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Austin & Ally


This show is dumb, dumb, dumb. The plot of each episode is like a car ran over the real script and they had to make a script at the last minute. Ally is a confidence-lacking freak. She can't do anything. Austin is a sucker who acts like he is more important to the world. He can't do anything. Trish is a fat and stupid bully who can't do anything right. Dez is kinda okay, except he is so stupid.

Here is why I hate the characters.

Ally-Lets start with her. She has no confidence. She is overprotective about a stupid book. She is a dork. She always embarrasses herself in public. She can't take a hint on everything. She doesn't give a single feeling to prove she is happy her mom came back. She is never in charge of her stupid store, so who keeps it open, a ghost? Lastly, she has a horrible life.

Austin-He thinks he is so awesome. He STEALS Ally's songs for no reason. He cares about his "career" too much. I wanna tear my ears off when I hear, "I'm Austin. Sup! " And can he sing a better song that has Nothing to do with Ally.

Trish-She is such a bully! She can't keep a single job. She promotes bullying, laziness, stupidity and I know why she is a minor character. because she is stupid.

Dez-How did he get to high school if he is an idiot? His acting sucks to death. Other than that, he is okay.

Another topic: THE EPISODES

Episode #1-She meets Austin at Sonic Boom. Then Austin "accidentally" stole ally's song. How is it possible to steal a song by accident. #stupid.

Episode #2-Where did Dez get the kangaroo if they are only in Australia. And Austin was obsessed with gaining fame back. AND NO ONE CAN LOSE FAME IN A MONTH!

Episode #3-Ally it is just a book, as Austin said. And Trish and Ally should have proof about it before revenge. Same for Austin.

Episode #4-How can doing things other's fave things show you what you have in common. And a goose for inspiration? WOW DISNEY!

Episode #5-Austin gets cyber-bullied and here is how he solved it---"I'm a little butterfly."

Episode #6-Seriously, trash bag outfits? Disney, what were you thinking? And fighting over a worthless ticket?

Episode #7-Nothing to say about this one. It is that horrible.

Episode #8-Tarzan jungle vine? Now you have seriously ruined Disney.

Episode #9-Lip syncing at an interview and everyone knew Ally since the first episode. Umm, hello? The Helen show disaster?

#10-Hiring your crush on looks, ally? What happened to don't judge a book by its cover?

The other episodes are just the same!
All the new shows are terrible I like the old disney better I hope they bring the old shows back and take out the new ones I hate or don't like jessie austin and ally good luck charlie kinda sonny with a chance I guess and especially shake it up

The latest episode is making fun of a Korean girl, and plus it just makes absolutely no sense. If Austin really was that famous and had his own tour, then how would he still be in school? Wouldn't he get mobbed every single day or have to sound autographs before Homeroom? Ross Lynch has somewhat talent, but I cannot stand Raini Rodriguez or Laura Marano on the show. Marano is the worst, pretending to act nerdy or dorky when it just makes her seem stupid and immature. Ally is unrealistic and fake. It makes me want to burn my eyes when I watch her. Trish hates Dez, and then they call each other best friends. What? And how can you get hired then fired all the time? Wouldn't the managers know who she is by now and just not hire her at all? Doesn't it get exhausting getting fired? It makes no common sense and is not funny at all. The only person I truly enjoy on the show is the actor who plays Dez because he actually has some comic relief in him, and can act at a decent level. His character is somewhat realistic, yet comic enough to be on a television show. I also hate how the Austin-Ally relationship lasted for about one and a half episodes. If they're going to actually date, they should at least date for more than two episodes! The show was cute, but it gradually grows worse as they run out of good ideas. I can't wait for this show to end, and another show takes its place.
I'm a teen actress on stage and in a few student films and this is what I think:

Laura Marano (Ally) can't play any instruments or write songs, so why did they pick her to portray someone who can play music and write songs? Also, she either can't act or she accepted THE MOST ANNOYING role on Disney Channel (possible) that makes her look awful. I personally don't think she can sing either and the dancing is obviously fake, which is fine because it's a show, but her awkward social skills just make me cringe.

Ross Lynch (Austin) is someone I can't form an opinion on. Some days I think he's bearable because his singing is alright in some songs but Disney doesn't help by giving him crap songs.

Raini Rodriguez is lovely. I don't like her character much, but I'm glad Disney Channel has finally decided to choose someone who isn't stick thin and typically "pretty". I don't like that they portray the only overweight character as the really lazy one who swaps jobs every day.

Calum Worthy is an alright actor, but you wouldn't know it if you've only seen him on this. His character is too slow and it's just irritating.

