Worst Cosmetics In Team Fortress 2

Let's make a list of the Top 10 worst cosmetics in Team Forteress 2. I'll offer up my Top 10.

The Top TenXW

1Ghostly Gibus

The worst hat in the Gibus collection.

V1 Comment

Very ugly, buggy and overall there's no reason to put it on.

3Seal Mask

Another stupid Halloween hat that looks ugly, has many issues and wearing it just makes you look like a total noob.

4Geisha Boy

This abomination doesn't deserve to be in the game yet so many people have it.

5Hard Counter

Makes the Heavy look straight up retarded with it's ugliness.

6Coupe D'isaster

It's intended to be ugly and did a good job of that.

7Jannisary Ketche
8Area 451

They tried to make a cool alien hat and failed pretty badly. This thing is god awful.

9James Reimer
10Scotsman's Stove Pipe

Unless you paint it a decent colour, you essentially have a Gibus on your head.

The Contenders

11Holiday Headcase

The idea is clever but was executed poorly and we ended up with this piece of trash.

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