Worst Fast Food Restaurants


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Obviously McDonald's is the most unhealthy one. Their chicken nuggets are DISGUSTING. I HIGHLY recommend not to eat their chicken nuggets, my sister had some when she was younger and they made her barf. Also, their burgers are okay, but they keep getting thinner and thinner every year, but they are the same rip off price. Their fries only TASTE good when they are hot, eat them right away. But if you leave them about they taste gross and soggy. I also watched their french fries process once. GROSS. They will put one bucket of fries in a container and salt them. Okay. But then they put another bucket and add more salt, so you are adding more salt to the bottom batch. And the process goes on and on, that's so much salt. :/ one time I had their mango smoothie, and it tasted like butter :/

Now to their staff problems. My mom ordered 2 hamburgers only ketchup for me and guess what I got instead. 2 hamburgers with onions, pickles and mustard. How you screw up so bad? I know not. You have to repeat your order like 20 times before they get it. They usually miss one or 2 items of food if your order through the drive thru. Some of the restaurants are gross and dirty. We ordered a cake once because they had a month where they were selling mcains cake. We were halfway down the highway when we discovered we had paid for the cake but they hadn't given it to us. Be warned, they pull this kinda bs all the time, they try and rip you off or get you to pay extra. Another time we went to a McDonald's in an airport, and they screwed up counting the change. Turns out the employee forgot to give us back $20! Luckily my mom caught him in time, but we had to wait because their cash register only opens when people order so we had to wait for someone else to buy something.

Only items I like from there are their bacon breakfast sandwiches, fruit smoothies, and fries because they are addicting.


When I was 5, I got salmonella from there. IT WAS AWFUL (if you have had it and know how it feels) besides, hey just make everyone so fat and it is a gross place. I rarely go there anymore.
It always smell likes kids feet awful and gross, the burgers are thirsty and cold without the things that they offer or they have to much condiments like ketchup or mustard, no cheese, the meat looks a little bit greasy the lettuce it's old and the bread it's like old bad bread (except the ones with chicken), the coffee it's extremely hot, and I don't remember the year but my mom was eating a salad there and in the end of the salad in a lettuce appears a fly so gross! They don't check the food there or what... And I forget the bathrooms ar horrible smells the same like the entire place and they say that it's the best place for the kids have food HAHA are you kidding me the clown look at you like it's the house of the devil
[Newest]They reel kids in with the toys.
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2Taco Bell
I have no clue what you guys are talking about! Calling taco bell gross! I think taco bell is so bomb I could eat taco bell every day of the week. I know it is really bad for you but if you order a chicken burrito with extra sauce you wont regret it
Ya, I agree. I love their Doritos tacos, but some locations are kinda gross. Others, not so much though. And I love the AM crunch wrap


Taco Bell literally has grease dripping from the tacos... GROSS!
The reason people like taco bell is because it tastes so good, wait till you see the ingredients, finally the employees are disgusting.
[Newest]Gross that's all to say

3Jack In The Box
The one restaurant that I have always hated was Jack In the Box. One of my friends who worked there told me about the things some of the employees would do to their food. They would spit, sneeze, and do other distgusting things to the food. Also, even if they did stop doing these things, Jack In the Box would still be very distgusting. There chicken fingers and french fries are good, but the burgers don't even taste like real meat. It taste like a scientist tried to make fake meat, then failed and threw it in a dumpster.
We just moved into California and thought we would try their breakfast. We ate their one time and my wife got salmonella. DO NOT EAT THEIR! I also once had to use the bathroom and it was the only place around so I went in there. I would not even sit on the toilet because it was so gross. If the bathrooms are this bad, just think what they put into their food.
jack in the box is just plain nasty worked there and I have seen stuff that would turn your head be careful you never know what you are eating
[Newest]I hate their food.
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The food don't taste good especially there chicken which is basically all they have! With no other meats to choose from what can you order if you hate chicken? There options are low. Do they even serve salad? Or wraps? Bojangles is the best for chicken if you ask me. They serve salad, wraps, chicken, and other meats I think. I ate there once and absolutely loved it. I hope I never have to eat KFC again. Every time I take a bite of KFC chicken I can taste the grease and fat caked on, and it makes me want to throw up. It wouldn't be so bad if I could order other stuff, but who wants to order mac and cheese or coleslaw for a whole meal. The buffet isn't so bad because they have beans and stuff but its pretty small. And still caked on grease. You only have like 7 foods to choose from which are all unhealthy. One time I ate corn and I tasted butter all over it. what? Corn is supposed to be somewhat healthy. To eat there fast I don't recommend going to the drive thru. They are also very slow. I had to wait forever to order my food there before.
KFC if you want more business get more options. Please! And make your food not as fat. I swear I taste more grease in KFC chicken then I have at Popeye's, Bojangles, or Chickfala.
Mcdonalds is bad but at least they serve salads and apple slices and way better chicken. And they are always quick. I only had a problem once there. That was the worker being stupid. Not mcDonalds fault. Anyways. KFC You suck.
Every time I eat there, I get spicy diarrhea, you also could get food poisoning from there, this is an awful fast food restaurant
Death in each box! Please just fry your own chicken instead of eating at this horrid place.
Kfc is terrible, the chicken is disgusting the frys are soggy and all droopy and after I tried it I puked like a half hour later.
[Newest]KFC stands for Kids Fattening Center

