Worst Disney Animated Movies

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141The Sword In the Stone

Did anyone else feel like the voice actor for Arthur went through puberty mid-production?

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142The Rescuers Down Under
144The Aristocats
145The Rescuers
146Oliver & Company

This should be Top 5. It got worse critical reception than Home On The Range and The Black Cauldron.

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147101 Dalmatians
148Toy Story
149Toy Story 2
150Toy Story 3V1 Comment
151Finding Nemo

Come On People Stop Adding Good Movies On Here. - masoncarr2244

153A Bug's Life
154The Incredibles

Best Pixar film ever

155Monsters University
156The Jungle Book

This movie is one of the bests... It cannot be here...

Walt Disney would beg to differ.

Such unique stylization - such nudists.

157Gnomeo & Juliet

Distributed by Touchstone, which is a Disney Division

This was horrible and I didn't realize it was Disney!

158Wreck-It Ralph

I actually enjoy this movie a lot. It uses real life video game characters, and made-up characters.

People need to get over the fact that this wasn't just a 90 minute "Where's Waldo" with your favorite video game characters.

This film should be renamed The Adventures of a sissy brat.

It's better than Frozen - FrozenisOverrated

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Oh Come On Disney's Best Non Pixar Animated Movie Since Wreck It Ralph, It Doesn't Belong On This List. - masoncarr2244

If you really want to see a bad movie bout animals, watch Chicken Little or Death Note

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160Monsters, Inc.
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