young to see kisses on the cheeks all I saw was hugging for affection). I will only watch it with the sound on if the characters didn't have such annoying voices.

Bob's fat and lazy. I mean he sits on Scrambler's bonnet drinking fizzy pop, reading and talking to his dad Robert by phone. The machines have to do most of the builder work. Bob only really does simple construction jobs. If you want a better T.V. show for your kids, check out HiT Entertainment's Thomas & Friends, Aurora World's YooHoo & Friends, FunnyFlux Entertainment's Tickety Toc or even Disney's Doc McStuffins! If you disagree with the other shows I mentioned being good, think about it! They rock! - JayJayPlane

This show sucks and is bad for children. This show is supposed to teach the children how to build things but there are talking cars (that's unnatural) this show makes no sence. If anyone seen his 2015 look it looks ugly because he has a neck, a human, face, longer arms and legs, different clothes, and a bigger height. I never liked this show not even as a child. I don't want to watch this show again.

They changed the style and now it's creepy.

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6Yo Gabba Gabba!

Seriously what the hell were the producers thinking making a show like this. Kids should watch should that would entertain them and make them laugh but this would give them nightmares.

I do not know one kid that likes this show. It's not just the worst children's show, it's the WORST show in history.

Why is this show always on. Whenever my five year old brother turns on this channel, there it shows up. Sometimes he gets really scared and changes the channel. This show scares me and sometimes I play a game trying to guess who are the people underneath the suits. I can't believe Jack Black actually volunteered on this show many times. Also why does everything talk, this is like Dora but worse because it is not a cartoon.

It seriously can't teach children anything realistic. How do they take what they learn in that show and apply it to real life? Most children can't understand the concepts underneath all the bright flashy colors and strange creatures jumping around (oh, and a robot). They simply look at what they see, memorize the songs maybe, but can't apply what they learn with this show to real life. It also is vomit-inducing to watch. Awful songs, awful characters, awful "plots", just awful and cheap looking...

I have nightmares of the green furry dude eating me alive and I'm in high school like what is this madness

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Caillou is terrible. From beginning to end. He whines NON STOP, never gets punished by his brain dead parents for being a self centered, tantrum throwing whiny brat, and why the fk is a four year old completely bald unless he's sick? The adults in the show all wear the most god awful clothing and everyone has terrible names. I'm pretty sure the next door neighbor is a pedophile. I saw one episode where caillous parents left him and his sister both with this creepy old neighbor overnight. What? I will never allow my son to watch this. It only teaches bad, risky behavior to children!

I only let my toddler watch PBS because I figure its supposed to be educational and age appropriate. All kids shows are annoying, but CAILLOU WILL MAKE YOUR KID HAVE TANTRUMS AND ACT LIKE A WHINEY RETARD. I stopped letting him watch it, the rage inducing behavior stopped.

This show is terrible and why is he bald people in my class think he bald cause he has cancer even if he does he should be dead by now he is a greedy fool he does not want to share his toys with rosy he is so racist to he has almost no black friends Chinese, latino etc anyways I find his show boring I mean like the background is always white (anther thing racial) and is always whining even his theme song in the beginning is annoying his parents are even irresponsible leaving him with complete strangers sometimes he is toatally a bad example for kids

, shut up you stupid kid!

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8My Little Pony

This show SUCKS. I cannot believe GROWN MEN watch this. I wish I can tell my little sister to stop watching this. Please cancel this show someday will ya? Oh and whoever said "shut up stupid MLP haters", WHY DONT YOU SHUT UP"! Everyone has their opinions. - EpicJake

If you think this show is overrated, that is fine, but there are much worse children's shows than this one. Just because this show is feminine doesn't mean it's bad.

My Little Pony Characters are basically Retards who don't know how to be friendly in this crusty (really badly) Animated show. Even a 5 year old knows not to behave like that with his friends.

I am an anime fan, and I saw pictures of Azumanga Daioh characters with pony heads. what, bronies? Why the heck do you have to ruin EVERYTHING?

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9In the Night Garden

Stupidest show ever... What was the point to this show? Watching the same thing over and over again feels like groundhog day.

Absolute twaddle - can't believe the BBC coughed up 14.5 million for such crap!

Seriously, this is the worst show EVER! What is interesting about a blue... Whatever, that can't even talk! And fainting at everything!
And don't even get me started on the weird rock like creature, walking around washing everyone's faces.
I grew out of this, excuse for a programme, when I was 1!

Oh my goodness, worst show ever-even when I was 6 or 5 I refused to watch this

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10Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

This show kills Mickey Mouse! It makes him look like he's for babies now! All the characters have changed! And Mickey is now an idiot, Ex: One time, he was asking where Pluto's tent was, he stared at it before asking the question! And yet this is the mouse who can drive a steamboat and use magic to bring mops to life! All the characters are nice now (Which stinks because I like them when they act like their real selfs) Please cancel this show and bring back Disney's House of Mouse and Mickey Mouse Works! Its as bad as special agent oso, it should be higher up the list!

Mickey Mouse was awesome in those old cartoons. Now everyone thinks he's for little kids because of this dumb show! Please take this show off and make more cartoons like the old ones.

This show made Mickey an idiot. He is now clueless, talks to the T.V. and they made him look like a babies show. I want this show to be canceled. I WANT THE OLD MICKEY BACK! - EpicJake

This show turned the Sensational Six into stupid idiots with half a brain in between them.