5Burger King
ALWAYS get your order wrong. One time, I ordered a plain hambuger with nothing on it, and they give me everything imaginable.
I got a whopper and when I started eating it there was hair in the meat patty it was disgusting. But I do like the BK stackers they taste pretty good I guess but its just the whoppers that are nasty.
The only thing good about Burger King is the breakfast, but that's it. Their french fries are not as good as in the 80's ^^ 90's, so much filth put in their burger and sandwiches, and low quality food, especially for fast food standards. If only Burger King could sell breakfast 24/7, they would perhaps be better, but till then I don't set foot in that darn place after 100 am when the breakfast is closed
[Newest]Bad food poisoning from here. Avoid
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6Domino's Pizza
Crust tastes like cardboard and the sauce is bland, just sucks, they shouldn't have ever changed their food, it's just disgusting now!
They always treat female customers better than the male customers. I mean, really? Not fair. I ordered a margarita pizza and I saw them get dough that was in the oven for a long time and some 3-weeks past expiry cheese. Above that, they don't even listen to your order and hide the ingredients up their nostrils
Very little toppings, no flavor sauce, chewy doe

If you think its bad, you went to the wrong arbys! I love arbys its the best if you disagree, try their vanilla milkshakes! I had one today it was so thick my huge tonsils I couldn't feel them! You need to get the right arbys and see its good mood food! Seriously : )
It maybe freshly sliced but I don't think the processed meat is fresh. Hate there fries also.
I'm not thinking Arby's. It's Bad Mood Food. It's so bad South Park made fun of it.
[Newest]Arby's food isn't that bad, but I went once with my grandfather and we saw the manager chasing a rat in the dining area.

8White Castle
Gross. Not sure if it was even real food!
Couldn't finish my 4 tiny sliders cause it was so disgusting!
Tried it once. I had high expectations, isn't this what everyone says they crave, like Harold and Kumar? I was very let down. Over processed crap. They call that meat? Disappointed for sure.
Eat this stuff and you'll be sweating it for a week...
[Newest]The food tastes SO GOOD but I always get explosive Diarrhea after eating there...

9Pizza Hut
Salads went downhill, use to be lovely. Staff will not even get us what we ordered or they are just very slow.
Wait a minute! How is 41% of this is also on the top ten greatest list?
Pizza Hut makes their sauce from nasty tap water and is stirred by the employees dirty hands with no gloves. Pizza hut should be number one!

At least Hardees makes there burgers and sandwiches out of REAL food!
I haven't had anything better than Hardee's but Burger King. Don't know why it is here. Fries are better than Arby's and Jack in the Box's curly fries.


I was just wondering about the fat grams in a thick burger. How healthy is it.
[Newest]The smoothies there I do not like

The Contenders

11Carl's Jr.
For the prices they charge for a good burger, don't waste your money. You're better off paying a couple of bucks more to eat at the Red Robin to get a REAL burger that's fresh off a real grill.
I got food poisoning from eating here.

12Dunkin Donuts
Is the #1worst place to work..

I myself was fired because I voiced my opinion in the
Following incident. I was cleaning floors when I overheard the franchise manor using the f word repeatedly when yelling loudly to the day shift girls.
I listened in and found out he was mad because the girls were using plastic baggies to put their tips in..
I, knowing the bags cost about $10.00 per 10,000
Offered to buy a case and the girls could use them..
Needless to say I was told to "f****** punch out and get out" which I did..

