Worst Disney Animated Movies

Here are the worst animated movies ever done by Disney.

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The people who made this movie needed to take a hint. First of all, Cars to this day is the worst Pixar Film and compared to the great movies before Cars it sucked. Cars with giant eyeballs just don't settled well with me. After that train wreck or should I say "car wreck" ha ha get it? Anyway Cars 2 came out which was even worst than the first. I mean really Pixar make a sequel to the Incredibles instead of Cars. You even made a game for Incredibles 2! After I thought it was all over this piece of trash came out. It's almost the exact same as Cars! It's just boring and stupid. It's even worse than Cars (as if that were even possible). I can't believe that the second one is in theaters! What's next? Boats? Trains? Trucks? Buses? I just hope they take a hint and end this terrible franchise at Planes 2.

Nope, nopedy nope.
Plane sucked, seriously. I brought my little sblings there and they didn't liked it. AND THEY LIKE EVERY MOVIE. Like seriously? It's the same plot as Cars, to win a race! The characters were flat and it wasn't funny in my opinion.

One more thing, why is Lion King here? And more importantly why is Plane behind Lion King? Reality check haters, Lion King is the top grossing Disney animated movie, and deserved it!

Planes is actually a really good movie. You guys are such haters, I would like to see you do better. Pixar did not fail, yes, it is similar to Cars but it's kind of supposed to be. A lot of kids like planes and flying so they wanted to make a movie based off of that. The songs are sweet, the plot is alright, I just don't see what the complaints are about. Sure, it's kind of like cars because it's an airplane who wants to win a race. You have to realize though, planes and cars are not the same thing and most of you judged this movie before you even went to see it.

This movie was awful! I love the movie Cars, but it really didn't need a spin-off.

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2Home on the Range

This should be #1! I mean why put great movies like The Little Mermaid over this crap? Most of these movies aren't even that bad most are great but not this! I mean The Little Mermaid has 14% but this only has 2%? This was worse than Tinker Bell, Frankenweenie, and Planes!

I've never watched this movie, but just by the cover I can tell I'm never watching it soon!

You know what the worst part of this film is? :
This doesn't even feel like a Disney film. With a forgettable story, stereotypical characters, and unfunny jokes, Home on the Range was, and forever will be the worst of the Disney Canon.

I know everyone will hate me for this but I actually loved this film - Froglamb

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It's not the worst film ever! But it's definitely not the best. In my opinion it's a good movie, but overrated. It's liked they made it without thinking. I didn't feel satisfied when I left the theater. Like how did Elsa get her power? Was she born with it? How did the parents know to come to the little troll rock thingies for help? They also needed to be a little bit more realistic. Anna and Elsa are almost strangers. They haven't talked in years, and barely see each other. Anna can't just act like they were best buddies over the years. And it seems they just added Olaf to get attention. Who doesn't want to see a cute funny little snowman? But the songs are good though.

I did pay attention and I didn't hear them say she was born with her powers at all. Also that map looks really unhelpful. - SammySpore

Why don't I like this movie. I guess it's how unoriginal it all is. Five minuets in and it obviously is a Disney impression on X-men. Come on Disney, you could have tried a little harder to stall. The songs are unoriginal and downright stupid. I like kids movie songs as long as they don't take themselves seriously, not this. The dialogue is filled with countless clichés. Now for the worst part, the characters. Olaf is an obviously a sid rip-off right down to the voice acting. Kristoff doesn't have a single line which isn't from another movie. Elsa (as mentioned before) is X-men. And admit it guys, her sister is a joke.

By the way, why would anyone say this is the first Disney princess movie where the prince doesn't save the princess? If we reduce our options to princess movies exclusively, we got Brave, Mulan, rapunzel, princess and the frog girl (yes, I know that's a bad movie), bella and ariel. The fans of this just like it because it's new. Also, the textures in this are ...more

It's not my favorite movie ever, but it's really good! I just don't get it, how did she control her powers before she hit Anna?
I love the ice animation and the dresses they wear as well.
But I think the movie would be boring without Olaf...
Anyway, if you think Frozen sucks, then how did it win an Oscar?! - jenn

I don't know think it's that bad. I mean no it's not the best but it's not one of the worst. The story is creative, the animation is great, but the songs did get old after a while. But still, it's not one of the worst nor one of the best.

