Worst Female Singers of All Time

You know their are great female singers but then their are some aweful ones. Let's expose these ladies.

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1Nicki Minaj

Why is she down here?
Her voice (live), her videos, and her face are all nasty as hell!
She shoudn't even be on a commercial or magazine

No duh shes the worst female singer. Horrible! She didn't get in the bizz based on talent that's for sure. She only got in cause shes got a huge chest and huge behind. Her videos are disturbing and disgusting, her voice is auto tuned, and even then it sounds horrible. She can't rap. She ENJOYS being treated like a sex toy, and really wants to be a sex toy. Gives women a terrible name. In every video she is constantly half naked or ready to have sex. I'd like to see her wear normal clothes for once. Her facial expressions are creepy as hell, and her lyrics are pointless and stupid. Whenever she makes her voice go really high or really low, it just freaks me out. She has no respect for her body and thinks shes all that. Why is she judging american idol when she can't sing? Her fake looks are what got her here, nothing more. She is destroying womens reputation and music - dragonfly99


Continuing my comment I accidentally didn't finish and ended up with "and" sorry about that, though nicki could of been more successful and get less hate if she did more music like she did in 2010 and 2011 and not the gross songs she makes today.

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2Miley Cyrus

She is just a really bad actor/singer/celebrity... Pointless plots and bad music videos (don't do a fisheye lens and a pouty eyes closed thing (7 things), it looks awful). Even Rebecca Black is in some ways better.

Her speaking voice is like nails on a chalkboard... And she always has the same dumb expression on her face.

When she still young, she looks fine and nothing bad. But then, she became a disgusting, awful and the worst singer in my opinion. What made her into this? I don't know! This should be number 1 of the worst female singers! I swear this singer have no point on what is she did to herself, her voice and her expressing emotion! Her hair, her face, her personality disgusted me enough. So throw your fame away, Miley. - TheRegular1227

I loved the old Miley and her songs but now she has degraded herself.

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3Rebecca Black

God! Who told her she has talent? She seriously has no brain and her music can KILL someone! My mom had a heart attack when she heard her song 'friday'
WHO FLIPPING CARES ABOUT FRIDAY? It comes every week... Stop acting like its the last friday of you stinking, useless life rebecca...

She can sing, however, her song friday sucks balls. and she was already a great singer until she auto tuned her whole song friday

I hear she got bullied out of school after making Friday... Now her only friend is auto tune. FOREVER ALONE...

You should try a lot harder and why are not in first place? Because just because your father and mother had a lot of money that you got to make a lot music. Well if that chance I would have been a billionaire by now.

Should Be Number 1

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4Selena Gomez

I personally think Selena is a real person. She has worked so hard to get to the position she is in now. However, she is a grown woman now and we can see through her music, her movies and her physical presentation how much she has matured. Now aside from Selena, I personally admire singers that write their own lyrics, and I know Selena has written a small number of her songs... But I found the lyrics she sings contradictory to one another.

Take Who Says for example. This song has meaningful lyrics: you are beautiful.

"You may be insecure.
To me I wasn't good enough
But who are you to judge
When you're a diamond in the rough. "

But sadly, she sings Bang Bang Bang which lyrics include:

"My new boy use to be a model
He looks way better than you
He looks way better than you do"

Shallow much? And the rest of the lyrics is trash talking this boy and downsizing him to another boy. I get it. Maybe she has been cheated on. I feel you. You want him to feel miserable about his mistake. But really? You just said everyone was beautiful and perfect. This song is Selena trashing the boy as opposed to the other way around. Don't you just hate when the lyrics didn't come from a singers heart.

About her actual singing skills. Her vocal skill is not expert level and her range is not wide. A couple of her songs, notably Come and Get It, are auto tuned.