Remember these girls are paid rock bottom on the pay scale, worked 6 hours a day 6 days a week so they don't get over time or benefits, plus this helps to stop them from finding better jobs,
But, when you look at the wealth of these franchise owners, you can't believe they would keep their employees from having a half way decent life..

Some of these franchise owners are treating their help the exact same way people were being treated before the unions started. It seems that they can never make enough profit.. And they will never give credit to those who are working their asses off smiling trying to please the customer.. Some stores will let the accept tips most don't.. They even go up on the prices if they see tipping going up.. CAN YOU IMAGINE. And the labor boards are useless, after all they have good jobs
From personal experience, I do not suggest working here. Unless you want to be disrespected. (Long story short).
I herd a guy who used to work there confess something he would not order.

13El Pollo Loco
Yucky greasy and expensive... Oh, and bland

14Little Chef
All it is is fried rubber made to look like food. It's inedible and probably toxic; do NOT eat it!
Did you mean Little Robber?


15Fat Burger
... I have never heard of this place but why the Hell would you name your eatery "FAT BURGER? " that even sounds unappetizing.
I swear, these people can never seem to get my order correct.
Who would add the word "fat" in a restaurant name?

16Chester's Chicken
As bad if not worse than kfc!
Makes me really gassy

I think blimpie has a lot of calories I heard that it is not healthy than subway or quiznos veggietarin is 890 calories gross

Eating at checker ishealthy at all the place is small for one the employees can't move around I love their fryes but they recook them at order I know it is unclean I have ordered I chicken sandwich and it was cold in the middle nasty

19Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Are you serious? Five guys is the only restaurant that has legit never gotten my order wrong. I go to the one near my house with my friends all the time, and we never get wrong orders. The burgers taste awesome, and its real meat, because they grill it right in front of you, so its legit. Five Gus shouldn't even be on this list.
It may be unhealthy, but it tastes so good. I only eat there maybe once every four months.
Are you kidding? I love this place!

The burgers there are just oil! The buns were drippy with grease and my meat gave my friend a stomach ache
Ugly burger? Who wants to eat an ugly burger?

Jolibee is really god

22Heart Attack Grill
Why would people even go to a place with the word "Heart Attack" in it?
People run the risk of dying there


How much people died eating at this place hm?
[Newest]Death at every bite

Ugh I hate it is just plain garbage
They have too much bread on the berger and the meat is cold yuck

24Dairy Queen
love the ice cream but the food is TERRIBLE. they should have stayed just an ice cream joint
The ice cream is really good, but the food is nasty look up the chili dogs on google images
It's disgusting, Dunkin Donuts shouldn't be on this list, Dairy Queen is far worse.
[Newest]LOVE the ice cream never tasted the food though

25Pollo Tropical

26The Wieners Circle

I love it heir is the best place I have ever been to if you never tried it you have not lived yet if you don't like it then something is wrong with you and need to see a doc. Asap

28Long John Silver's
Nasty hush puppies don't understand how anyone can eat their
Want your cholesterol to go up? Then slobber on the many fried fish at LJS. No seriously, their fish planks are awful.
And to believe they have this in Florida...
[Newest]I actually enjoy this place.


29Little Caesars
Your all wrong this is the best pizza ever
My friends dad owns 3 of these and hey are the best
Dude. Little Caesars is legit ;) It's the best place to eat pizza. Y'all just hating. The sauce is so yummy, especially the bread sticks with any spices you want.

I have Never Eaten Here But Is This Resturant In Florida In Florida Named After The Disney Bear? Is This A Resturant In EPCOT

31Raising Cane's
The chicken was very dry, there were flies everywhere, and the food was very salty. The Texas Toast was very dry, so thank you very much Raising Cane's for giving me a bad experience, so I will go to Chick-fil-A, which is awesome.
To the comment above, Raising Cane's is delicious and far better than Chick- Fil-A because the owner of raising canes is not a homophobic douchebag.

32Wing Stop

33Wing Kingdom
Best food in the park
It exists on regular show and is the reason why muscle man is so fat
Come on, Fives. Let's go to Wing Kingdom.

