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181 The Mighty Ducks The Mighty Ducks

Saw it at school while it was raining...I RATHER BE IN THE RAIN

182 Go Figure Go Figure V 1 Comment
183 Ponyo Ponyo

Oh my gosh, I loved this movie! I haven't watched it since I was, like, nine, but it was really funny at the time and my best friend and I still quote it. I definitely don't think it was one of Disney's worst, but they have definitely done some bad ones...

This is Studio Ghibli not Disney...Remove this item from this list and also totoro!

A water human? So weird the streets flooded

I love this movie I don't know why

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184 My Neighbor Totoro My Neighbor Totoro
185 Captain America: The Winter Soldier Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I hate Captain America, and I hated this movie.

186 Piglet's Big Movie Piglet's Big Movie

Why do people prefer Clifford's Really Big Movie over Piglet's Big Movie?! >:( I give Clifford's Really Big Movie a 1/10 and Piglet's Big Movie an 8/10 as a die-hard Disney fan/hater and PBS Kids hater. Winnie the Pooh usually blows me away. - Kieran Stark aka The Ultimate Daredevil

187 The Shaggy Dog (1994)
188 The Strongest Man In the World The Strongest Man In the World
189 The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

I did have a lot of hopes for this movie since I loved the Lion King and I thought the concept of having a team of animals protect the Pride Lands from danger was an interesting idea. When Disney made the announcement that they were making another TLK film and T.V. series, I was super excited for it because of my nostalgia for the Lion king franchise. However, this film aired, and it wasn't what it was all cracked to be. I was utterly disappointed. So much potential was thrown away. There are a number of problems with this movie and the series. I can list them off.

1) Where did Kion come from? He wasn't in the second film, neither was he even mentioned. Did the writers actually think to just simply whisp him out of thin air? It would have made a lot more sense if he was Kiara and Kovu's son, instead of Simba and Nala's.

2) Kiara should've been an adult rather than a cub.

3) Rob Lowe sounds nothing like Matthew Broderick as the voice of Simba. When I first heard ...more

First problem with the Lion Guard: Simba is voiced by Rob Lowe

Second problem: WHO IS KYON?

The series is an improvement from the movie and I love Fuli shes an awesome tomboy.

190 Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel V 1 Comment
191 Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Battle for The Book Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Battle for The Book V 1 Comment
192 Halloweentown High Halloweentown High
193 Queen of Katwe Queen of Katwe V 1 Comment
194 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Road Rally

This Isn't Even Film, But It Still does Suck, I Hate Mickey Mouse clubhouse - VideoGamefan5

195 Halloweentown Halloweentown

Once again shouldn't be on this list

Don't even get me started on this movie.

Sounds like a sequel of the nightmare before Christmas

Urine is awesome!

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196 Mickey's Christmas Carol Mickey's Christmas Carol V 1 Comment
197 The Cheetah Girls: One World The Cheetah Girls: One World

This is the worst movie of all time, The only reason I watched it is because Raven Symone is in it.

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198 A Goofy Movie A Goofy Movie

It was good but then Disney make a very goofy movie

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199 Jump In! Jump In!

This movie isn't bad. It's a good one.

200 The Fox and the Hound 2 The Fox and the Hound 2

I love the 1st movie but it's sequel was very boring compared to the original Bambi 2 was a good sequel though. - TopRanger237

There in a band. Need I say any more?

I forgot if the second or first one was boring,but went with this because if first was boring then why a sequel? boring and forgetable.

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