Come on its just a song about nick jonas, personally I love both of them and I really like that song because it just fun and it has a good rhythm I don't really like the lyrics to be honest but you can't say she is a trash singer come on just listen to the heart wants what it wants and then come back and vote again

Okay, so let me begin by saying that you should judge a singer by their live ability since in studio anything can be done. Next, her live singing is terrible because she is not in tune, her voice does not even come close to some notes, she uses auto-tune live which is pathetic. She also falls into the category of another disney girl. Just to show I don't put everyone in this category, I do have to say the one and only person from disney who has talent and might possibly be one of the top 25 best female singers is demi lovato. After hearing her I was surprised at how good she was. I made me think twice about selena, but then I listened to her again and realized selena is even worst than I thought

First and foremost all of your opinions are nonsensical and I hate to bad talk individuals opinions. Selena Gomez is a phenomenal singer. You watch a few YouTube videos and you think you have it figured out? Watch Selena and the Scene sing Who Says Live Acoustic and then have the audacity to tell me she cannot sing. Watch her fan interview on the set of Another Cinderella Story where she sings, no music, no wires, no anything and tell me she sucks. I agree she is NOT the BEST singer, but she openly admits that in a good percent of her interviews. She knows how to work her voice. She has awesome feel good music, and I'm loving that she has started to branch out and changed her audience to more young women then young girls. Keep in mind Selena has been in the business since she was 9. She wasn't Ashley Tisdale, Miranda Cosgrove, Ariana Grande who started as ACTORS and once Disney pulled the plug became singers. Selena started as an actress of Wizards of Waverly Place yet sang the theme song for the show as well as for Shake it Up. She is also a phenomenal actress. Her net worth is well below her competitions but her popularity stems from her world wide fan base. "Selenators" are among one of the LARGEST fan base of our time. To belittle her by saying she "uses" male celebs to further progress her stardom truly makes me laugh. The guys she has dated have been in her life for longer than most of us have known any of our significant others. She grew up with them, she kept it in the business I'm sure so each other know first hand what they go through. If you date a kid in your Chemistry class are you using him to get a good grade? The logic is bogus and completely irrational. I believe full heartedly Selena Gomez is one of the greatest idols of our time. She is the youngest person to ever become president of UNICEF, she volunteers in an assortment of different causes, she's family oriented, and truly down to earth. If she "fakes" her entire personality, then so be it. We should still be crediting her for how well she pulls it off. Do we not remember where Miley Cyrus is today? Rubbing foam fingers across herself and making songs about being in the club, high off perks, with some shades on? All I'm saying is if you want to speak of your opinion, that is your right. But at least do yourself the favor of crediting your sources and depicting whether or not your opinion even contains any accuracy

STOP HATING everyone hates on her because of Bieber and that's the only reason. SO WHAT IF SHE DATED HIM? You might not agree with it but he wasn't that bad back then. The point was that he didn't change her at all and she remained the sweet, kind, amazing Selena that she always was. For all those saying she can't sing, listen to her cover of Mama Do! She is actually incredible! And has the most adorable sweet voice ever. Also listen to her singing 'Hit me Baby one more time' with Ashley Benson! She's crazy good!

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5Taylor Swift

Taylor is a terrible singer and person. She is better than rebecca black, but all she does is put the same color lipstick on every day and curl iron her hair, Like someone said. Her songs are babyish and only appeal towards little girls and their family. She has a very weak vocal range too, according to a chart, only topping Luke Bryan. Her voice is nasally, which can be a good thing for SOME singers, like Leann Rimes, Celine Dion and Martina McBride. It makes me want to deject all my food like its poison just when a three minute song comes on the radio that she writes. They say she's sweet just because she whines like an attention seeking baby to all of her brainwashed fans that one of the 1700 men she has dated forgot her puppy's last name and bashes them. Being pretty does not make you a good singer. Adele, for example, may not have much physical beauty, but she's talented and truly gorgeous with a phenomenal voice. I wish you were still alive, Whitney, I pray for you and your family everyday.

