Worst Disney Channel Shows of 2012

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So Random
Wow, even the ancestor episodes in Sonny with a chance were better than this. I mean, you have horrible sketches, Offensive pop culture references (Dancing with the Internet Stars my a**), and Radio Disney stars as appearances (aka Awful Singing). My god, many of the shows on Disney Channel has similar flaws with this, but this one has so many, making it the second worst Disney Channel show ever! (Jonas L. A takes first).
I honestly can't tell the different a between all these Disney shows. Has any one noticed that Disney Channel is way more appealing for girls than boys? It's also odd how a studio really famous for their animated movies has a channel with hardly any animated cartoons at all?! The only thing that I think is good is Gravity Falls.
[Newest]Give us South park any day


2Shake It Up
Shake it Up is the biggest mistake Disney ever made. The whole concept of the show is ridiculous. Two teenage girls dancing... Oh fun. The dancing is the same in every episode.. The same moves. A show like Shake it Up Chicago would never exist today. I especially hate the way Rocky makes fun of Cece because she is not smart, even though she has dyslexia and the way Rocky is made to be boring and stiff and is always being told to change just because she cares about behaving properly and schoolwork. The girls are disrespectful to adults, especially in the episode where they try to prevent school uniforms. What is the big deal? Not every kid can wear an amazing outfit like the two of them and those two ridiculous twins, which also does not make sense. Also, if Cece supposedely has a single mom on a fixed income, how can she wear such as extravagant and ugly outfits to school every day? Not to mention, those girls wear too much makeup for being what, 13? They act like they are adults. This show is such an overall bad influence on children. Hate it!
It's so annoying. Rocky and CeCe try to act too grown up, it's a bad influence on children. They wear WAY to much make up considering there 13, there obsessed with clothes and bags and it's annoying. They are so disrespectful and can't dance at all.
Remember that infamous song that referenced something inappropriate for kids? The acting is horrendous, with the dancing equally bad. Because of the episode "Eat It Up", the eating disorder joke was what killed not just this show, but Sonny With A Chance too. When Demi retired, they made the new train wreck "So Random", the worst excuse of a skit comedy.
[Newest]Not true it's the best

3A.N.T. Farm
Ant Farm, is really Un-Realistic, I know a lot of people who can draw like that, and they didn't just skip middle school to highschool, I mean really? Just because he can draw so good? How does that help with math, science and all the important subjects, same with the girl, so what she knows how to play a lot of isturments? The only one who can go ahead and skip grades like that is the blonde girl whose really smart. (Sorry I can't remember names. I apologize).
Chyna and Olive are abusing Fletcher, and they are supposed to be his friends. They do not even care about him. Also, Lexi is actually really ugly and very bratty. Angus is really annoying, plus, he is a computer geek and everybody thinks that is a talent. I mean, like what? Olive is nothing but a NERD and being a nerd is NOT a talent. Chyna can not really sign, and Flecher... Well he is supposed to be a loser and dork, but he is actually the ONLY talented child in WHOLE series. But I must admit he is kinda annoying sometimes. BUT, the worst character is GIBSON. He is pointless, just like Lexi and Paisley. All three of them are really stupid. Also, in this show boys ALWAYS get bullied and embarrassed and girls are PERFECT and smart. I am a girl I personally HATE that.
This show is so bad that it's not. Even a show it's just something that's there and is in our way. When it first came on it was so terrible that I didn't think that anyone on earth would like it. The I read some comments about the show and it just makes me wanna cry when people say best show on Disney channel. What do they see in it. Have you guys seen showed like wizards and goodluck Charlie. It's just sad that people like it. I think it's mainly because china stars in it, but even then her character doesn't suit her personality. Just take the show off the air.
[Newest]I like ant farm
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Full of stupid stero-types like Ravi meditating and the strong accent. And its teaching horrible lessons, Zuri is such a brat! Talking back to teachers and being a spoiled idiot. Also it's super inappropriate, sliding hidden sex jokes. "Do you have an off button? " says jessie. "Try and find it ;)" says Luke. Seriously? A 10 year old hitting on a 19 year old? Also talks about Mr. Kipling ripping her teddy bear and saying now it will never have children. Like what?! She's like 6 or something. And don't get me started on the Theme song. Ugh. It's annoying and Debby Ryan can't sing. I'd rather have you stick to acting! What the hell disney, since when are you so inappropriate? Find better actors.
Zuri is a brat she thinks she is so adorable but she is so annoying
Awful show. Unbearable acting. Lame jokes. And the worst is Debby Ryan's awful singing. I cringe whenever I hear the opening song.
[Newest]I don't hate this show. But I don't like it. All of their episodes just doesn't make sense!

