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How the hell is marijuana on 3rd place? Marijuana is not dangerious and drug on the first place. How many people died from cigarettes, coffee and alcohol? Over milions. How many people died from marijuana? NONE. NONE. NONE. First try it then start talking you retards!

I tried heroin to rid myself of alcohol addiction the first day it worked great as a cure for my hangover didn't take large doses I never drank for a month, one morning I felt a little anxiety and knew that it was probably withdrawal symptoms so I took half as much the next time finished what I had and never tried it again With alcohol drinking weening myself off was an impossibility and the damage to me & those around me was huge. A British study last years showed alcohol caused 3 times more harm than heroin or cocaine & I know it for a fact from my experience. I haven't had a drink in over 10 years & it was marijuana that worked as an anti-depressant and allowed me to sleep

Heroin is by far the worst drug. It is extreemly addictive and very toxic

Only 3% of those who are addicts ever recover. If you try this drug just put a bullet in your head because you will not only ruin your life but all those around you.

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Crystal meth is more addictive than heroin. But heroin has a terrible physical withdrawal attached. I've done both, and I could totally function in nearly every respect on heroin. With Crystal, I was SO messed up, nay, F'ed up, I couldn't even go out in public. Heroin is actually a very docile drug. Meth is an absolute disaster. Once you start, you can't stop.

Ruined my boyfriends life as well as his father that was never there for him. Makes you feel on top of the world and leaves you messed up for over 12+ hours straight. You forgot how much little things mean to you and you lose your morals. No other high gets you like this one. It's too great for its own good so stay the hell away from it if you have anyone that matters to you in your life.

made of nothing but chemicals whereas most others have a natural prodict as a base or a extract from tropical plant

Na it's not even that bad, I use Meth like every minute and I'm still alive. People just can't handle it. WEAK DOGS

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3Krokodil (Desomorphine)

People need to learn about this now if it is so far down the list. MIT should be at the too wayy above heroin and everything else.
It rots people's flesh from he inside out. People taking this drug have a life expectancy of 1-4 years depending on how much they do it. If they are in the poorer parts of Russia where they can hardly get real heroin at all, they will use this more and rot and die sooner. Others who only use it when they can't get their usual heroin will live up to the four years maybe but the effects are still there using it even once and you will still rot.
It is ghastly. And just recently may be in the US.
It is codeine mixed with gasoline, lighter fluid, eye drops, and some red phosphorous stuff. In Russia Codeine is over the counter so it's easy to obtain a a much, much cheaper than heroin.
Codeine isn't so easy to get in North America so hopefully that will deter it from being an epidemic here as it is in Russia. Only time will tell. First documented cases of it being here were just a few days ago in Arizona. This is crazy.

Krokodil is one of the worst drugs and its on 11 place? It should be number 1! Listen Krokodil makes your skin become like Crocodiles. And in later stages of the Addiction tears off your skin until bones become visable. Definitely one of the worst things I ever saw.

Does anyone, here, know anything about this stuff? Have you seen the side effects and toxicity is sky high. People losing limbs and other body parts just because they shoot it in a slightly wrong place. Even many people, that are massive heroin junkies, say they'll never try krokodil, no matter what. This stuff is the worst BY FAR!

Far worse than heroin

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This proves that people have no clue... Alcohol and nicotine are one of the worst drugs. They should be both on the top 5 following cocaine, heroin and meth. I can't believe Marijuana is on top 3, when it has been proven that not a single human has died from its consumption, and Ecstasy on top 6, when most people that supposedly die from it, actually die from dehydration (if you're on x you tend to dance, so you begin to sweat a lot. You can not blame the drug because of not drinking water, when you were dancing all night). If you would count the number of dead people because of consuming alcohol and nicotine (legal drugs) it will be still much higher than the one of people who had died because of world hunger and thirst, traffic accidents and wars put together (FACT)

A new British study shows alcohol to cause 3 times more harm than heroin or cocaine I struggled with alcohol addiction for 25 years it killed my father at the age of 49. I tried every other drug on the planet to rid my addiction to alcohol for me I had zero addiction to all drugs but one drink of alcohol and I'm lost for about 10 years drinking 30 to 50 drinks everyday unable to quit

Well you would think that this would be number one right? I mean the amounts of mass death and suffering that has come from this has negative affects everywhere. No matter where you are from, or how much drugs you take. This is definitely higher on the worst scale.

