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82An Extremely Goofy Movie

That was a cute movie it showed the goofy guy from Mickey mouse and it shows a father son bond!

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Stay away from bashing Dumbo. It's a bit cheesier than other Disney movies but still good!

The only reason this is on the list is because of pink elephants but I loved it so this is a classic

The only animation was a little cheesy was because Disney had to cut back on costs if they wanted a good profit. The studios were suffering because of the war. - IsaiahWill22

It's actually quite a sad movie, but it's also happy and funny and Dumbo and his mom get a happy ending. And the worst part is that in 2001 it was supposed to have a sequel but Disney CANCELED it. Dumbo is an amazing movie. - Anonymousxcxc

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84Oliver & Company

This movie was a sweet movie, How can anyone hate Disney movies? Altantis and Treasure Island I can understand

This, Gordy, and Brother Bear are Disney's most misunderstood movies ever! Should be in the bottom of the list! It shouldn't matter if the critics hate it, they like Frozen and that's the third movie on here. They don't have the same opinion as the general public.

This should be top 5. It has the third lowest score of Disney movies on Rotten Tomatoes ahead of Chicken Little and Brother Bear (fourth lowest if you count Cars 2)

This Film Doesn't Come Close To The Book That It's Based On! Not A Good Film In My Opinion.

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85Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

Disney sequels are usually stupid I hate how the plot is almost the same as the first one because Stitch is acting badly again

Really good and make me cry A TON

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86Lemonade Mouth

How is this movie on the list. It should be on the top ten BEST Disney movies!

How is this movie here?! It was ranked the best cable movie the year it came out! Come on people!

I love this movie! Why is it on the list. It teaches everyone that it's good to be heard.

I actually really like Lemonade Mouth.

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87Bedtime Stories

I was pissed when I realized how much the trailers lied about he movie's premise. They made it look like dreams were coming to life in a sort of jumanji way, but in the movie they're just lame metaphorical predication for Adam sandler's business life. Hell, the gumballs falling from the sky in the trailer were literally just pouring from a crashed truck in the movie.

I watched this when I was a kid and thought it was magical, fast forward to December 2015, and it's hard NOT to find an Adam sander movie that doesn't suck

The worst thing about this movie besides the whole idea that the kids can control reality through a bed time story and it's never explained and Adam Sandlers character just goes with it, is the Rob Schneider cameo.

I liked this movie! - SheepBuggy

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88Geek Charming

Too bad he ended up being an abusive boyfriend, see what you did Disney.

They took a great Sara Hyland yeah as Haley from modern family and put her in this

Please don't hate me but I actually like this movie-Aly Cullen

I know damn well Disney Channel is of a lot more.

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89Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

What? Why is this on here? As well as being the first animated Disney movie, it's also the first animated feature-length film OF ALL TIME. And it's great, too! Great plot, good characters, lovely songs, fun gags, and it makes me cry every time at the end. I'll have you know that I don't cry at movies nowadays when someone dies, but just the scene at the end when our character is fake-dead and everyone else is sad makes me burst into tears.

This was one of Disney's first full length animated films, I don't understand why this is on the list

It's actually THE first full length animated film from Disney. And it's great! Great story, great characters, excellent songs, fun, sweet, touching, beautiful, just a great movie in general! So glad it's only 141 out of 145!

Can someone PLEASE tell me why this is on the list? Snow white is so cute and sweet and gentle. She is basically my little sister

Really boring, generic, and stereotypical Disney princess plot

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90The Emperor's New Groove

What the?! I love this movie! Why would anyone add this to the list?

Some moron who doesn't love Disney Classics added this to the list. What an Idiot, I love this movie, Kronk is my favourite Disney Sidekick next to Iago, Yzma is another of my favourite Disney Villains

I love this whoever wrote this list was either tired, drunk, or an idiot

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91Alice in Wonderland

It's ok if u don't like this movie. I like it. NO, I LOVE IT!

I can understand that this movie is scary, but really? I loved this movie. I'm pretty sure some others have too.

Doesn't matter which version you hate. But this is mainly for the original (for me). I actually thought the newer one was better.

This movie scared me as a kid for some reason - SheepBuggy

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92Bambi II

Taylor Hopkins this is a stupid movie get rid of it

93Brother Bear

The beginning and end is amazing but the entire portion of the movie when he's a bear is awful, mainly because Disney had the right idea about making an awesome movie in the beginning when it was all people, but then they said "oh yeah we're Disney, we have to make half the movie focused on silly talking animals", which by the way was ANNOYING! Also the fact that this movie took place a long time ago in the times where Indians and natives were around but Disney tried to throw in modern day slang, cause NO Indians in the history of mankind ever used pinky swears, what were you thinking Disney? Z

Here's how you can find enjoyment in this movie, watch the beginning of the movie, then when it gets to the part where he gets turned into a bear, just fast forward it all the way to the end of the movie

The story doesn't make sense, it's a little rushed, but lovely soundtrack

Someone dies in every Disney movie

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94How to Build a Better Boy

It's official-Disney has gone feminist. - Garythesnail

This movie is sexist garbage. Guys are just as good as girls, Disney. - RiverClanRocks

Yeah, I agree the plot is stupid and the title just sounds stupid.

We have all seen similar plots to this before... Really unoriginal and sexist.

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95101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure
96Let It Shine

Ugh. I have no problem with religious people as long as they don't shove their religion down my throat. That's all this stupid movie did. And the raps were stupid. What little character development it had all occurred during 5 seconds of a rap song.

Actually I like this movie very inspiring

97Return to OzV1 Comment

I love Tangled. It's probably my favorite movie! IT SHOULDN'T BE ON HERE!

How on earth can anyone take this worst Disney films list seriously if this film is on it?

By now ALL Disney movies are on this list! And COME ON! Frozen is worse than Home on the Range? AND James and the Giant Peach?! I swear to God, this site is FILLED with trolls and morons! - Disney1994

Oh come on. You have got to be kidding me. This is the best movie of all time. I don't really like rapunzel, but Rider is the best.

Take this down right now.

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99The Santa Clause 3: The Escape ClauseV1 Comment
100Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

First movie: Awesome.

Second movie: Okay, but some of scenes were unnecessary.

Third movie: Could cut half the scenes out and add to the second would've been a much better movie.

Fourth movie: Why!?

First 3 are great, this one was a cash grab.

(Completely off topic subject) Who put black cauldron on here? - SuperheroSith

I loved this movie

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