5Austin and Ally
Okay so sometimes I watch this show but then I can get tired of it. Trish, Austin, Dez, and Ally. Let me talk about each one of them in a short version.

Trish: This girl probably made a Guinness world record holding the most jobs in a week. She constantly had a new job and not every job had a a weird looking hat you wear on your head and when you have your job you should be on your job. Well I don't about Trish but she isn't the nicest friend ever and she's not the best actress.

Dez: Every show needs a funny guy so apparently this show has him. Sure he can be funny but jokes are so overused in disney channel. And for a teenager Dez can be very clueless. And he looks like a clown in ever episode.

Ally: She's shy, writes songs, and can dance like nobody's business. But she works at a music store and a lot of times she leaves the store unattended. I swear if I went to that store and she wasn't there I would've stolen a violin and made a run for it. But any who I don't like Ally too much. She's a little strange and can't act sometimes.

Austin: They guy all the girls like and would rather watch his acoustic performance than buy a tablet. Meh. Anyway, I don't like his looks and he can be a little childish. He can be funny and he's an okay singer but all his songs sound the same to me. He's an okay actor but I wouldn't say he's decent as one.

In short, the show has weird lots and maybe a little too much drama and the friends all treat each other different. I don't know but the show isn't one of my favorites. There's just too much with just a singer who's trying to fulfill their dream. Very original.
In my personal opinion, I don't like this show, Laura Marano and Ross Lynch are terrible at acting. Also, the concept and story of this show isn't very original. And they need to be more creative with the names, "Jessie" "Austin and Allie" they're just using the main characters' names'!
This show sucks. Ross lynch is talented, he can sing, he can sort of act. But don't get me started on ally. Ally is really clingy to austin. She is boring, obsessed with pickles, and writes the worst songs in the world. She can't sing either. Dez, I want to kill myself anytime I see him, Which is actually EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! Trish, I like. She is funny! But on a scale on one to ten, I'd say negative infinity...
[Newest]Austin and ally is THE BEST show ever! It's number 1. best

