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21Agent F.O.X.

It's a terrible movie, don't let the cover fool you. The animation is awful and zippy, the protagonist's voice sound childish and whiny, the plot is uninspired and boring, and anyonewho gave credit to this movie is completely inexperienced. - blst0033

At first I thought this movie was going to be cool, but I was wrong...! - Dragonserpent15

22Disney's a Christmas Carol

Why is this on here and why is it this high?! Some people... Jim Carrey is awesome! - docreywashere

Actually, I really love this movie. (Don't kill me. Please.) - RockFashionista

Worst version of Charles Dickens beloved classic the whole movie looks really ugly. - ZZDOORAL

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23BarnyardV1 Comment
24Barbie & the Secret Door
25Escape From Planet Earth

Lame story and lame characters Hollywood really needs new ideas.

It's sad that directors are so desprate for ideas that they come out with this! - docreywashere

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This is a rip off of planet 51 if planet 51 came before this - Harri666

This movie is stupid and scary for young kids. Worst animated movie EVER!

The people who think this is a ripoff of planet 51. Let me tell the plots.

Planet 51:a person lands on a alien planet and they all think he is the alien so one of the aliens try to get him to his ship before its too late.

Memind: megmind along with metro man lands on earth and they become a hero and a villain. After megmind thinks he killed him. He try's to make a another hero.


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27Open Season
28Barbie & Her Sisters in A Pony Tale

Stop making Barbie movies, we want more princess movies, not the same girl over and over.

29Arthur Christmas

You stupid person that is the best movie I have ever watch and think hard about you have just done.

It's not the best, but it's still good.

30Free Birds
31Chicken LittleV1 Comment
32Spider's Web: A Pig's TaleV1 Comment
34Space Chimps
35Where the Dead Go to Die

Oh my God! Someone actually did it! Some sick, messed up person actually made an animated movie that is WORSE THAN FOODFIGHT! I didn't even think such a movie could even exist? This is like "the Lord Voldemort of Animated Movies," because it would make people shutter when saying or even hearing the title!

Why would Frozen, Zootopia, and Cars 2 even be in this list?!? They had great animation! WHY WOULD THEY BE HIGHER THAN THIS ABOMINATION OF SATAN?!?

I'd even say this movie is worse than Garbage Pail Kids, Caillou, Son of the Mask, Drawn Together, The Drawn Together Movie, The Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon, anything made by Video Brinquedo, the Alpha and Omega sequels, The Neverending Story 3, A Troll in Central Park, A Car's Life, Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale, anything made by Jason Freeberg and Aaron Seltzer, Teen Titans Go!, and even the God dang animated Titanic movies! How low is that?!?

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36What's Up? Balloon to the Rescue
37Tinker Bell
38Horton Hears a Who
39Fly Me to the Moon

I have never heard of this movie

ALL of the other movies I LOVED - DarkAngelxox


I've always hated
Even the classic show which I used to watch. - docreywashere

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