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If you are trying to say I hate you give someone V8 that will get them out of your life for sure.
I haven't actually tried it, but it only takes a look at the wikipedia page to realize why its in the #1 spot
The taste is such an Insult towards the great name. It put me off straight away. I will never ever drink or even taste it again. YUCK... YUCK
[Newest]Eh, it's not so bad.


2Beet Juice
Almost everything above and below this is delicious. This, however, tastes horrid! Absolutely Terrible!
Eeeeww! I tried it and chocked because of the horrible flavour of that crap.


Once, I gave eggnog a try around Christmas. I absolutely hated it! I immediately spit it out. Eggnog is like liquefied eggs with sugar. I never want eggnog again!
this crap is disgusting the first time I drunk it I almost throug up
What even is this?! Pepsi RULEZ! Much better than coke

4Tomato Juice
First of all, who wants to drink vegetables.
None of the less tomatoes.
Just drink V8 or put it in some soup
Take a shower with that.


5Ginger Ale
Why is Ginger Ale on this list! It's sort of like a soda and sparkling water together! I don't understand why this is in the top 10. Needs to be lower. Plus, this is 50 times healthier than Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, and Coke.


I like ginger ale. I don't think that this should be on the list.
Yuck yuck yuck, I hate this taste I don't know why people like it really. I don't like it though and it is a worst drink that should be quite high on this list.

55 grams of sugar in a bottle from a six-pack, yikes! Cokes gives me cavities, but what's better is that Pepsi doesn't have that much sugar because it only has 28 grams in a bottle.
I hate coke. I mean, I am glad they sponsor a lot of people but their product is nasty. Disgusting stuff


It may taste ok, but I think it's way too sweet and you can feel it biting away at your enamel as you sip.
[Newest]Coke tastes way too sweet! Coke has too much sugar in it, it is unhealthy.

7Starbucks Coffee
Has loads of bitter.

8Red Bull
Since I took a sip of Red Bull, it taste like cow bile, yuck! They didn't give me wings, but they did give me a pig snout! Oink!
Full of taurine (which is bull's piss by the way) and doesn't taste appeasing at all, who could like this?


Red bull is unhealthy and I will never drink it


10Monster Energy Drink
It doesn't taste nearly as good as people make it out to be. The only reason people love it so much is because of the logo. It's marketing genius, and people buy into it, getting tattoos of it, drinking it constantly, and plastering on every dirt-bike, skateboard, and BMX bike.
I'm not even being funny but I don't understand how people like this drink, they might think it has got a cool logo but it isn't tasty at all.


First of all, it's a Satanic Drink (search it up). and it gives you Heart Attacks and Diabetes if you drink them often.
[Newest]The taste is so sickly it tastes like cough mixture

The Contenders

11Hype Energy Drink

12Dr. Pepper
This is the worst soda ever I cannot stand this stuff its so nasty


Screw you. Dr. Pepper is the best soda ever
So why have you voted it as the worst which it is

13NOS Energy


It used to be good but the recipe massively changed. Use cheap chemical ingredients now. Smells weird, burns your throat, and has a nasty aftertaste. Makes the inside of my mouth feel dirty.
They just use powder to make it which sucks!

They NEVER got an actual fruit to make it.

16Mountain Dew
Best in taste, definitely, but easily the worst for your health. If this list is about health as well, than this needs to be close to Rockstar at least
Why is this here? Moutain dew tastes really good! No one should hate it!
The best drink ever to come onto this earth


[Newest]I like mountain dew.

17Grape Fruit Juice
Worst juice ever made with the worst fruit ever. It's either ridiculously sour or ridiculously sweet. Either way it's a loss.
Grape juice is nasty tasting even my tatsebuds want me to spit that nasty thing out of my mouth.
I don't like grape fruit juice. It's too sour.

Too sweet. Coke is much better.
Pepsi tastes gross after they removed the sugar and replaced it with different corn products.
Did you know the concentrate for Pepsi Max can burn a hole in a floor! Imagine what the weakened version is doing to your teeth!


[Newest]Pepsi is a dumb copy of coke and tastes horrible. Coke is better Pepsi sucks.

19Sierra Mist


21Big Red Soda
This drink really is the worst tastes like carbonated peptobismol! Horrible.

22Mother Energy Drink
like off cola and I mean OFF


23Strawberry Milkshake

*shudder* This stuff is terrible. My grandpa bought it on sale, hated it and keeps trying to sneak bottles of it into the fridges of our family members. It's THAT bad!


25Cream Soda


27Club Soda


29Black Cherry Soda
I think its not thaat bad

30Turnip Juice
It tastes like salty ass! I had to drink a whole glass of onion juice to get taste out my mouth.

31Diet Coke
Tastes like crap. And its not even good for you. A suckish diet soda

32Sprite Remix

33Sting Energy Drink


It Tastes Terrible, Greanted Coke Makes It, No Wonder! Pepsi rules

Clams and tomato. As if just tomato juice was bad enough. This has clams!

37Apple Juice
It's like acid. Grape, Cranberry and Orange Juice are WAY WAY better.


38Banana Milkshake

39Iced Tea
I hate this garbage it taste like poop.

40Thumbs Up
This sucks and whhy is coke on this list "Can you imagine a world without Coca Cola" - Walter White A.K. A Heisenberg

41Strawberry Milk
I like white and chocolate milk, but I dislike strawberry milk.

42Hawaiian Punch

Maltese soft drink eww

I love lemonade. Why is this on the list?


46Pineapple Smoothie


48Grape Juice

49Blueberry Juice

50West Coast Chill


52Venom Energy

WHAT!? Water is good for you! Why is it on this list!? Water is the main source of drink in the entire world! What would you expect!? Drinking soda while you are trying to survive!? I don't think so. If you drink soda, it rots your teeth, plus it's not good for you. But if you drink water, it doesn't rot your teeth and prevents you from getting thirsty, and it's a healthy drink! The people that only drink water are doing pretty well. But the people that only drink soda need to start drinking water or else you might get cavities, plus you might even have to get a dental implant, which is VERY bad, also, you might even have to get replacement teeth like bridges or even dentures. DRINK WATER!


What the heck how is water a bad drink, I don't understand when you people all die just remember it was because you didn't drink water, God put water on this earth not for you all to show hatred towards it.
Water? What, you are kidding? Water is the life even it has no taste to put it here
[Newest]This must be a joke.

54Root Beer
Root beer is delicious. Why is this on the list?
Blame GreatKid123 for putting Root Beer on the list
It tastes like meds!


Come on guys! Milk is good for you, and babies drink it from their mother! It's part of life!
It tastes so creamy I hate it

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