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This show is so stupid seriously a few worms dancing my siblings think it's the best show ever and there 7 and 8

?The Simpsons

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11Fanboy and Chum Chum

This show has so many problems. First off the Main Characters. Good lord they have got to be one of the worst main characters ever! I mean there useless and are Extremely annoying. even more annoying than the annoying orange. Second the plot is as dead bones. I mean it's so corny that it puts people to sleep. and finally the animation is so bad. I mean it's mind blowing and ugly. 0/10

For those fortunate people who haven't heard of this stupid show, its a T.V. show that airs on nick about to retarded superhero wannabe kids that are so stupid they can't even wear their underwear properly. Deserves to DIE. Fanboy and Chum Chum, no you are not cool!

I've seen 2 episodes of this crud so far and they both had potty humor. And in the 2nd episode of this crud that I watched, Fanboy and Chum-chum were pretending to be British. In a racist way! I hate this show and I'm glad you do, too!

This show is funny! Get this off the list! 😠

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12Fred: The Show

That high-pitched voice is the stupidest thing ever!

Fred is stupid and has a horrible voice

That looser doesn't deserve his own T.V. show.

Why did this exist

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13Marvin Marvin

First of all, this show is disgusting. I block it from my children, since after watching it, my children go crazy and act JUST like those awful characters. I hope they will take this off the air as soon as possible.

Thank God This Show Was Cancelled! It had horrible episodes, Annoying Characters, Dumb Plots, and More! It was so bad, it received negative reviews!
Thankfully, Fred Finally Left Nickelodeon, So let's cerebrate! - Gamecubesarecool193

This show make people retarded that is all

I have not seen this show. - FinnsWorld

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14The Wiggles

So I saw this video of The Wiggles performing at one of their concerts, and the stupid Captain Feathersword tried to sing Metallica, and while I like Metallica a lot, They make it look horrible.

They can keep trying to be good, but when they're trying to sing Heavy Metal, they fail miserably, its kinda embarrassing for them, and their parents, and their children. - AggressiveBlaze


Are you kidding me? Best show for children ever! The songs are so catchy and so well written. It is the best Australian Children Show ever.

So boring. This is what my parents used to make me go to sleep when I was younger.

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15Sanjay and Craig

Disgusting, Nickelodeon has really hit rock bottom with shows like these, that talk about "butts" and "peeing" and "poop" and if it didn't have any of these elements, than maybe I might watch it with my little brother.

This show is so darn creepy, man.

This show is idiotic stupid and dumb I hate it so much! Oh and a talking snake no one can't make that crap realistic. In one episode Sanjay ate that fat guy's belly button lint that is totally gross.

What about Fart Baby where Sanjay and Craig treat a fart trapped in Sanjay's belly like a pregnant baby - sryanbruen

Idiotic. The first episode had a BUTT in itπŸ‘Ώ

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I don't get why the show is called LazyTown and all the people that are living in the town do sports or any activity 24/7!?

This show is so bad! It's creepy with all the plasticy faces the characters have, and I don't understand why it is back on the air because to me it is pointless, there is no concept, the acting is bad, and it is awful! What is the message anyway? It is not a show that teaches little kids to be nice, it's just awful!

Lazytown is a super cool show. I love every character expect for Robbie Rotten. He always wants to make everyone lazy. Also, I don't like the name of the show.

I think the girl with the pink hair was just a selfish little brat that only cared about her and the guy in the light blue outfit

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17Peppa Pig

The shows have no real plot, Peppa Pig goes to the shops, they jump in muddy puddles and everyone falls down laughing. THE END

Wow this is just horrible the animation and Drawings are horrible

Oh great. An episode with ugly graphics, feeds you the wrong information, has annoying sound effects, has annoying music, and some kinder gardener drew this on paper. Teaches you to do everything the wrong way.

Pretty good. Shouldn't be on this list.

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18My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

I'm sorry but this show is awful. I mean sure the animation sure looks nice and the characters are pretty interesting but the plot of this show is really boring, the violence in this show doesn't make it look like a girls show. And everybody liked it. But I have to ask. Why does everyone like this show? It's a piece of trash! And This show to me is pretty evil. I mean Its taking over Hub so that everyone would not watch the OTHER Hub shows that I just like. And the biggest reason why I hated this show is because of you stupid dumb immature people called Bronies! There people who like this show and hate the other ones. Come on guys! There's Tiny Toons on there! And there is this one character who always creep me out sometimes and its Pinkie Pie. I been scared of her ever since that Cupcakes and Smile Creepypasta. And to cheer you guys up. 6/10 for this show.

I used to like the first episodes and I was crazy about this show. But ever since then it turned so violent! Even the Equestria Girls my mom wouldn't let me watch because it was so violent! I had nightmares about this show turning evil and it did! This show could've been perfect and cute, but it wasn't after a while. The moral is supposed to be about friendship but it got so violent.

Yeah, no this show was so bad I almost died and that was in the first episode guys if killing people isn't enough what is?

Sure, it might be a good show, but bronies make it worse.

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19Thomas the Tank Engine

Why is Thomas on the list. That show is awesome and please get Thomas the Tank Engine of the list right now

Thomas is not a bad show as the others

This show used to be amazing and for kid6-7 but it's much more babyish now.

Why is this on this list? It's a good show!

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20Fifi and the Flowertots

This show is a rip-off of Bob the Builder with flowers and stupid and annoying girly stuff! I hate this show so much!

Mean spirited characters and annoying voices. I really hate this show.

They never frown. CREEPY!

I enjoy this and I'm 12

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