It really bugs me that all of these characters are so... Faceless and their "personalities" are shallow with no depth.
This is literally the most pointless show in Disney Channel history. The characters are stereotypical (shy girl, pretty boy, sassy brat, idiot friend. Austin thinks he's a god because he "sings" and "dances" when in reality he's an awkward virgin with a pancake fetish. Ally is supposed to be the love of his life but they can't be together for simply no reason. Ally somehow goes from being a shy girl to being on the same level with Austin in terms of success and neither of them lifts a pinkie to achieve their goals. Trish is utterly lazy but still manages to control everyone around her. If you get past her obnoxious attitude you realize her character has no real depth. Dez's only purpose is comic relief, despite the fact that the person who plays him is the only decent actor on the show. Ally is supposed to be this ingenious song writer but all of Austin's songs are about how cool he is. Austin and Ally's chemistry was random considering they liked different people during half of the series. Nothing the characters do has any meaning to the story of the show and the humor is anything but funny. This show is the worst I have ever seen, and by just looking at the other shows that made this list, that says a lot about where Disney Channel is going.
I hate this show so much! It is horrible! Austin to me, acts like dumb 5 year old in a teen boy's body! Ally talks with no emotion WHATSOEVER, and is one of the ugliest Disney actresses the company has EVER hired! All you hear yabbering from Austin's mouth is "Hi! I'm Austin Moon! (wow the writers must have been REALLY creative to come up with a name like that- NOT) the overnight internet sensation! " It's so annoying! The songs are crappy, Trish is way too fat to wear the tight outfits that she wears, and what a great role model for kids! Getting fired from a new job every day! GREAT JOB DISNEY! Why can't Disney be like what it was before! The princess movies, mickey mouse and friends, THE LION KING! It really is true, and I cried because of this one day- this Michael Eisner guy truly did ruin Disney... It's such a horrible and tragic reality...
Disgrace. The characters are not funny. The show should is about two people, Austin and Ally, who sing and write songs. It is plain retarded. The whole point of the show is to basically show a talentless boy with a blonde wig sing. Ally writes the songs? They stink!
Please do not say I am jealous of them because I cannot sing, dance, or act, because I can. A talent agency has wanted to use my singing, dancing, and acting skills, to audition representing them (before you guys give me the whole jealousy rant). I HATE Austin and Ally, and when I say hate, mean a hate so strong, it could shatter Earth into a million pieces. I may be 12 but that doesn't mean that I don't know common sense, like that 11 year old who wrote the comment that showcased his intellectuality. 99.9% of Disney Stars TODAY cannot sing. The only exception is Dove Cameron, she can rock the house (but the show is still stupid). Why the heck did they cancel Good Luck Charlie? It was the only decent T.V. (Dog With a Blog is ok too, even though the whole idea of a talking dog is so outplayed, and they turned that into literally the stupidest plot line ever, but it does have some good morals) show since That's So Raven. Austin can dance his butt off, yet makes me want to chop my ears off like Van Gogh (Van Gogh actually chopped off one ear but whatever). He is almost as bad a singer as Selena Gomez. And it seems like the plot replays over, and over, and over, and over again. Ally writes a crappy song (No way! ), Austin and his ragtag team of mean lackeys (Dez is the best actor he sucks too but a little more work, and he could go beyond Disney) love it like the 40 other songs she's written (gasp! ), an obstacle stands in their way (Sometimes literally), and Austin performs for a bunch of senseless nine year old girls while the obstacle ends up rolling over (Obviously too bored of watching them sit on their butts doing practically nothing productive). Trish - She teaches kids it's ok to bad mouth authority, be rude to our elders, and slack off from the things most important in life just so we can fail and do something else. Ally - (Such a pushover that never stands up for herself) She teaches us it's ok to not stand up for yourself so other can have their way instead of coming to a comprimisation. She also teaches us to submiss, whenever someone tells you to do something (Peer pressure is always meant to be followed by kids! ). Dez - He teaches us it's ok to be stupid, and not try at school because you're going to fail anyway! Great lesson! I've ranted so much if blows my mind, Disney Channel - Brainwashing children everywhere.
This show is honestly the worst show on Disney ever. the acting makes me cringe, The story is boring and don't get me started on the characters I mean come on. Ally the girl who everyone makes fun of becuase she's not cool instead of accepting who she is but I don't blame her friends sometimes she is. Austin I hate him he acts like he's the best person in the world and he pretends to have all this" swag" and then every girl likes him I mean come on really how is this guy the main character the main character of most shows is suppose to be relatable not have stupid problems like "oops I tried on super epensive shoes from the one of the best movies of all time. And I could go to jail if they don't come off, then he has to play for the president. Austin tells the president what he did and the president forgives him! " This is a real episode are they teaching little kids that even if stupidly try on something expensive on purpose there will be no consequences? Trist I actually don't hate her. I mean I don't like her but I don't hate her as much as the other characters. And Dez gggr he is so stupid Disney thinks these annoying characters are funny but guess what disney there just annoying! I miss the old disney I wasn't even born in 90s but I know douse show were better. Even the few shows I find good that are on Disney will never compare to old ones. Smh at this show it's just a waist of time if you thinking about watching this show.
It's pretty bad. Firstly, the show never gave its audience any reason that they should even care about the characters or what happens to them. Secondly, there's zero character development. Third, they play the "stupid" jokes way too much. Ie: making a character overly stupid to the point that it's not funny at all. And the plot is poorly thought through. Pretty much the same thing happens every episode, I think. There's such a lack of creativity and surprise twists that it makes me want to pound my T.V. screen in with the remote.
Enough said.
The girl who plays Ally (Laura Marano) is the absolute WORST actress ever. She is so annoying, her voice is too. She tries hard at the jokes she makes and tries to be cool and funny, but in the end no one laughs or smiles. The small nerd kid who says "aww nards" after everything is even more annoying. Literally kid, no one laughs; we just shake our heads. The only decent characters are Dez and that guy Chuck (who isn't even a main character)
Austin and Ally is a great show! What are you people talking about?! Ross is a better singer then you guys will ever be! I don't even think you know what your talking about. Jealousy is the word what YOU PEOPLE are! People, it's called ACTING! So Ally chews her hair when she's nervous, LOT'S OF PEOPLE DO THAT! And what if she brings a jar of pickles?! WELL GUESS WHAT?! I LIKE PICKLES TOO YOU HATERS! And the only reason she's over protective about her song book is because of the role she plays! Laura Marano plays the SHY GIRL! Not some really stuck out girl! Plus, why are you guys so rude? Just because you don't LIKE the show doesn't mean you have to blurt out a bunch of rude things to say! Why, I bet you can't even sing OR ACT! Hey, I know! You probably can't SUMMARIZE A WHOLE SCRIPT! You people chose a great show and made it seem bad! IF YOU GUYS THINK ANT FARM IS BETTER, IT'S NOT! Ant Farm is dumb, and the characters are too. Fletcher makes NO sense! Olive is NO BETTER! AND China! Don't EVEN GET ME STARTED!
So keep your mouths shut and just watch ANOTHER SHOW!
All the actors on the show cannot act, the plot is terrible and really unoriginal. its just about typical ' I want to be famous ' wannabe teenagers, the show makes me cringe with its unnessary laugh track and terrible humor. they ruined the show even more when they made austin and ally fall in love, when they were better of just as friends. I don't like how unrealistic the story is because whenever austin brings out a song everyone autimatically loves it! Girls love him, THERE IS NO PLOT TWISTS WHAT SO EVER! Ally could have a argument with trish and austin takes trish's side, dez could try be smart to enter some college and all his friends don't believe him and mock him and then he makes it, austin could sing about money and girls and then people start hating on him and then he tries to be the real him! I could even write better plots then disney and I AM 13!
So let me get this straight, you made a show about a wannabe guy who thinks the world of himself and is always like 'hi I'm Austin Moon the biggest internet sensation' and an awkward, geeky girl who forever ass kisses this guy and all he does is steal her songs and their friends are some mentally retarded kid and a lazy, clueless girl who gets fired everyday..

