Top Ten Worst Christmas Songs of All Time


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Why isn't this the worst...
Not the best song! Definitely it got annoying I just wanted to bash my head in the wall and die after hearing it 6 billion ' times on the radio!
THis is the worst song not just because it's justin bieber but because it's not catchy, and it's just generic pop crap.


[Newest]It's Justin Bieber. Of course it sucks!

2Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
This song is disrespectful to elders, kind of depressing, and way too catchy!
It's about a grandma dying and they say she was drunk it's so sad I HATE THIS SONG!
Rude, pointless and stupid... This song has it all... I wouldn't play this song if someone paid me too...
[Newest]This is my song, it's about a grandmother who was so drunk that her grandkids wanted her to stay in the house and not go out in the cold because something bad might happen and it's based on a kids cartoon

3Christmas Shoes
A horrible song. It takes a horrible, misguided meaning from an already dark tone that rings to the depressing tune of an "inspirational" e-mail your family members send you around the holidays. The song is about, yes, a boy's mother who is dying for certain reasons and he decides to buy his mother some Christmas Shoes presumably the night that she will die.

This song would have been fine if it carried along the message that Christmas is the time to be together as a family. It shouldn't carry the focus of the importance of purchasing material goods in the name of pleasing your mother who, I imagine, would probably prefer you being by her side in her dying moments. I wouldn't mind if the song just ended with "I put the money down, he said 'thanks' and walked away", but instead the message carries on into a dark, evil moral that only Veggietales could churn out while in a bad mood.

"I knew that God had sent that little boy to remind me what Christmas is all about". That is why this song is up on this list, because of the horrible message the man takes from such a horrible tragedy.

There is nothing like having GOD sacrifice an innocent woman in order for you to understand the meaning of Christmas. What was the meaning he took from it, exactly?

I love Christmas, it's my favorite time of the year, and I love buying gifts for my family and friends. But material exchanges should not, in any sense of the word, define Christmas as a whole. This, simply put, makes it one of the worst Christmas songs ever recorded and brought (or dragged) out to the Christmas Commerce Machine.
I do not know how such a song can end up on here, the song is about a boys mom who is dying, he wanted to get her a pair of shoes so she can be happy! Yet he is too poor to afford them so the man behind the boy buys it for him! This song teaches us what Christmas is about, giving. Also to those who say that christmas songs aren't supposed to be depressing forget that for some people christmas is depressing. The lyrics, meaning, and singers (depends on which version) make this without a doubt one of the BEST christmas songs out there.
You poor, poor, people.
Who wants to here a song about death during the most wonderful time of the year?! I know I don't. I've shed enough tears durning the year so don't act like I'm a cold hearted person! It's highly inappropriate! If this song was an Easter Song, I could tolerate it because Easter is a more somber holiday, but Christmas is a celebration of life and a time to enjoy your family! It's there to end the year on a good note, not to have a pity party! Christmas is a time to forget all of your troubles and be joyful! What a way to ruin somebody's holiday!

4Please, Daddy (Don't Get Drunk This Christmas)
I've never heard of this song, but it sounds terrible. And you know that if it says daddy, it's most likely either sung by or directed to young people.
Dear God what was that?
Terrible, terrible song with terrible, terrible lyrics!
[Newest]Sounds like something funny, but seriously, it's not.

5Santa Baby
This song is very disturbing. It's also REALLY annoying. Really, it just makes me sick.
Worst Christmas song ever! The dance team at my old High School used to dance around in spandex w/ santa hats to this tune. Traumatic memories.
"Think of all the fellas, I haven't kissed"?! What kind of lyrics is that?! So the song idea is that this person kissed many people and wants to kiss Santa?! I might be wrong, but Santa is married to Mrs. Claus! Who would want to make out with Santa?!

6I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus
Shut up awesome song an amazing classic
This gets played over the radio all the time at work, how it even qualifies as a Christmas song is beyond me.
[Newest]That awkward moment where the child tells his father about this...

