Top Ten Worst Comedy Songs of All Time


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1Crazy Car - The Naked Brothers Band

This song is stupid and annoying. It is the worst song ever made. - RalphBob

Never heard of this show and I'm glad I didn't. It looks horrid.

2#Selfie - The Chainsmokers

This is annoying and not funny at all. - RalphBob

3Redstone Active - Phantaboulous

I know it is a parody, but it sucks really bad. Phantabulous is a bad singer, and the lyrics suck. - RalphBob

4Santa Claus Has Got the Aids This Year - Tiny Tim

Who jokes about that! That is offensive! - RalphBob

5Santa Hates Poor Kids - Your Favorite Martian

This song is offensive, but not as offensive as Santa Claus Has the Aids this Year. - RalphBob

6The Poop Song - The Toilet Bowl Cleaners

This song is gross. And the band sucks too. - RalphBob

I don't even wanna know what this is...

7Found Some Poo - KoitV1 Comment
8Sanjay and Craig - Snoop Dogg

It is even worse than the original: - RalphBob

9I Like Turtles (Remix) - Turtle KidV1 Comment
10That's What She Said - The Janoskians

People won't shut up about it. - RalphBob

The Contenders

11You Can Do It - Cookie Monsta
12I Farted On Santa's Lap - The Little Stinkers
13Poop - Beardo & Baddo
14Fack - Eminem
15Sanjay and Craig - Sanjay and Craig
16Homer and Marge (ft Weird Al Yankovic) - The Simpsons
17Breadwinners - Breadwinners
18The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) - YlvisV1 Comment
19Fart Song - Bob's Burgers
20Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO
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1. Crazy Car - The Naked Brothers Band
2. #Selfie - The Chainsmokers
3. Redstone Active - Phantaboulous



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