6Good Luck Charlie
I don't even know why Good luck Charlie is here. Like, its the best sitcom in Disney channel 2012 so far. It has the pretty Bridget Mendler and Charlie. She's so cute! Why would you put good luck Charlie, the best sitcom so far in the list for the worst Disney shows. I don't care if it is in the bottom. I care if it's in it. I hope its in the best Disney channel shows and if it is, then why put this lovely show up?
WHAT! Whats wrong with you people good luck Charlie is the best show that ever come to disney but I stil miss the old disney shows wait what if disney bring the old disney show along with the good new shows like good luck Charlie gravity falls and maybe Jessie but totally NOT ANT farm shut down ANT farm but leave good luck Charlie on set
Good Luck Charlie Is like the best Disney Channel show in 2012 and it is still the best in 2013! Every single character has a funny personality. Bob always talks about bugs and never wants Amy to cook. Amy is very sassy when she says BABAM and always wants to have the spotlight and in most episode she talks about her years in high school or college. She also has crazy enemies like Debbie Dooley and Karen PJ is very dumb but cares about his family and acts crazy with Emmett. Teddy always wants to succeed she has crazy friends like Ivy, Vonnie, Victor, and Kelsey. Gabe's sarcastic and sneaky personality is so funny. Mrs. Dabney and him make the show very funny. When he makes fun of Bob being fat, Amy's cooking, and how PJ is dumb it is so funny. Charlie is so adorable and she is like her mom and doesn't like Toby. Toby is so adorable. Debbie Dooley has that weird voice and in that episode where she said her Debbie Dooley's do's and don'ts to Amy and Amy mocked her and when Debbie was gone Amy said Don't bother me again while spraying water at her direction. Mrs. Dabney is so evil. the parents of my friends laugh so hard a tis show. My Parents laugh so hard at this show. Most of my class mates say that this is their favorite show on Disney. Even my GRANDMA loves this show. One time my brother saw on Twitter that Steve Carrell loves this show and he is in the top tens list on this website for funniest male actors. I don't know why they would put Good Luck Charlie on this list.
[Newest]I hate this show
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7Fish Hooks
Just a copy of spongebob
Disney Channel had a few animated flops, but this is the first modern one to be bad. Thanks to not taking advantage to explore with the plot, mediocre animation, and lack of good characters. Not to mention, the worst credits ever.
Definitely the WORST I mean no one acts like this in real life and at the end of like every episode, there's a snake with a mouse in a terrarium. Seriously! Who would put a mouse and a snake in the SAME terrarium. Another thing is, fish don't talk and Milo just acts stupid!
[Newest]Fish hooks makes people dumber with its annoying theme song and voices. Plus the jokes aren't funny and the story line is bad.

8Dog With a Blog
Well, let's start with Stan. So he's a talking dog. There's a kid show called Martha Speaks that has a dog who ate alphabet soup and talked. Also, she can type on the computer! He can also be overdramatic. That episode with Kilgore, 1) This is a human you're asking questions about, not a dog. 2) He shouldn't know your a dog who can talk! Now Avery. She's supposed to be a 12, 13 year old kid, but she acts like she is an adult! I really hate her. Tyler, the teenage boy who's dumb. How original, not! OK, we all know this would happen in the show. But suddenly, he's a math genius! That makes, like no sense at all! Chloe, the youngest one. It's too long to explain so let's just say she's weird. Last, but DEFINITELY not the least, Bennet and Ellen. They are very bad parents and actors. Especially the most annoying running gag that they keep mistaking, where they forget Chloe, and yell simultaneously, "CHLOE! ". In a nutshell, Dog With a Blog is one BAD show.
This show is not funny and it uses some over used things like the secret plot and talking animals, and while I'm not bothered by most of the sitcoms on Disney Channel you do have to wonder if they have enough sitcoms already. Overall, Disney please let this show just go for one or two seasons before being cancelled, please.
Thank You I thought I was the only one that thought this show dose not make any sense, an dog the can talk and blog really. Its not funny at all. They really need to bring back the old Disney Channel!
[Newest]This show is very pointless with a bad setting.
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9Dance-A-Lot Robot
Could someone fill me in? I've never watched it before. Probably because I'm eleven and too old for that... But I have cousins who are toddlers and I've never seen them watch it. Maybe it's because for once, you people are right- it might be actually bad. Huh. Weird. Everyone hates the best shows (usually) but perhaps you're right about this one.
Was this even a show?
This show is good, it teaches you dancing. I'm 10 I love it.

10The Octonauts
This show drops IQ points. It turns kids into dumb adults who think that they need to help every little animal that they find, including poisonous ones. Fans of this show are some of the most annoying, retarded people you will ever meet. I will hate this show and other ones like this forever. I hope all these kinds of educational preschool shows (including Nick Jr. ) get cancelled form the normal channels and moved on to their own channels. That's what the channels were created for. So that older kids wouldn't have to deal with this baby junk anymore. But no, instead they have to be lazy and keep them on the normal channels, like they should've.
Its a kids show. Its called Disney Junior for a reason.
I really hate this show so much it's stupid, gross and not cute than fish hooks
If it was too gross it wouldn't be allowed to be a show for young children.
[Newest]Nick need to move sponge bob, rabbids invasion and winx to nick toons

The Contenders

11Phineas and Ferb
This show is awesome it shouldn't even be on the list.
Its so stupid its the same thing every episode. The boys make a contraption. The platypus defeats the villain. A beam destroys the contraption. Candace does not bust the boys and the show ends and Candace is crazy. They should get busted and phineas and isabella should fall in love.
Why is Phineas and Ferb on this list? This is an awesome show! Even though they have the same thing over and over again (boys build something, sister tries to bust them, platypus and evil doctor's actions affect sister trying to bust them), for every single episode they are always so creative!
[Newest]Kinda gettin' boring... Still a classic though!

