Top Ten Worst Dog Breeds


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I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU PEOPLE ARE AGAINST CHIHUAHUAS! I am an 11 year old girl who has the sweetest chihuahua in the world. She LOVES little children. She never ever snaps at them and instead just gives them kisses everywhere. Her name is Licky because she licks everyone because she loves everyone. She never makes a sound and is as quiet as a mouse. She is lazy sometimes, yes, but she is playful and just wants to play many times. She goes crazy in happiness when someone comes to the door and she jumps from room to room in extreme excitement. She never goes to the bathroom inside the house, she goes outside and she's never been potty trained. She knows how to sit. I taught her. She thinks she is a child just like my brother and I. She is just like our sister. The best sister EVER! The only time she ever went to the bathroom inside was during the night when we were all asleep and the doors to the garden were closed. Where did she pee? In front of the toilet on the mat! Now I think everyone should change their thoughts about chihuahuas. She doesn't even know she even HAS a voice. She always sees us smiling and now she can do it too. She smiles showing her teeth when she's excited. Chihuahuas are always smiling while their mouth is closed. I'm starting to think that they all have their mouths rotated to smile :) Now please change your thought about chihuahuas. Thanks! :D
I own a chihuahua and I think she's a sweetheart but I wouldn't recommend a chihuahua to a first time dog owner. Some of the downsides are that they have ear piecing howls and are very hypo and have a lot of energy. And they are defiantly not for small children as they seem to snap a lot. Even though I've said this they are still sweet, they just are high maintenance
Your right, it really matters on if these kinds of dogs on the list are trained good and loved but if they're not then they would be pretty mean


Terrible breed. Poops everywhere. I have owned dogs my entire life. Eskimos are my favorite. Have a friend and family member who own Chihuahuas and I have spent some time around them. They love there dogs to death but will never get another one as the are growling, howling, and come off vicious even though they could not hurt a fly, very unpleasant to be around. Poop, poop, poop... Cry, cry, cry... Bark, Bark, Bark. I have had plenty of dogs to know these brainless rodents are not a good breed.
[Newest]Annoying and well... Annoying
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2American Pit Bull Terrier
I get that this is a very empathetic way of looking at empirical data, but I guess the logical question is if Pit Bulls are not the most likely to be violent, most likely to kill, strongest jaw and so on then why do dog fighters overwhelmingly choose this breed to fight? This is the dog that is trained to kill and be violent by the the same people that created the breed specifically for that function. I think what people are tired of is the rationalization that Pit Bulls are not going to do what is in their nature with the correct trigger. Hunters hunt, shepherds herd, hounds dig. Etc etc. Maybe mathematically as a percentage of populations the math does not support the stereotype, but to say that Pits are not genetically superior to most dogs for the role of attacking and killing their opponents is patently untrue, supported by the fact that they are mostly used for that specific purpose relative to their World wide populations. Think of it this way.. People tend to have dogs that reflect their own personality. "Not a rule just a norm" Mean bad ass guys select mean dogs. Usually pits or in the pit mix group. Friendly family types select from the lab breeds based on personality and hunters go for hounds. Farmers working dogs. And so on. Cops for instance select shepherds because of their genetic need to work and be active, plus their intelligence. If all dogs were created equal people would not feel the need to have a pet that makes a statement about who they are as well. Overwhelmingly the type of person that has a pit is doing so to make the point that I will attack you and kill you if you mess with me. Same with people that buy dobermans and point their ears. They want you to fear them. My issue is not to kill the breed but for people to stop defending it like they are just like any other dog. They are not. They were bred specifically to fight and kill. That is their genetic legacy and there is no getting around it. They have a predisposition to attack and kill. Of course it is safe to say that you may be able to mitigate that behavior, but it is never dormant, just like hunting is never dormant in domestic cats. In my opinion owning a pit assumes that this dog has the potential to be lethal and has a higher likelihood of that happening on the whole than most other dogs. I would put chows in that category as well. Please don't misunderstand I do not hate pits. I just think that this type of messaging makes the argument look weaker not stronger. The best argument for pit owners is this one. " I want and own a pit bull because I want you to stay out of my yard. I do not want your children in my yard and if they come in my yard or you do then it is entirely likely that my dog will kill you. Stay out of my yard. As a pit owner I will make absolutely certain to keep my pit in his yard and take full responsibility for his behavior if he should get out, even if that means that you sue me for every cent I will ever make or have to put me in prison" If pit owners or any dog owners had to take that oath and sign it, almost nobody would have dogs.
You are completely wrong pit bulls just have a bad name there really good dogs it's the owners that make them mean you can train any dog to be mean or nice not all pit bulls are bad
You're all being unreasonable. Pit bulls are extremely nice and give you so much love, its not the dog, its the owner. Same goes for rottweilers and Dobermans and all of the other dogs that are "mean" if you think pit bulls are mean, you've never met one. Same with all dogs with bad rep
Yes but I grew up with pit bulls and only own Pitt bulls, I have been bit by more small dogs than anything else it is not the dog it's the owner
[Newest]Hey why is this on the list? Pit bulls are very misunderstood in my opinion.
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3Chow Chow
I had a chow/german shepherd mix and she was the best dog a person could ask for she loved kids was very gentle and protective they are prone to health problems unfortunatly
They are very distrustful of strangers and seem to take a dislike to certain people even if the people are friendly to them.
They have multiple personalities.
[Newest]I hate them I got attacked by 1 my friend had stitches because she got attacked.

