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It's a Disney movie none of them are faithful to the source material, they made them more kid friendly, like the old story of sleeping beauty when prince kissed her she never woke up and the prince pretty much "had his way with her" and she was pregnant and when her baby were breast feeding then she woke up. That was pretty messed so Disney changed it just like with Hercules being a child to Zeus out wedlock and also the fact that the gods were incestuous, and at times malevolent.

OKAY NO STOP IT HERCULES WAS SO GOOD. The Muses were amazing (especially Roz Ryan as Thalia the muse of comedy, who I just saw in Chicago! ), Hades was hilarious, Meg was A BALL OF SASS, Hercules was the sweetest guy and strong without being a total meathead. Where do all these ideas come from? Pain and Panic? Best little imps I've ever seen. All the gods? Hilarious and well-equipped with jokes based on truth. PHIL? NO STOP I CAN'T I'M GONNA RAMBLE FOR A WHOLE YEAR. The musical numbers were all impressive, instant hits. I would sing them every day of my life, hoping to be as good as the muses someday.

I love Greek mythology, and I know this isn't anything like it. But, I don't give a crap because it is the best movie I have ever seen only to be tied with movies like The Lion King, Beauty and The Beast, The Little Mermaid, Tangled, etc - Disneylover

Honestly, Mythology isn't my thing but this movie is so good!

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122Toy Story

The pioneering animated classic that wowed trillions. Why is it on here?

This movie whole heartedly sucks. It teaches jealousy, and that if you don't look cool, nobody will like you. It also teaches abuse, as shown by Sid, and that it is okay to tear up the toys your parents spent good money on. It also teaches bullying, like when the toys kept ganging up on Woody at least a couple of times. This movie has a stupid plot and making toys talk is creepy and unnatural. My niece is scared of toys after watching this movie and she always thinks the toys in her room will hurt her. She wakes up screaming at night, throwing toys out of her bedroom out of freight thinking they will get her. I can't believe Disney wasted good money making a piece of crap creepy movie like this one.

Sid is supposed to teach kids NOT to break their toys... He's the villain - SheepBuggy

Tom hanks HEY that's not a way to speak to TOY STORY! I made this movie

This show doesn't deserve to be on the list. Just because you think it's bad doesn't mean it is bad. - SheepBuggy

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123Radio Rebel

Radio Rebel is ranked lower than Hercules, Cinderella, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, etc. Some must have hacked into this list - Disneylover

Again why are movies like The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, Cinderella, Snow White, AND The Lion King above this crud. - Anonymousxcxc

Debby Ryan is so annoying in this I just wanted to smack some sense into the main character.

Annoying movie just horrible a you guys are right a monkey did make this crap

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This is practically the best Pixar movie, who put it on this list?

Why's Wall-E on the list? It was really good.

Amazing, that is all I have to say, 10 out of 10

This is my 2nd favourite movie! My favourite movie is the incredibles

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125Monsters, Inc.

Monsters Inc. Is one of the best Disney movies! (Monsters University is better, but I Love this on as well! ) It is one of my favorite Pixar movies!

What?!? This movie was brilliant whoever added this to the list obviously has no taste in animated movies

Oh yeah, nevermind the fact that the Pixar theory starts HERE. Nevermind the strategy they used to record Boo's lines (they followed the pint-sized voice actress around the studio with a boom mic and picked up all her cute nonsense rambles). Nevermind the painfully funny voice actors and characters.

V Monsters University was not better

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126Mulan II

Worst Disney sequel ever! I loved Mulan 1, this is an insult to it.

Augh, every Disney movie has the film of fighting, then the film of love and peace, somebody replaced the original writer with a hippie

Disney messed up the sequel again - SheepBuggy

I like this movie

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127Song of the South

If you've ever seen this movie you know exactly why it sucks. If watched today it would be taken as extremely racist. There's a reason it was never re-released in modern times. It's also a terribly boring movie to boot. I recommend seeing only to see just how bad it is.