12Jake and the Never Land Pirates
They repeat the same songs all over please stop this show no one wants to watch it
My lil sister and cousin both 4 and they watch almost all disney jr show but that NO! :-( :-(
Who cares if kids like pirates? Just cancel the dang show already. It isn't any good. It's junk! Nobody cares!
[Newest]Dude, please have Herobrine nuke this crap!

13Mr. Bean
I love this show, but I only watch when I actually visit my mom's family in ASIA! This show does not even air in my country!
Mr bean only aired on disney channel asia
I have never ever heard of this show was it a show but just unpopular so they canceled it?

14Wizards of Waverly Place
Wizards of Waverly place was awesome
Are you kidding me?!?! This is my 15th favorite show <3! I cnt w8 for wizards of waverly place, the wizards return, alex vs alex!
Selena Gomes as Alex Russo is so dumb! I hate her she thinks she's so cool that's why I'm not surprised A were wolf dated her cause he chose his type only ugly! Harper is dumb and annoying I like Stevie cause she was in lemonade mouth surprisingly I'm not the hater of the new Disney I love good luck Charlie! Love bridgit mendler Shane Harper and Jason Dolley! And gabe is funny and the parents rock! Why did wizards even air? Disney can you explain? Please because I'm a fan! And I love the new Disney but I miss the old stuff but they are cool
[Newest]I love this show so much it is the best

15Code 9
Code 9 is one of those shows that is more of a prototype than a real prank show. I mean, after 2 other failed attempts, we really couldn't trust this idea anymore.
This show is absolutely stupid as hell. I do not understand why they even have it on there, because I doubt anyone eve watches this. By the commercials, I had thought it'd be good. The show is both fake, and overacted.
Stupid and idiotic all around, thank god it was cancelled by people who had brains.

16Crash & Bernstein
Really inappropriate like a swear cup crash is mean my dad is stuck with girls now and when he was little clole has her brand what's next her own store don't even get me started on the blond girl she's a brat all but the thing I hate most about this show is they put girls in a bad way like I like soccer and board games but they say girls like glitz pageants and make up I try to stay away from that kind of stuff thanks for reading
This show is about a demented puppet and its owner going on stupid adventures. My sister loves this show and whenever she watches it, I feel like throwing out the T.V. and playing Monopoly instead. AND I don't LIKE MONOPOLY. (actually I do, but yeah. )
To me it's wrong to put a 13 year old boy with a 8 year old girl IN the same room together. They actually did that on this crappy show. Very inappropriate for a Disney Channel shows.
[Newest]Complete crap use of a puppet.

17Kid vs. Kat
I don't think Disney had a single Canadian Cartoon ever after this one's short run time when Disney first came out. So is that a coincidence?
I hate the kids it like A... Loser show
This is really quite a bad show kam scared of cats and this show just freaks me out and a little kid watching it they will get a massive fear of cats.

18Cory In the House
Wow I am speechless it only lasted a year and why does the little girl act so mean to Cory and why is he even there the prez hired only the father so why should he live there anyways
Who ever dislikes they are all stupid idiots this is like the best Disney shows unlike dog with a caca

19Incredible Crew
Incredible Crew is Cartoon Network, or they show it on CN in other counties.

