Worst Female Celebrity Names


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The Top Ten

Lady Gaga
You realise it's a stage name...
Worst name and worst singer

2Miranda Kerr
Gorgeous person but honey, your name just ain't right
Not so Kerr-ious about her name, even her last name hurts my throat.

3Reese Witherspoon
A reese's cup with a wither-like spoon? That's almost the same, but why change it to a different last name?
Instead of making it sound like Rezzie it should sound like Reese With A Spoon


4Megan Fox
Yeah right, her name sounds just fine! Whoever made this list must be drunk!

She is evil! Don't trust her! She killed that police dog!


I actually like the name


6Alexis Bledel

7Gisele Bundchen

8Heidi Klum

9Kate Bosworth

10Ashley Tisdale
What's wrong with this name? I've only seen her on like, two things though...


The Contenders


12AnnaLynne McCord

13Jennifer Aniston

14Christina Aguilera

15Courteney Cox

16Demi Lovato

17Mariah Carey


19Sarah Jessica Parker
What? What's wrong with her name? I think it sounds beautiful! There is absolutley nothing wrong with it.


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