I got a burger and instead of ketchup there was barbecue sauce on it ( I was going to gulf shores, Alabama and we went there for lunch0 and the cheeseburger had no cheese

35Papa John's
Papa's is one of the best pizzas around. Tasty ingredients and with the garlic butter dip I'll eat their crust which is soft and has good chew. One of the fastest deliveries around.
I cannot believe this is not even near the top. It is HORRIBLE. Our school orders Papa John's pizza every Friday and the last time they did, seven kids got food poisoning (thank goodness I wasn't one of them. ) I'd strongly recommend not eating their pizza.
Worst Pizza I have ever had. Crust was like cardboard. Never again. I thought Pizza Put was bad (and they are) but PJohn takes the cake.
[Newest]I've had this only like 1-2 times. Gross both times.

Compared to real teriyaki, Yoshinoya tastes bland. No flavor

When I was 5 or 6 years old, I ate a turkey sandwich there and the turkey tasted like raw meat. Also because the bread...

38Fat Bastard Burrito Co.
What kind of restaurant would put a bad word in their name?
I can't stand it. It's disgusting.
Is this a real place?


40Wok Box
Disgusting! The dumplings taste like kerosene!
People can eat this? They must have no taste buds
Worst place I've ever been to


42Popeye's chicken
WHAT the HEL?! Popeyes is the best fried chicken place ever!


Popeye's Chicken is 20 times better than KFC.
There chicken is duck. End of the story.
[Newest]This place is so good!

43Waffle House
Food is packed in grease, Smoking locations have very bad atmosphere, and most Waffle Houses do not have good service at all. They normally have boring decor, and the employee appearance is normally not that good.
This place is disgusting. Don't get me wrong- I LOVE the food, but every single waffle house I've been to has been a dump. There's dirt and syrup everywhere, so much that I could barely eat my waffle. Ugh.


Really bad for you

46Smoothie King
Smoothie King is one of my favorite places to go! There smoothies taste AMAZING and the work staff is great!

I'm shocked this is not at the very top! It is completely overpriced and the food is disgustingly greasy - even more greasy than top ten!
I seen this one Sonics and they leave their burger patties still on the grill when they are done, instead of putting them in a warmer. This only allows more grease to be soaked into the patties.
Good food, but good GOD do they mess their orders up

48Red Rooster
The lobster was over cooked and grease did not in joy my self

49Skyline Chili
ITs just a pimp


51Captain D's
Full of unhealthy fish options with high levels of mercury. Deep fried in obscene amounts of trans fats. Even the low fat broiled items are smothered in faux butter that is high in calories and unhealthy preservatives. A 2 piece fish dinner with fries and slaw tops the charts with a total calorie count of 2,300 (3,000 if you add a large soda or sugary sweet tea). Absolutely disgusting.

52In-N-Out Burger
Why the worst? Because of their refusal to come east. I would LOVE to try In-N-Out but I haven't been where they have them in quite some time.
You guys are stupid in and out burger has the best milk shakes
In-N-Out Burger shouldn't be on this list. They are one of the FEW real hamburger places left in existence.
[Newest]Sucks that they don't have it in Washington, it's my favorite fast food place

53Pizza 73
Don't know what is it. Newermind, I vote it to bring Subway lower on the list

Why is Zaxbys on this list? Time to track down the person who put this here!
Zaxbys has good food but the drinks are garbage and so is the location.
Zaxby's chicken made me poop out my internal organs!

55Hibachi San

56Chipotle Mexican Grill
I love chipotle they have fresh ingredients and good drinks
My first and last visit... Nothing authentic to having pre made stuff in an tortilla. It was lukewarm when we sat down to eat and it was expensive. Lesson learned.
I love Chipotle best food, organic, and doesn't make people obese and doesn't give you norovirus or food poisoning like mcdonalds. My whole family loves chipotle and its worth the price.
[Newest]There orders are to big my dad order a burrito and it was literally as big as his head

57Hot Dog On a Stick
If anyone is trying to look for this place go to LA county fair
There lemonade tastes like hot dogs and hot dogs taste like lemonade

I used to work here. Terrible, terrible, terrible! I ate their burger once while on break and my stomach hurt so bad afterwards I wanted to throw up and I felt sweaty and dizzy. I told my boyfriend and brother, they didn't believe me until they split a burger and neither of them could finish it, it was so gross and they felt sick too. Really nobody goes there for the food, most just go for the custard, which, honestly, I don't get why people make a big deal about it. I've had way better. Not to mention their management is ridiculous! If you ever go there (please don't) you'll know what I'm talking about. Between here, jack in the box ( where I also worked, and some disgusting things went on there) and mcdonalds I don't know which is worse. They should all be tied.