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4Chicken Little

Chicken Little is, bar none, Disney's most pathetic movie ever made. And this was made by a film studio which gave us childhood classics like The Lion King, Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. And now they come out with this? What happened? Without diving into too much detail, here are some of the many reasons why I hate this movie so damn much.

1) The way the main character is treated. This film glorifies bullying, abuse and cruelty towards people and Disney passes it off as a "joke". That's not a joke, that's an insult. Just like this film. Bullying is not something that should praised. It should be condemned and made illegal in every country on the planet. He is treated like he's public enemy number one despite the fact that he has done nothing to harm anyone. Even by his own father. That guy is the worst parent of all time. As a parent, you're supposed to love your children unconditionally, no matter what dumb things they have done in the past. ...more

Seeing this and Home on the Range in theaters, I grew up liking both films (Granted, I was just 6 when I saw this in theaters). But after watching the movie just 4 years later, I started HATING this movie. Everything, from animation to the terrible attempts at humor, the list can go on. What made the film terrible, though, is the weak story that goes back and forth and the side stories make absolutely no sense at all. The start of the movie is basically a trouble making chicken trying to be a great baseball player. Then the plot switched to saving his town from an "alien invasion". I mean, this movie makes Nut Job look like Lion King or Toy Story, it's that bad.

I remember liking this movie when it came out, but I don't remember a thing about it. by the way, I think Black Cauldron should be on here, it was terrible. Also, why are the Lion King and Little Mermaid on this list, they're some of Disney's best works!

I can't believe this movie was made by Disney! I expect good things from Disney, but this film was awful! This needs to be number 1. This is without a doubt the worst Disney film in existence. I didn't even pay for this, I actually got this movie for free as a gift from my local DVD store, and I didn't laugh once. Not even a chuckle. Avoid this movie at all costs! It's so bad it makes The Wild look like Aladdin!

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5Cars 2

Let me tell you something. The first cars was good. This was crap. It's a running joke I have with my family. Whenever we watch a bad disney film, I say " at least it isn't cars 2," and we all know that I'm right.

How could you turn a great movie (Cars) and turn it into a piece of crap (Cars 2). The heartwarming scenes weren't good, Mater acted stupider most of the movie and most of the scenes in the movie were more embarrassing than funny. I just hope Cars 3 is gonna be better than this embarrassment. Cars was great. So how could Pixar make this?!?! Cars 2. Crap unlike Cars. Make Cars 3 good!

This movie would have actually been pretty good if it had followed the storyline of the first movie... - AnnaOfArendelle332

Cars was okay, but this was BEYOND boring! Please God, make Cars 3 good

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6Tinker Bell

I honestly don't have anything against this film. It was cute and I found it rather entertaining. Now bring up the never ending sequels and I'll hit you in face. Don't base an entire franchise off a fairy that had like five seconds of screen time and did nothing but jingle in Peter Pan. And five movies, countless bed sheets, and little plushies filled with thousands of girls hopes and dreams of finding something that you couldn't even communicate verbally with later you've got yourself a franchise no one can stand. Let's just hope it ends with the Pirate Fairy that, may I add, had NO purpose! Let's just hope there's no more. Oh wait there is? Great... Just great.

I find this movie stupid and overrated and the fact that Disney made like four more after it just makes me mad. And I'm really sad to see The Lion King here. And I'd like to point out that the sequel to Pocahontas isn't dumb the real Pocahontas actually married John Ralph.

Good Grief! NO MORE Tinker Bell films.

Tinker Bell was good until the movies came out( my opinion) - Jessicarabbit

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7Treasure Planet

WHY IS THIS HERE?! This is my favorite Disney movie EVER! It's got some mature themes. Jim's parent didn't die, as they always do in Disney films, but he left Jim and his mother. He just left. This was the last hand-drawn Disney movie, yet it's blend of animation and CGI is beautiful. As an animator myself and as one who loves to hate a movie, WHY IS THIS HERE?

This is not the last hand-drawn Disney movie. Brother Bear and Home on the Range were also hand-drawn. Then they returned to the genre with The Princess and the Frog in 2009. The most recent one is the 2011 Winnie the Pooh.


This is my favourite Disney Film ever, the plot and animation is amazing, it's certainly different from the normal Disney movies so everyone says it's bad from the others when it's not. There is nothing wrong with Treasure Planet.

Never seen it, heard its good though

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8Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Who are all these characters? Why is it so boring? My second least favorite Disney film behind Chicken Little.