7Santa Claus Has Got the Aids This Year
The song is quite horrific, you cain't hardly hear it, and the worst voice imaginable - he is so drudgy, the bass and melody are so abysmal - and it isn't even funny - ya kinda disgusting that it's about AIDS during Christmas - and I think offensive to people with AIDS
Why isn't this number one? Just look at the title!
This, I think, needs to be much higher up.


8Wonderful Christmastime
Seriously a horrible, horrible song all together. Considering the hit machine that McCartney and the Beatles were, this is a sad inclusion in their career. The incessant mind numbing keyboard is the WORST sounding piano EVER! And the delay in the chorus just doubles the sickening experience. That setting should be removed from every keyboard to ensure musical torture like this is never produced again.
I hate, hate hate this juvenile sing song piece of crap. Did He actually write this tripe? They play it constantly and it make me physically Ill every time I hear it. Who in the world would buy this song?
Hillary Duff literally destroyed this song with a Red Bull infused melody that makes you want to bash your head in as well as that cheesy Celeste opening with a little girl singing awfully off key!

9All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth
Can't listen to it. Nice when you're young. And people who don't vote for this still need their front teeth.
The kid talking is super annoying


That song is kinda annoying.

10I Farted On Santa's Lap
What the heck kinda sing is this?!
Weird but sounds very hilarious to me

The Contenders

11Please Come Home for Christmas
Nice song with good qualities

12Christmas Tree - Lady Gaga
This song is awful and just plain stupid. I don't think that anyone was asking for a song about sex using Christmas-themed innuendos.
How the hell does lady gaga make a Christmas song? She sucks at singing. Christmas is a great time how could you ruin a Christmas song? Well she did it with this.
I like lady gaga, but this is the most terrible Christmas song ever.
[Newest]I like Jackson 5 Christmas Tree.

13I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
WORST SONG EVER! Who wrote this crap?!
This should be #1! It's so annoying and what do hippos even have to do with Christmas anyway?
Not hating on the song or anything, but who wants a large, heavy mammal for Christmas?

14Where Are You, Christmas

15Jingle Bell Rock
Any song with rock in it? What about Jailhouse Rock, Detroit Rock city, I Am a Rock, Rock and roll, I Love Rock and roll, Let there be rock, Mambo Rock, Rock N Roll All Nite, Rock around The clock, Rock and roll music, Rock A Billy, and God gave rock and roll to you? Yeah That's What I Thought...


Jingle bell rock is way better than all these songs when you hear it in Christmas.
Jingle Bells, Jingles Bells, Jingle all the Way!

The best Christmas song ever. Should not be on this list.


16The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire)

17Nuttin' for Christmas
Stan Freberg and The Fontaine Sisters had a better version of this song but Barry Gordon's rendition wants me want to scream!

18Baby, It's Cold Outside
Oh my god. It was painful for me to even put it on the list. can't stand his voice or the lyrics. It is terrible
Uh what?

Dean Martin and Ray Charles both did wonderful versions of this song!
More proof that guys don't think "no" means "no".

19The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot
Lyrics include " I am so sorry for that laddie, he hasn't got a daddy, the little boy that Santa Claus forgot"

20The Chanukah Song - Adam Sandler
It's Adam Sandler. Enough said...

21The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)

22Little Drummer Boy
Can you imagine a young girl after a terrible journey and a difficult unassisted birth finally gets the baby to sleep and some snotty nosed brat starts playing the drum. Stupid stupid song
Hate it, Hate it, Hate it.
Never got this. Hated it for over 50 years.

23Christmas Time Is Here
Why is this song on the list? This song should be considered a classic!
The Worst most depressing, saddest music Christmas song ever!

24Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
What? This song is awesome!
Hearing this song makes me want to take a cheese grater to my face... Little Brenda will have to answer for this horror on the Day of Judgment!
Wait, what? This song is a classic. This shouldn't be here!

25All I Want for Christmas Is You
It's so annoying because in Christmas on the radio this song is like 24/7 and it totally gets on my nerves! There are so many great songs to listen to in Christmas and this song is overrated in my opinion.
Once upon a time in my life, I liked this song, until I learned to drive and listened to the radio...
I love all of mariah Carey songs
[Newest]Actually this song is pretty good

26I Yust Go Nuts at Christmas
Hating on family members, drunks not what Christmas is about

27Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
Michael Jackson's version of this song is annoying. It doesn't sound good at all.

28Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Don't get me wrong, I love the animated special of this song
But I will admit, this song just gets really annoying at times and especially with those stupid fillers kids put into the song that just sounds ridiculous
Oi, all I can say is I love the song as much as the next person; but I don't wanna hear it over a hundred trillion times!
If this was the best Christmas song list, this should be first. You know nothing, user or visitor who placed this here


Its really annoying after a while!

29I'll Never Do It On a Christmas Tree
This song is horrible! It's the song Rodney Dangerfield sings in "Rover Dangerfield" (His character is a dog). It's sung from the point of a dog about how he would never urinate on a Christmas Tree.
Whenever I hear this song, I think of all the trees being cut down just to give us this disaster.
When I hear this song, I think of all the trees being cut down just to give us this disaster.

30Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey

31I Pooped On Santa's Lap - Toilet Bowl Cleaners

328 Days of Christmas
This really is the nadir of Christmas songs, I hate it with all my heart. I was never a fan of Destiony's Child but this surpasses everything else they've recorded in the crap stakes by a mile. Why inflict this dirge on people? Why only 8 days? Why oh why didn't they fall into a chasm before they got to the recording studio? Someone tell me why?!

33Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo

34Last Christmas
Actually, I do think this is a nice Christmas song to listen to! She was with one boyfriend found a nicer man in her life and left her boyfriend for a PERFECT Christmas to be with someone who loved her more and she'd be happier all round. If you can imagine being together but not in love and being with someone and happy and it (Christmas) is the season to be jolly. So, listen to the words while imagining being in an unhappy RELATIONSHIP. and you meet a very nice person -he/she makes you happy -would that not make your Christmas while the other person's HEART!
Who could possibly like this song? "Last Christmas I gave you my heart / But the very next day you gave it away / This year to save me from tears / I'll give it to someone special..." Where to begin? Whiny topic, crappy rhymes, dippy tune, moronic message. "Oh, someone SPECIAL! That's what I've been doing wrong! " Dude, let me get this straight. Someone gave YOUR heart to a third party without permission? And you think you still have one to give again this year? What kind of crazy organ donor clinic do you run?
Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day, I sold it on eBay


[Newest]Last Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day, I sold it on eBay.

35Christmas Is All Around
I like "Love Actually" if only for Bill Nighy's riotous performance as Billy Mack, aging rock star... BUT his singing of his "Festering turd of a record" in the nude is not quite how I want to remember Christmas.

36Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
I like this song. Great job John Lennon!
Christmas is supposed to be happy... This song is depressing.

37I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas

38Will Santy Come to Shanty Town?
I think the title is enough by itself...

39Baby's First Christmas

40Blue Christmas Lights
All it needs is cows mooing, and it wouldn't change a thing!

41Someone Is Missing at Christmas

42Hooray for Santa Claus
There's a version by the punk band Sloppy Seconds which was better than the original version.
The vomitous theme song from the timeless classic "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Lyrics include : "He's round and fat, and by jiminy, he just fits down any chim-a-ney".

43I've Got the Christmas Spirit - Brook Benton

44Christmas Wrapping

45Frosty the Snowman
Where is Christmas mentioned or implied in this tune? The cartoon is even weird.

46Santa Gimme - Jay Randall
Tasteless. I mean, "santa gimme hoes"? Really?

47Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy

48The Twelve Pains of Christmas
This song is hilarious! What is this doing on here?

49Santa Claus and His Old Lady - Cheech and Chong

50Do They Know It's Christmas - Band Aid
I hate the song in general. I could easily survive a Christmas without listening to it.

51Poo-Choo Train

52Jingle Bells
Why is jingle bells on this list?

53You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch
This song was a classic both perfectly done by Thurl Ravencroft (in the Chuck Jones animated version) and Jim Carrey (who totally took it up a notch).
I don't care for this song. They say mean things about the grinch.
Good movie, bad song.

54The Twelve Days of Christmas
Right up there with 100 bottles of beer on the wall

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