59Thai Heaven
What is up lately their chicken is too hard and the mango and sticky rice don't taste as good as homemade obviously


60Yogi's Grill

61Jimmy John's
The man who owns jimmy johns hunts endangered animals like bangel tigers and kills them for his hobby. Google it. Lots of images of him with dead animals. Why would anyone give money to him to buy more guns. Horrible person he is. Want him to die just like the chick fa lay idiot.
That stuff is terrible!
That's not cool at all

I remember the first time I went to an A&W, It was 3 years ago, I ordered a chubby chicken burger with extra mayo and that was all but when they gave me my food I ended up getting a Uncle burger, So I went to the cashier just telling them that calmly that they gave me the wrong burger and I showed them my receipt and asked them to just give me my right burger but what ended up happening was she not only did not give me my burger she ended up charging me for the uncle burger! So I paid an extra $20 dollars and once I finally got my food it was cold and tasted like cardboard. I thought to myself that this was just probably a bad A&W so I decided to try another one Two months later when I took a Vacation to California. At least this time when I ordered it was the right order and was warm, unfortunately I had gotten my hopes to high because when I took a bite of my chubby chicken burger I almost was risked with food poisoning because in the burger there was fungus in the burger (Thank god for my ability to spit out food)! At that I was almost through with A&W but One year later I went to an A&W in Winnipeg and swear even compared to the service I had received in all the other places this one took the cake. I had ordered a root beer float with chicken nuggets (Quite frankly I was through with chubby chickens), The first things that occurred was with the cashier he was turned around and chatting away with co-workers, it took me five minutes to get his attention and when he did turn around it wasn't sorry sir or anything like that his exact words were "What the hell do want" no at that point I was upset but I let go and he then took my order (which took teen minutes and he attempted too charge me $300! ) when he gave the food to me was literally in it's pool of oil and the root beer float was was just a water black substance with melted cream I should this to a staff member and he told me "Why don't you f****** go sit down and eat your food you whining son of a b****" at that point I was so angry that I threw the food in his face and smashed the glass cup and left. I know that it was a little too extreme of an action but I have had just enough, I never again stepped foot in an A&W again in my life. It's true that what happened to me was just unlucky but I just don't feel like trying again when I could just walk in to another store and have actual good food services to me nicely. For anyone who plans to go to A&W I strongly suggest caution because take it from me there is a really good chance you could have the same experience as me.
Damn I voted for MacDonald's a while ago and still believe it deserves first place. But I am officially fed up with A&W. Ugh. My mom goes to the same A&W and orders the same thing for breakfast every time she goes there. Yet every damn time they get the order wrong! THE SAME ORDER AT THE SAME PLACE EVERY SINGLE TIME IS SCREWED UP. The employees don't know what the hell they are doing. Their breakfast sandwiches are always making me sick so I stopped eating them altogether. Plus they tasted gross. I am a big ice tea fan but seriously theirs is the worst. Ever since I stopped eating their breakfast sandwiches, if we ever go for breakfast I just order 2 hamburgers since they sell hamburgers all day. One time I ordered 2 hamburgers as usual, and they wanted me to wait 12 minutes -.- then, as I ate the first one, I felt something hard while I was chewing. I tried locating it without being a pig (we were eating in public) but couldn't find it so I just decided it was just some hard meat or something. Then, as I was eating my second burger, I discovered another hard crunchy piece. I managed to pull it out this time and discovered it was a dry piece of egg. I nearly puked. That there just proves that they never clean their grill. I was so disgusted I didn't even finish my burger, just threw it away. That is the last time I EVER eat there. I am traumatized and disgusted by their sloppiness an lack of cleanliness. I realize that this bad luck only happened at this A&W in particular, but I am so traumatized that I can't eat at any A&W


I love this place

64Chicken Express
Their chicken is too damn greasy and the sweet tea has too much sugar that it'll give me cavities.
All there menu is chicken related all the drinks are terible

65Wing Street


67White Spot

68Del Taco
The taco meat is slimy and you can't chew it because it automatically runs down your throat. It's disgusting.

