Top 10 Worst Computer Animated Movies of the 2000s

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I think other children will hate doogal and like battle field earth and look at this on top 10 worst animated movies of all time please! 1

It's boring, crappy, horrible, seriously, a movie to the kids of 4 years old and that kids don't like this crap, got problems dude

Shrek the third was a good movie, this crap is the second worst movie that I seen in my life (team hot wheels the origin of awesomeness for the win)

2Shrek the Third

I'm so glad that I didn't see this movie when it came out. It should've been called

Thank god this is at number 1. Such an awful, awful movie.

3Bee Movie

This is the best, put Bolt up here.

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4Over the HedgeV2 Comments
5Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsV2 Comments

How the heck is Foodfight! Below Bee Movie and Over the Hedge? At least Bee Movie and Over the Hedge won't give me nightmares! It's a joke that it was made with 65,000,000 dollars. Did Wikipedia mistake it for SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS? The CGI in this movie is the worst I've ever witnessed. I've seen more creative beauty in gum stuck on a sidewalk. The characters are just cardboard stereotypes, especially the chipmunk/squirrel that follows the main character, Dogtective around, and the Italian moose. I truly believe this movie drove Charlie Sheen (he played Dogtective) insane. If you had to come back to a horrible script, terrible characters, horrifying CGI, and a cash cow for eleven years, you'd probably go crazy too.

This was actually released in 2012, so it shouldn't be on here. Having said this, critics unanimously agree that this is the worst animated movie EVER, and possibly the worst ever period.

8Monsters vs. Aliens
9Planet 51

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11Fly Me to the Moon

All the movies in the top tens (except doogal and this) should be taken off the list - Harri666

Okay, let's put a bunch of amazing movies on here like Meatballs, Bee movie and Bolt
Yeah sounds great - MoldySock

Er, MoldySock, if you were claiming that all of those movies were good, then you are wrong: Bee Movie SUUUCKS. - LordofGeek

12The Little Panda Fighter
14Ice Age: The Meltdown
15Chicken LittleV2 Comments
16Space Chimps
17The Wild

I don't see why Madagascar is higher than this, it was a brilliant movie! But this is an utter rip off, in fact it never made it to T.V. ! - metaldude8

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18Open Season 2
19Everyone's Hero
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2. Doogal
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