Seriously Disney Channel is a bad influence to kids and you know what? I'm not a nineties kid but I grew up watching shows like That's So Raven, Suite life and Lizzie McGuire etc. Also Disney movies, back then shows had good morals in the end and an ACTUAL PLOT! Seriously this show makes me sick Austin acts as if rainbows come out of his ass and Ally just tries too hard to be cool, Dez is just plain stupid while Trish is just lazy and relies on others to help her WELL DONE DISNEY! WELL DONE! Is this what you want? For kids to be spoiled, catty and rude to adults, then kids are going to think it's ok to get fired from every job and expect everything to come to them without even working for it. The show is terrible, the jokes are lame and the actors are bad role models and can you explain the over used laughing track every 5 seconds, I miss when Disney had good family morals and when shows were good, is Walt Disney saw Disney Channel he would have their asses fired.

*starts smashing furniture and pounds the T.V. with the remote*
Oh please! Another cheesy plot with cheesy actors and cheesy jokes.
I seriously want to vomit every time I watch this show. Why do I even watch it?
The characters are stupid and the murals are dumb.

Austin- stupid famous teenager, he has talent.. But he shouldn't be in disney though.

Ally- coward "nerdy" teenage girl. Doesn't write nice songs. They are pointless. Her stupid stage fright is so fake and her reactions are to over sized.

Trish- what example is she suppose to set to teenagers? Be lazy- don't show up to work- quit every job you get. Wow!