Having an alcoholic father for 21 years I would put it at #1.

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5Cocaine (Crack)

Cocaine should be near the top.. Ruins lifes. T_T Worse than any other in my eyes. Heroin also

What the hell? Below marijuana?

Lower than marijuana? Honestly?
Like 10x worse

Really?! Cocaine should be like 2! And how is alcohol worse then it?!

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People have died with one hit. Do not do it there might be worse long term drugs but this is a short term drug as in your dead if you try it.

This is up there with the top2

My health teacher told me of a man who took 80 bullet shots before dying of blood loss

Kills you in one shot

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Benzos are very bad. They change your brain and the reversal process is extremely long and can be horrendous. Some people choose to euthanize themselves. It can take years.

If used as directed and not abused they help save people's lives

Should be much higher on this list.

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Currently dealing with oxycodone addiction and it's miserable. The withdrawl is hell- worse than any flu or food posioning.

Oxycodone should be right next to herion? I mean its
The same exact drug opoids. Also I've heard from
Addicts that perc withdraw is worse then dope wd.

9Bath Salts

This is definitely in the top 3. Also well known as the "Zombie Infection" after its outbreak with a man on bath salts eating a mans face off. This will ruin your life completely. Maybe fun for a little bit, but ruins your lifetime.

In northern Maine bath salts Is a huge problem and should be higher on the list. It's not because its not super common anywhere else

Apparently combines the effects of heroin and meth, which makes you ABSOLUTELY CRAZY. - keycha1n

I believe bath salts and synthetic marijuana are population control.. Just saying...

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Slowly killing yourself with each breath? Sounds pretty bad to me. Many people I know who are into 'hard drugs' tell me that Cigarettes are the worst of all drugs. I agree despite the fact that I smoke them.

Probably one of the worst things out there, despite its popularity, actually did you know tobacco is more dangerous than heroin and cocaine? If it was illegal people would probably do the things you see meth heads do to get there next hit. I say all this yet I still smoke, maybe just not start.

Simply pointless, Kills you slowly but doesn't even get you high. whats the point?

Kills more than all other drugs on this list and cancer and aids COMBINED according to new research, if that is true then I'm surprised they haven't banned it yet. - Harri666

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11Devil's Breath (Scopolamine)

This drug can control your mind, and easily kill you. It it grown in South America, mostly in Colombia. Stay away from this drug.

This drug should be in the top 5 it could take away your free will, rapists and human traffickers drug you with this and make you basically do whatever they want you too

Pretty Plant! Lethal Drug?

I Wish I voted for this

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Nicotine and alcohol are two of the largest sources of preventable deaths in the world today. It's a shame they've ruined so many lives.

Nicotine is just.. Ugh

One of the worst

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D-118's hard to come off milder version of being on heroin and destroys your liver


This drug got me laid

It makes me really horny

Opium should be with heroin after all heroin comes from the opium poppy everybody knows that

Don't do this drug it makes you crazy

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This thing makes you forget about EVERYTHING and so you can sort of scape of the world and your problems, it makes you not to care about ANYTHING at all. If you try this, you MUST look at the sky, so beautiful, it also makes you appreciate more the little things in life. It puts you in these surreal world made by your mind. Oh and after you try this, you cannot donate marrow.

Powerful drug but not very bad

I did this once and decided to lay on the bottom of a pool and look up at the night time sky (under water) and tried to breath. Haha Luckily my friend was there to help me.

I did this and blacked out

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Its not good but it makes you feel better

4. Tramadol, 3. Dexedrine, 2. Morphine, 1. Methadone... These are respectively the most available dangerous benzodiazepines.
METHADONE is used to lower the pain of patients suffering from addiction to heroin and it isn't even in the list... Of course these are the most powerful drugs.


Famous for being expensive and long effects

Too much of this will take you to an alternate reality. Especially if mixed with weed


Tylenol is just acetaminophen why is it on here?

How is Tylenol above LSD on this list?

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