It's not the dog it's the owner they make the dogs mad and so they attack
Rottweilers are amazing I mean amazing dogs to own.
Rottweiler's are the sweetest and best dogs ever as long as they aren't raised in a crappy enviorment.
Rottweilers are not bad dogs. It all depends on the owner & the dog's environment. I have a rottweiler now and he is the sweetest, cuddliest, most caring dog ever! Also I grew up around rottweilers, they are the best kind of dog to have if you want a loving, cuddly, caring dog. Rottweilers are the best dogs ever!
[Newest]Um, it is the dog. Cased Closed.

5Presa Canario
Looks like a pitbull?
I know they are dangeros and they can and sometimes will attack and probably kill but if you raise them there is no need to worry, yes they do get huge and I mean huge but inside they are just understood and I think we need to tame our fear and learn to love these great animals befoe they dissepere and it is sad to say but 50% of the world are scared of dogs! I mean that's redicules I have to look after our dog because no one else likes her that's just mean to the dog not just me!
This is a SICK dog do not EVER get one. My friend had one and it bit me sevral timesé


6Alaskan Malamute
My Alaskan malamute was the best family dog I've ever had. Very loving caring and aware of children's where abouts at all times.
Alaskan Malamutes are really good dogs, they look and act somewhat like Siberian Huskies. Just saying the person who wrote "You people probably haven't even had one before" YOU SPELLED PROBABLY WRONG AND FOR YOUR INFORMATION I IN FACT DO HAVE ONE.
I have 2 Alaskan Malamutes and they are the best dogs in the world. They are so caring and love my family friends and children. They never even growl at people so you are not rite

They are kind of nice and very cute, but not (usually) nice to children. But they are very cute.
Dalmatians are not as good with children, But they are cute and make good fire dogs,
I have had three dalmatians attack me and my little jack Russell terrier. I never had a good experience with a dalmatian yet.
[Newest]There cute but can be dangers

These don't even bark how in the world can they be bad!?
Have two of these, but they bite me for some reason. I'm not making them mad.
Their not so bad but I would never want to own one