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9The Little Mermaid

Seriously this is a great movie!

This was like my favourite movie! Frozen should be here or at least number 1 - AliCatz615

This movie shouldn't be here... It was an awesome movie... Like seriously...

Who the hell put this on here? This movie is awesome.

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Come on people. Cinderella is a beautiful classic. How can Phineas and Ferb be lower than this?

Please stop putting great classics so high on the list

The reason for this movie to be on the list of because of Cinderella's butt-faced stepmother and stepsisters who treated her like @#$& on a daily basis!

This movie is great!

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11Planes: Fire and Rescue

THIS MOVIE IS A rotten egg. Who needs a two on it. this should be #1

Ugh, this movie scarred me for life

Coming next summer: Planes: Why Bother?

Why either bother with a sequel

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12Mars Needs Moms

Mars Needs Moms? Should change the name to Mars of Destruction. That's a better fit for a bad movie. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I never knew this was Disney, I always thought it was Dreamworks. - NicholasYellow

This movie was so bad, the trailer didn't even make it look good

This movie isn't necessarily bad, but it's just depressing as hell! - pokemonrater

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13Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Who's stupid idea was it to make a sequel anyways!

I agree, the first one is perfect.

Wait a minute...WHO DARED TO PUT THIS ON THE LIST.I love Cinderella and also the third one was amazing. Who ever put all three Cinderella movies on this list has gone insane.Cinderella FOREVER 👡

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Frankenweenie is TERRIBLE. They're copying off of Frankenstein with a stupid animated dog movie. It's not even SAD! The characters are plain creepy. It was super boring, and who puts a BLACK AND WHITE MOVIE IN A THEATER? Worst idea ever, Disney could've done way better. Good thing they made Frozen after this.

Ahh! I'm a kid Disney! A kid! Have they forgotten who the primary audience is!? This is a story about a dog, who, wait a second, DIES, and he brings it back to life!? That is stupid, creepy, and downright just wrong! Does anyone stop to think that every time they see this thing they are looking at a stitched up corpse!? I always felt sick watching this movie, and I was so unlucky because my older brother loved the movie for some reason! So I had to see this movie so many times! They could have at least made the movie in color. I mean come on!

I couldn't even watch the commercials. I swear to god I'd rather have dyslexia than watch this - maddyparrot22

To be honest I've never seen this movie, but I had nightmares as a kid after just watching the commercials.

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I get it. It was one of the first feature animated films for Disney, but seriously, how many people sat through the entire film... Rephrase that, how many people actually watched the entire thing without stopping it and then coming back to it later, distracted into doing something else, or falling asleep. I own a copy and I still don't believe I actually watched the entire thing, least of all in just one sitting

That was I did when I watched it. I watched it in parts. And the ending was depressing as hell! - Disney1994

I almost fell asleep, but managed to watch it. Fantasia 2000 was still better. - Evant

Most people who dislike it don't realize it's historical impact on animation.

I don't think I would be able to watch this. It's not bad or anything, just not my type of movie.

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16Beauty and the Beast

Are you kidding me?! This movie was fantastic! It and the Lion King are arguably the best Disney movies of all time, and quite possibly the best animated movies of all time! For shame, whoever put this here, for shame.

WHY do you people stick good movies in the list. stick the pieces of garbage, duct tape bubble gum and bee spit in this list

This movie is one of the most beautiful old movie I have ever watched, why do they put it in here?

Why is this here this shouldn't even be on this list - Froglamb

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This movie had so much potential and it ended up being a mesh of cliches of other Disney movies. Merida seems really interesting and they used her for a very boring, uninspiring plot.

Everyone who hates on this movie honestly just doesn't understand. They're too blind to see its amazing potential.

What I love this movie so much this is the best movie ever why is this even on this list?!?

Woefully boring an too much reliance on slapstick humour. A bad movie on every front

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Why is this movie up here I like it!

This is one of the best movies ever made WHO PUT THIS HERE?!

I didn't really like it but then again I don't really like cars or racing. The characters are cool though.

It isn't as bad as Chicken Little. 7/10

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HOW IS THIS ON HERE? IT IS ONE OF THE BEST Disney MOVIES. Relatable characters, a compelling and well-structured storyline, plenty of action, and comedy!

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20The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

You guys are just so offensive are you serious?

You mean the new Winnie the Pooh. - Evant

Whoever made this list is a joke!

If your a Pooh fan, then you'll probably like this movie.

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