Worst Female Celebrity Names


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1Lady Gaga

You realise it's a stage name...

Worst name and worst singer

2Miranda Kerr

Not so Kerr-ious about her name, even her last name hurts my throat.

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3Reese Witherspoon

A reese's cup with a wither-like spoon? That's almost the same, but why change it to a different last name?

Instead of making it sound like Rezzie it should sound like Reese With A Spoon - willowtimes

4Megan Fox

Yeah right, her name sounds just fine! Whoever made this list must be drunk!


She is evil! Don't trust her! She killed that police dog! - meows

I actually like the name - PatrickStar

6Alexis Bledel
7Gisele Bundchen
8Heidi Klum
9Kate Bosworth
10Ashley Tisdale

What's wrong with this name? I've only seen her on like, two things though... - RockFashionista

The Contenders

12AnnaLynne McCord
13Jennifer Aniston
14Christina Aguilera
15Courteney Cox
16Demi Lovato
17Mariah Carey
19Sarah Jessica Parker

What? What's wrong with her name? I think it sounds beautiful! There is absolutley nothing wrong with it. - RockFashionista

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