Dobermans are one of the only dogs breed, bred for one job and one job only protecting and loving their family. They are loving with all people if brought up correctly and socialized love children, even if sometimes they forget their size, want nothing more than to be with you always. They have earned the name Velcro just for that reason.
We have had four wonderful Dobermans--Missy who was to be put to sleep because her owners did not want her--gave us 10 wonderful years--Loni--a breeders special dog. She gave us another 10 wonderful years--had to have a Malignant tumor in her eye removed. Allie who developed liver cancer at age four. And now we have Leisel--a throw away from Doberman rescue in Lake Placid Fl. She had been running the streets as a feral dog. She has been difficult--we gave her back twice! But realized she needed a family. She is 3/12 so we have a long way to go!
This was a hard choice, I would have voted Rottweiler, but one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met was part Rottweiler
Dobermans just scare the crap out of me, look at them, their strong, and can look terrifying just sitting there
And your point is like I said its all in how you raise them not saying they don't have rottweiler in them they can be good dogs to lol

10Afghan Hound
Good I love afghan hound
They might be good dogs at heart, I don't know anything about them, therefore I can't judge. I know you can't judge a book by its cover but the way they look just creeps me out.

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11Spanish Mastiff

12Fila Brasileiro

13Bluetick Coonhound
Have little or no value as a pet never shut up and ruthlessly chase anything that moves, unless you plan to run/hunt your dog avoid this breed even though they are cute as hell

They look like mops

Best family dog ever. Awesome with both of my young children. More like a kid than a dog, but awesome nonetheless.
How can you say that?! Pugs are adorable!
Pugs are sweethearts so clever and such a cute little fat creatures I just love them!
[Newest]Cousin owns a pig. It was so sweet and cute. Until it ran away.

I wish I owned a pig too. I love how they snort and oink like that! But I think you put this on the wrong list... this is pug... :D


16German Shepherds
Although many may agree with the ignorant opinion above, if you actually do your research and train you shepherd with positive reinforcement they are he best dog of all in my opinion. Like huskies, many people jump the gun and get a GSD before they Re ready and then act surprised that it doesn't just magically know commands and find out it needs to be trained. They are definitely by no means vicious in the slightest, but they can be a handful for people who don't have the dedication to give them the exercise they need. I've always have shepherds and always will, there isn't a more loyal or intelligent dog out there
Germans need a lot of training and exercise. Do your research and make sure you use a reputable breeder. They are loyal, awesome dogs for the right family.
Who put this on here? If you train them, they can be loyal to you. They are adorable in my opinion.


17Chinese Crested Dog
Love my Chinese. Crested they are the Powder Puff version they are very cuddly and friendly The only downside to them is that they have a tendency to have bad teeth so I have them cleaned every 2 years
I think they are sweet. I never met one, but people say they are kind, even though they are not... Traditionally pretty atmosphere...
Chinese Crested's are a bit hard to care for because they can't be in cold weather because they get too cold and they also can't be in hot weather because they get sunburn Easley they always need to be in the right weather]
[Newest]Chinese people are stupid

This is the dumbest list ever like any dog can be the worst if they are raised wrong like I own a boxer and he is the sweetest dog ever but I am not here to rant about boxers being on the list because no dog should be here it is dumb to make a list about bad breeds because there is no such thing maybe a list about worst dog experiences would be better
They're so friendly... Which can be bad and good. I mean, in general they're GREAT dogs, and just great friends, but sometimes you just wish you could tell them to go away, you know?
My friend owned a boxer. I thought it would bite me. Instead, it walked up to me, sniffed me, and cuddled up next to me.

19Golden Retriever
Golden Retrievers are very good with children everyone and are a very good family dog.
I love golden retriever how can you say that!
Golden retrievers are the best

Huskies are by far the worst breed. People want them just because they are pretty but aren't prepared for the shedding or physical demands they need. If you live in a colder climate and have tons of time and energy to put them to work then I'm sure they're great, but I have worked in a vet office an am now a groomer and can tell you without a doubt that is the number one breed my coworkers and I dread coming in. It doesn't help that we are in ky, where it's border line abusive to even have a husky b/c of the heat, but on top of that 95% of people who get one have NO idea what they are getting into and will raise their puppy wrong, then abandon it at a shelter once it is too big and out of control. Almost every dog that has been banned from my salon for biting an associate is a husky. Not to mention the obnoxious, non stop whining and barking. Definitely not a breed for just any one
They are the best dogs ever! If you got bit then stop teasing them it's rude! I love them my husky was abused by his previous owners so we saved him. I will always love him!
This is wrong I don't know what your iq is but huskeys are cute lovable animals and the only excuse people have for being bit is cause they be teasing the poor dogs.
[Newest]They are cute! So get a life dum dum.

