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81Dancing In the Moonlight (It's Caught Me In Its Spotlight) - Alt-J (Thin Lizzy)

Horrible cover of a great song. Alt-J took out the soul and the oomph in the original and made it bland and boring.

Alt-J sounds the same on every song they make. This song is further proof of it.

82Never Gonna Give You Up - Ashley Tisdale (Rick Astley)

Whoever produced dis piece of junk should no longer be in the music industry

83Heroin - Billy Idol (The Velvet Underground)

The words "I think Heroin could be a techno dance hit" should never be uttered by anyone, let alone someone who actually follows along with it and makes a techno song out of it. - ArchAces

This is real?! Heroin is my favorite song ever, and that sounds horrible! - djpenquin999

84What I Like About You - Lillix (The Romantics)
85Does He Love You - Patti Labelle (Reba McEntire and Linda Davis)
86Walk This Way - Run DMC (Aerosmith)

Oh heck no!
1. Made rap mainstream
2. Relaunched Aerosmith's career
3. Propelled Raising Hell to millions of copies sold
4. Landed on frequent "best videos ever" lists

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87Someday We'll Know - Mandy Moore (New Radicals)
88Fire Woman - Crush 40 (The Cult)

Whoever put crush 40 on this stupid list should die they're the best video game band ever was. Just listen to Jun Senue's guitar solos that made me liked crush 40 I will always like this band so please don't vote for it and listen to Johnny Gioeli's vocals he can actually sing better than that stupid bat red foo I WANT CRUSH 40 OFF THIS LIST (Crush 40 isn't the only band I like I also like 2 other bands Three days grace and cobra starship in my opinion crush 40 has been my all time favorite)

Whoever put crush 40 on here is a retard crush 40 sang one of the best sonic songs ever and it has johnny gioeli as vocals he's is undeniably one of the best singers

89Born to Be Wild - Slayer (Steppenwolf)
90Against All Odds - Mariah Carey (Phil Collins)

Phil Collins is one of my heroes.

When I listen to this my faith in humanity just... What faith in humanity?

91Viva la Vida - Cher Lloyd (Coldplay)

She took the wonderful music of Coldplay and made it sound treacherous! Her voice is awful, and she was walking up there like she owned the place. "LOOK AT ME! I'M THE BEST! BETTER THAN Coldplay! " But, despite all the terror of this, it was somewhat hilarious to watch. How she said ring-a-dinging in the chorus, and gripped her vagina at parts because Viva la Vida is UNDOUBTEDLY the sexiest song ever- wow. Clap. Clap. - pandagirl

92Imagine - Avril Lavigne (John Lennon)

She doesn't have a bad voice, but you should never touch this masterpiece. Nobody does it like Lennon did.

93American Idiot - Avril Lavigne (Green Day)

Worst cover song of all time and avril lavigne ruined it

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94Gangsta's Paradise - Falling In Reverse (Coolio Ft.L.V.)
95Light My Fire - Will Young (The Doors)
96Sing - Glee (My Chemical Romance)

My chemical romance sucked anyway.

97Them Bones - Suicide Silence (Alice In Chains)
98Somebody to Love - Glee (Queen)
99Break Stuff - Three Days Grace (Limp Bizkit)
100It's My Life - No Doubt (Talk Talk)V1 Comment
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