Dez- well, just some dumb weirdo, doesn't set any example his jokes are cheesy, if he wouldn't have been in the show it wouldn't have made any difference.

Well.. I think I made my point
, by far the WORST show I have even seen so far.. wow where can I start. Well first off Austin and Ally are by far the worst actors.. Austin can't dance for his life and Ally just can't act. Dez, how ever you spell his name acts and stupid when he's not even funny... There show just doesn't have any fun and good events, like it's literally all about this teen boy trying to get famous and only takes place in a music shop. SO FUn.. It's like Hannah Montana 2 but 10 times worse, well at peats Hannah Montana was a good show.. But I just think the director should be a lot more creative
Austin and Ally is one of the absolute DUMBEST shows Disney could make. I can tolerate Austin, and Ross is an okay actor, but the one I seriously cannot stand is Laura's portrayal of Ally. Ally is really the most annoying character, almost as annoying as Chyna from A.N. T Farm. Raini as Trish is okay, she's not my favorite character, but at last she's not stick thin like most actresses on Disney. The Dez character is kind of stupid, but Calum Worthy is really the only good actor on the show that is funny. The really dumb thing is that he picked this show to be in. If Calum wasn't on Disney, he'd be taken more seriously as an actor because he wouldn't have been affiliated with Austin and Ally. I think Calum is an awesome actor and super funny, but this show is NOT helping his career at all.
I hate this show Trish is irresponsible and blames others for her problems, Austin is a full of himself weirdo who can't sing, Ally has a good voice but refuses to use it, and Dez is just... Ugh. I'm not trying to be mean but I am stating my opinion. Disney can do better...
Honestly, what is wrong with this show? It's promoting bullying cause Dez is "acting" stupid and trish is making fun of it. And I hate it like whenever they promote the new Disney for stuff like summer is coming and stuff, it's always this show's actors that have a sound in them whenever they speak that says, "our show is so much better than yours. " And what is up with Austin? He always uses the same dance moves and the songs are so boring... I wouldn't be surprised if the director actually wrote the song.
WORDS CAN NOT DESCRIBE HOW CRUMMY THIS SHOW IS. Honestly, I'm not sure what to say! It's the same thing ever time! Ally comes up with an AMAAZING idea for a crappy song, Austin sings it and it becomes a (shocker! ) #1. And the everyone celebrates! Hooray! The comedy gets to me more than the plot. Look at what Disney has come to. First, we had the classics. POTF, etc. Then the next generation, Hannah Montana, That's So Raven, WOWP (early days) and SLOZAC. Then today, we have this crap. It shocks me so much I don't even know what to say. It also angers me that Disney won't even let anything exciting happen, because Austin and Ally agreed to just be friiendss! Yaay! No. I'm sick of it. Good Luck Charlie is a nice show, the only live-ish show that's keeping Disney alive. And Gravity Falls is the best cartoon, but if Disney would only bring it back! I swear,

Disney is going down the drain with all it's crap.
I miss the Disney I grew up with. To me Austin and Ally is by far the worst show. I loathe this show. I think it is cheesy and boring. None of the characters are funny and I think that these characters are stupid. It is lacking a PLOT! I don't even know why the writers of this show were even hired. The dancing in this show is SO lame and stupid.
I don't even understand why little kids think this show is funny and I think that they would have more fun riding their bikes than they would watching this show.
I also don't understand why they have to play so many old commercials and TTIs over and over again. They never did that when I was growing up! I also think some of the new Disney cartoons are really lame.
I personally enjoy the show along side many other people. The actors in the program all work extremely hard and are all great actors and very talented people. The program has many followers which is why it had been renewed for a forth season. Personally I found this very offensive to both the actors and the writers of the show.
Ok I totally agree with you the plot of the story extremely sucks and the characters (not the real people) don't act very good. The entire plot is a big mess and don't get me started on the changes throughout the seasons! How about ally in the beginning of the series? At first she's like ' extremely shy and will never perform onstage in my entire life' and now she's like ' I'm famous and performing onstage and I'm brave and have completely gained confidence! '
Austin & Ally has got to be the worst show I have EVER watched on Disney Channel. First of all, Austin can't sing for the life of him. Ally can't either. Second, the writers made Ally THE most annoying person ever. She can't dance, she's too thin, and down right an embarrassment to brunettes. Third, why can't Trish keep a job? Honestly, I think the writers put that in for comedy but it is just annoying and unoriginal.
Bad acting, bad plot, actually there is no plot at all! Stupid things they are trying to teach kids by watching the shoes like, you only go to school for 2 minutes! You can get very famous over night (what) and you can get fired and get a job the next day. This show is a bad influence on kids and it's not even a good show! Disney I you figure out what these shows are doing to kids.

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