21Labrador Retriever
Labs are the best, to the comment below you just be a cat person. I have had two labs in my life. (Yellow and Chocolate) They have never hurt anyone! Well my chocolate one did but that person was sitting on our couch holding a cat. All she wanted was the cat. Now my friend has a German and he is MEAN! She thinks my dogs are better even!
They are aggressive towards me for some reason. One 9 year old lab bit me twice. German shepherds rock! I had two and they never hurt a fly
Labs are amazing pets.
[Newest]Why do you say that. I have one and his name is fred

I have had this dog breed for over 20 years. A well socialized Dixie will love everyone. As a puppy you need to teach them not to bark. The barking can be controlled. They will bark to protect their home and that's okay. These dogs need attention and their minds have to be active to stay a well behaved loving dog.
Bark Bark Bark, can't be in the cold, to many ear infections, eats the house.
My cousin owns a daschund. It is so sweet. They don't look at it, nor let it inside they house. Yet, it is so sweet. It would slowly walk up to me, sit down, and lick me hand

23Yorkshire Terrier
They have to much anxiety and they need to be by your side at all times it gets pretty annoying
My yorkie was the best thing that ever happened to me (so far) he was nippy at first until he stopped all that and he was so active, loved to pee outside (:D), and never attacked anyone.


All they do is use the bathroom on the floor. WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY!

24Jack Russell Terrier
I have 1 and she is so cute and loving, she curls up with me on the couch and only barks if someone is banging on the door and that is to worn me and when I tell her to stop and sit down she does it straight away she is the best dog in the world. She begs and does tricks. If one bits blame it on the owner they ovisly don't care for it properly
These are the nastiest dogs I have ever come across. 6 times now my dogs snapped or gone for my dogs. Horrible little things can't understand why people have them. Got a real hate of them now.
So they are hyper, needy, jealous, etc. They are also cute, funny, smart, tenacious, etc. He has been a wonderful friend for 14 years.

25American Bulldog
Along with the pug, these are one of the best dogs ever!

26Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PERSON WHO POSTED A CAVALIER ON THIS LIST! I happen to know a few sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I'm sure Animal Planet begs to differ with your opinion. A Cavalier is number 3 on the top 10 best small dog breeds for children, STATING THESE ARE VERY EASY DOGS TO TRAIN AS WELL AS AVERAGE SHEDDING AND NOT A LOT OF MAINTENANCE. Dogs 101 clearly states that these are great dogs for small children and if you love beautiful faces and kisses this is the dog for you.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are the BEST dogs in the world.
Why are they on here? I love the breed and it is a cute and cuddly lap dog.

27Cocker Spaniel
The Lady is a Tramp.



29Lhasa Apso
This breed bit my grandson.
I hate Lhasas because they are the opposite of smart and are yappy.

By the way: one tore skin from my face.

30Miniature Schnauzer
They are good with othet dogs but not so good with children.

31St. Bernard
They are cute when only that they are still puppy.
Saint Bernards can be quite wild and even aggressive. My grandparent's neighbor's Saint Bernard bit a teen in the face. Later the Saint Bernard, Boomer had to be put down, meanwhile the teen had to get 13 stitches.
St. Bernards are VERY dangerous and aggressive.

Flat headed and aggressive.

Similar to a husky. HIGH maintenance and sheds ALL the time. Needs constant exercise and grooming. Hates being left alone and will act out. Does not socialize with other dogs very well. If you want to spend every waking moment taking care of a dog then maybe this one is or you.

34Blood Hound

I think Pekingese is awful because they have a lack of intelligence, are very possessive of toys, and most of all, are very yappy.


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