20Liv and Maddie
Okie this show just started and I watched the first episode I thought it was so stupid. Really a girl who won't stop singing and she thinks she's so great and really a brother that yells because he can't go to the bathroom with the door open. Really? And they start crying and hugging because they were sisters by chance friends by choice. I don't man I miss the old disney
BEST SHOW EVER! Liv is a hilarious, talented, world famous, half of the twins and Maddie is the average, competeve, Tom boy, athletic, side. And I like that just because they're polar opposites, they still love each other. AND I LOVE DOVE CAMERON!
Maddie's the only good character on this pile of crap! Liv your show sucks!
[Newest]This show did not exist since 2012

21Gravity Falls
Man why is this even here I love gravity falls its like the only good disney show ever
I love gravity falls its hilarious.
How are toddler shows better than Gravity Falls? HOW? Gravity Falls should be LEAST hated on this list!
[Newest]Why is this on the list? Gravity Falls is awesome and the only way Disney will stay alive.

22Sonny a With a Chance

23My Babysitter's a Vampire
I liked this show a little but its boring the vampires suck and in one episode the mother said " if you get on drugs I will kill u" what. werewolves are better but at least vampires have are a little cool but werewolves are just so much better


If you would please read this, you will realize how bad this show is. Here's Why? :

It's a LIVE-ACTION show made by TELETOON in CANADA! It's not a Disney Channel original show. Good God! No!

24Pair of Kings
This is the dumbest show EVER! The acting is hideous and the story plots are worse.
I love this show so much it is amazing you never know what is going to happen next

25Timmy Time
Timmy time shouldn't be allowed any more! The show doesn't make any sence. And I don't know what the characters are saying. Really. I don't speak there language.
Timmy Time is the best. You are one person and frankly too old for shows like this. Unless you're 3 and 4 you won't understand it. Then other shows you've listed are for teenagers, not 11 year old so basically your list is of no value no offense.

26Wander Over Yonder
First of all, the theme song kills my ears practically every time I listen to it! Wander is a really dumb alien with a snobby best friend. He is considered a hero for being annoying, dumb, and klutzy. This teaches kids a bad lesson. Now that I think about, all new Disney shows are teaching kids really bad lessons. I really hope that someone reads this and takes it down. It makes me have no hope for future generations. Please, if you are part of Disney in any way, LISTEN TO THIS ONE ' REQUEST
Watched the first episode and it just sucks so much! I wish Wander over Yander was not even going to be in Disney Channel. He always cares about people and loves everyone including strangers
This was made in August 2013, if I recall. this is on the wrong list.


27Sofia the First
Love it, but they changed how it looks on the T.V. , the first few episode of series are always better than the whole show. Who agrees?

28The Looney Tunes Show
I know it not disney but they jacked up the old lonely tuned
They jacked the old one up

29The Suite Life On Deck
Me and my family loved watching the show together it was amusing and a great family show
This show is terrible why because it sucks like carp hate it

30I Didn't Do It
This show was not made in 2012
Okay I don't get it if they are the 5 best friends inthe would what about me and my BFF we are more funner then you

31Sheriff Callie's Wild West

32Lab Rats
Honestly, I think the show is okay. But it's really not anything special. Mediocre, if you ask me. All of the characters have their fair share of disgusting qualities, and I find it very hard to look past. Kelli Berglund... At first, I thought she was okay but now I don't think I could hate anyone more than her. SHE CAN'T ACT! FACE THE TRUTH!
I love this show everyone I know love this so shut up about this show so don't watch it!?!
Why is this on the list?! Yall are those people that like austin and ally stop being brats cause I want to smack you right cross the head and your parents should whip your booties you better watch this show or you will pay


33Kickin' It
I really don't like thus show. Every episode is the same and the karate is just dorky and annoying. I kind of started towpath this show but then I stopped because I couldn't stand it anymore. "
Bad plot, Bad acting, Bad special effects, Bad choriogifing (sorry, I can't spell) Bad everything, and so far, I think Kim is the best character, mostly because she's a girl and I'm a girl. And Olivia Holt is awesome! And what's up with all shows having one girl character?
I love this show! I don't know what you people are talking about!

34Rated A for Awesome
What the heck is this show
Terrible plot for each episode!

35Zig and Sharko

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