Tell me, how is this movie racist?

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128Mickey's House of Villains

When I see the movie's cover: Yay! I'm going to see villains take over the House Of Mouse!

When I see the movie: Really, they wasted the plot. Instead of giving a cool story about villains taking over the House, they show some pointless Halloween shorts!

Really, the only good thing about this movie was "It's Our House Now".

Completely pointless movie to make. More than half of the good villains in other films didn't appear in this movie, and the ending was so stupid. It seemed like the villains' dialogues and goals made them look like smarter and more reliable characters than the good guys, who literally asked for the villains to take over the house.

Everybody needs to stop bashing every good movie on the list. You little trolls, this is the House of Mouse, there's obviously gonna be cartoons. Speaking of cartoons, did you know that a 6 year old would love the cartoons? Seriously, I would watch this every night before I went to bed!

Cards on the table, I didn't even finish this movie!

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129Saludos Amigos

Like I said with The Three Caballeros, it is just meh. Albeit, it is better than Caballeros

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130Melody Time
131Make Mine Music
132Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars

Why isn't this movie higher this movie insulted star wars - VideoGamefan5

Honestly I'm glad Phineas and Ferb ended because it was an awful show and there won't be anymore God awful Colabs like this one

Why the heck have Disney took a good classic movie and have done a crossover with an annoying T.V. show?

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133The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

God I hate this movie. The animation quality is poor, nothing like the first film. The main villain is really weak and flat out pathetic compared to a greater, more evil one like Judge Frollo in the first film. The character's personalities have changed (especially Phoebus, who is now just a strict jerk) and the leading girl the Quasimodo falls in love with is kinda boring and bland. Not to mention the plot is poor (stealing a bell) and the songs are bad. My favourite Disney film is the first Hunchback of Notre Dame, for really good reasons too. However this sequel just sucks, it has a dumb concept, and it's a disappointing follow up to what was a powerful, darker and mature Disney film. That's why Disney sequels for me are a mixed bag. Sometimes I think a great film doesn't need a sequel. Very few can pull it off, and a lot of them are disappointments. Consider this film the latter. - smrpg1996


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134A Bug's LifeV2 Comments

I like her, but I hate that lawyer guy whatever his name is. The real prince (I forgot his name) is HILARIOUS! I love when he first sees a T.V. and he goes crazy

Man I hated this movie, seriously the fairy tale characters come out of a sewer in NYC, what the heck.

This was awesome and hilarious! Loved it!

This is one of the best movies of all time-Aly Cullen

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136Star Wars: The Force Awakens

I'll grant that it's better than the prequel trilogy, but nowhere near as good as any part of the original trilogy. Instead of wondering who put this here, you should be wondering who thought anybody liked whiny! Anakin from the prequels and decided to give him a grandson just like him.

Who the hell added Star Wars The Force Awakens to this list?!?!?!?

This movie was very disappointing

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137Alice Through the Looking Glass

This movie is bland as ever. It has the same old characters, the plot is not understandable at all, and it's just a bad movie. Waste of money and time.

I haven't even heard this film. I've only heard of that unbearable 2016 one.

The only thing I actually liked about it was the song Just Like Fire. That's all I'll say... - Cindity

This was boring

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138Hocus Pocus

Um, this actually IS a Disney movie. It's my favorite Halloween movie, and my second favorite Sarah Jessica Parker movie. (right after Flight of the Navigator) - RockFashionista

Kids verses retarded witches in this movie blows, it's more like Hocus Bogus.

Whats this doing on this list its great and its not disney - doctorman

Not a Disney movie!

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139Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge

A sequel of the movie that sounds like the sequel of the nightmare before Christmas

My sister really likes the hallowee town franchise but I think it's utter crap

140National Treasure

The first time Disney actually says something smart

I thought this movie was boring as hell

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