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41Where the Dead Go to Die

What a disappointing and very boring movie! In 1994, they came out with one of the best Disney movies ever. The Lion King. Then the year after that, they gave us this. Pocahontas was a huge step down for Disney. Not only is it boring, it's historically inaccurate. Also, the characters aren't interesting. This movie is kind of about nature and yet the animals don't talk. The worst part in this entire movie is when she first meets John Smith and she hears the wind talking to her then she suddenly learns English. That made me so angry! She learned English from the wind! The Wind! THE WIND! That has got to be the laziest screenwriting I have ever seen from Disney! The only good thing about this movie is the soundtrack. Colors of the Wind is amazing and the orchestration is well done, but the rest of this movie isn't very interesting. - MegaSoulhero

Did you know that the standards of Disney is to encourage children to live not in the real world, Also the standard of her own story is not good for Disney to make it since it will make the story so dark and not meet the standard for her being a princess. Disney also wants it to be kid-friendly so that. - kontrahinsunu

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45The Lion King

Heck, any film is BETTER than the stupid Lion King. It is way overhyped and deserves to be destroyed!

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