MY GOD thank yo paisano's pizza. you saved me from this stupid place. the sauce tastes stingy, the cheese is bad, id rather eat slugs than eat here

70Steak 'n Shake
So bland. Always looks like a dump and the foods the same
Worst food I have ever tasted in my life
This food is no bad it's horrible it's food it's soggy all I really like are there milkshakes


Eat at the same whataburger a couple time a month to where they know what I'm going to order. Burgers are good if I don't eat them to often. the fries kind of went down hill. it's rare when the fries are actually good. The service I get is actually good there. This is the Whataburger on the corner of Trowbridge, Montana and Pisano.
They mess up your burgers every time

73New York Fries

74Nathan's Famous

75Elevation Burger
Atchuly I have never been here but my dad has and they gave him bad serves and almost got his order wrong this place should be number 1

76Brick's Pizza
Berdsticks even smell bad taste bad feel bad look bad now wander they only deist in vragina

77Tim Hortons
It is got to be #1 on a new list!

78Drew's Pizza
Worst food in town never visit this horrible place

79Booster Juice
It has a ton of sugar in this fast food place! ICK!

80Jersey Mike's
I think y'all are cray cray Jersey mikes is truly amazing

It rocks
THis place has the worst subs ever, even worse than Quiznos!


81Coney Grill
SO DISGUSTING. I went there last year and was really dissapointed.

82Dog House


84Round Table Pizza
Their pizza prices are insane and the price of beer? Amazing how their prices have CREPT up over the years. Make sure you have enough cash on hand.
This place was good

85Hot 'n Now

86Krispy Kreme
Who in the world put this hear :(

87Jamba Juice
I love there spinach kale pineapple smoothie.


88Cici's pizza

89Toppers Pizza
Absolutley discusting. The crust taste like rolled up paper, The pepporonis are undercooked and the cheese looks like it's moldy! All the cheese just falls off the pizza the second you bite into it and it's not even real! The tomato sauce tastes like old ketchup. And the entire pizza goes bad if you don't eat it in 4 minutes! We still have this at school too... It's just no. Do not go here for pizza. One time I ate it and threw up 4 hours later. Just please don't go here.

90El Fenix
Disgusting food and bad service

91Panera Bread
Almost everything comes frozen and is just heated up! Even the pasta and sandwiches! And the pastries! Seems like the fresh ingredients they show in the commercials are just a lie!

I just woke up to a bag of Wendy's for dinner. I hadn't had Wendy's in months and I was not really wanting it considering I recently decided I'm done with places like these for a very long time if not forever. My unbiased verdict: The Frosty was good as always, the burgers tasted like they had mustard or pickles on them, they tasted more like a meat sandwich than a burger, the cheese was awful tasting, the meat had no taste and felt gross to bite into, I took one look at the spicy chicken nuggets and knew I'd hate them, they tasted like processed chicken in a fake breading of spices that don't bother even the most sensitive of eaters, the meal in all was just enough to make me feel like I am going to barf. I regret even falling asleep now, for had I not I could've prevented this horrific event from taking place.
Geez... How much thinner does the chicken in the chicken sandwich really need to be be? I used to LOVE their chicken sandwiches when I was a kid. They were hands-down the best around--very thick, juicy and succulent. Over the years, they have made them thinner and thinner. They are now basically just crumbs of batter held together with a thin layer of 'pretend' meat. It's pretty disgusting. Wendy's ignorance of quality has actually helped to give rise to Chick-fil-A as a viable competitor in the industry. Chick-fil-A used to only be in shopping malls; now they are everywhere. I've never thought there chicken sandwiches were as good as Wendy's used to be, but they are much better than the crap Wendy's is trying to sell now.
I went there and there was a bug on my salad. Not to mention, the dressing was horrific and the salad literally made me barf. The only good thing there are the frosties and apparently the burgers are a disgrace. They could ask me to act for a commercial to promote Wendy's and I wouldn't even do it for a million dollars. It's truly repugnant.
[Newest]THIS PLACE is a disgrace to humanity

What the heck I love chick fol a


Dunno what the crap is wrong with you guys.😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Chick fil a is the best. Only fast food That I am completely comfortable with.
What the HECK! I really love Chick-Fil-A get this off the list!
[Newest]Eat somewhere else. Such a letdown this place is
Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate... Gosh, what is wrong with you people? Chicken is the BEST EVER and their breakfast and fries are my all time favorite




96Panda Express
I love it! I love the taste and think that nothing is wrong! They do serve big meals though. I find myself throwing away the food! :(
Panda express give way too big servings and I have to throw it away ALL of the time! They also charge you WAY too much! :(
We go to Panda Express regularly. The food is very good. Large portions too.

Probably one of the healthiest fast food restaurants out there, don't know why people are trying to put this on their list.
Why is this on the list?!
Should not be on this list.
[Newest]At least, subway is fresh and good, unlike Mcdonalds or KFC


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