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161Doug's 1st Movie

But isn't Doug owned by Nick? Gee, Disney has all the licensing power!

I thought Doug was a Nickelodeon show... - Garythesnail

Disney made Season 5 of Doug in 1996. Nick owned it until 1995. (Also, Doug is the only of the original 3 Nicktoons not coming back, as Ren and Stimpy appeared in Spongebob: Out of Water and there are talks of bringing back Rugrats) - tiffanyfrozen5110

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162The Proud Family Movie

Hey I Love The Proud family but their movie totally sucked

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You've gotta be kidding' me. This isn't even a ranking, its more of a list of every movie, because some troll keeps putting every Disney movie on this list.

Couldn't the person put all the good movies low on the list and the ACTUAL worst at the top. - 906389

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164Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

Blow up your kid... Interesting topic

Very interesting topic indeed my friend very interesting

The only question I have for this movie is... How did you blow them up? (Insert lenny face here) - SheepBuggy

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165The Cheetah Girls

This movie was lame and boring with poor acting and singing talent!

This movie is like hell to my eyes and ears.

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166Toy Story 2

Which idiot put this here, it is the best Disney movie EVER!

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167The Princess Diaries

The princess diaries on the list how!? -Aly Cullen

168Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

They keep getting nuttier by the minute.

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169Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure
170Tinker Bell and the Legend of the Neverbeast
171Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

Penis Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience

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172Gnomeo & Juliet

Hated it with a burning passion.

This was not from disney it was from touchstone pictures take this off the list

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173Cinderella (2015)

I liked the original much, much better. This one was okay, but it just didn't interest me. And now whenever you look up "Cinderella" only images of this will pop up.

They remake an animated classic and turn it into some rehashed bull. I hate it

I'd rather dip my face in bleach than to watch this crap!

This movie was beautiful. My dad cried at it for the first time I have ever seen him cry. Literally. I'm 37.

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174The Mighty Ducks

Saw it at school while it was raining...I RATHER BE IN THE RAIN

175Go FigureV1 Comment

Oh my gosh, I loved this movie! I haven't watched it since I was, like, nine, but it was really funny at the time and my best friend and I still quote it. I definitely don't think it was one of Disney's worst, but they have definitely done some bad ones...

This is Studio Ghibli not Disney...Remove this item from this list and also totoro!

A water human? So weird the streets flooded

I love this movie I don't know why

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177My Neighbor Totoro
178Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I hate Captain America, and I hated this movie.

179The Shaggy Dog (1994)
180The Strongest Man In the World
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