Look taylor swift is my favorite singer I may not be able to relate to her music but I enjoy it and just because she writes about the awful or good men in her life that does not mean she is a bad singer

Why taylor Swift is great...
1. Will make more money than you will ever have
2. The only star out there that has not gone crazy yet.
3. Inspiring and has real meaning and messages behind her songs
4. Friendly
5. Prettier than you'll ever be.
6 better singer than you'll ever be!

1. You can't guarantee that who knows? And plenty of others have more money than her.
2. What about Dee Snider, James Hetfield, Barack Obama, Lars Ulrich, Corey Taylor, and plenty of others?
4. What about Metallica, Twisted Sister, Queen, The Beatles, Iron Maiden, and thousands more?
5. That's quite offensive--And how would you even know? Besides that, beauty doesn't make talent. Hard work, effort, and determination does.
6. You may never know, many have raised to the top--who were once all just ordinary people. Look at Elvis Presley for example.

I believe that your argument is irrelevant and biased, and therefore denied. - LostDream258

Racist, sexist homophobic trash

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6Lady Gaga

Dear people who are calling her a fraud,
She lipsings, but her songs are hers. I bet that your favorite singers (like that Macklemore crap) lipsing too.

Dear people who are calling her weird,
She's herself and she's not gonna change just because someone told her to! I respect that! Her style is her own. She wants to die an original. Lady Gaga stands out in a crowd and isn't afraid to be herself.

Lady Gaga is probably one of the MOST original artists that have walked this planet. She CAN sing and she's not afraid to sing what SHE believes, not what the entire world thinks.

For the sake of humanity, please people, take a brief moment of reflection about what you think of this woman. Do you really think that she is original in the world of music (industry)? Has she created a new style or even had any influence over any other (real) artist? I really doubt it, since she still does the same pop standard as everyone else out there. I heard some of her new jazz stuff, and it was decent, even good compared to what she had previosly done, I can give you that. But she is not that talented, wake up. She might have a good voice, nothing from another world, there are (and there were) MUCH better ones at different styles of music. So talking about the music she sells, it fits the pop average quality (which is actually quite low). Not to mention her lyrics, they are so dull and dumb (Just Dance, telephone, applause, highway unicorn and I can keep on mentioning) only refering sexual themes, drugs, popularity and otrher silly teenage thoughts.

I can't hate her music (actually, any kind of music), only say that its quite undistinguished, no more than catchy. But what I do hate about her is her public attitude, so silly and artificial, as her desperate attention calling attempts. That's nothing to be with art, that's marketing, and its far away from being called originality.

Sorry for my possible English mistakes, I'm from South America.

Her fashion sense gives me the creeps and her song downright annoying..

Not all of her songs suck

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I seriously can't see why Kesha isn't in the top ten.

Horrible autotune singing! Songs just about drugs, sex and partying!

Seriously, she's just horrible!

Hands down the most relentlessly untalented woman is music, her songs are nothing but spoken word auto-tuned to sound "good" if you really can call it that. She's another example of what happens when white trash gets money.

Good rhythm to her songs but they are only about sex partying and drugs mainly things no one is looking forward to

Why is Kesha on the list she is one of the few pop stars left that actually has talent

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8Brtiney Spears

I laugh at when people on facebook, twitter or youtube compete this fat fake voiced skank against Divas like christina aguilera, whitney houston, mariah carey etc saying britney doesn't autotune and she doesn't lip sync. I need to tell you blind geeks to go to specsavers and get glasses, maybe also a hearing aid. SHE IS THE CREATOR OF AUTO TUNE AND LIP SYNC!

Yuck. She can't sing for crap. It's all voice editing for her.

She had weird toddler kind of voice when she sang, today she is just overproduced machine autotune kind of voice mixed with dental drill. She never sings live and Thank God for that. In my opinion one of the worst female "singers" ever.

I just hate her -_-

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It really annoys me how mediocre singers like Rihanna are so successful because they use auto tune and dance around naked in their videos. It's never about the love of music for Rihanna it's always what outrageous thing can I do so I can get even more publicity and make more money. (i.E. S&M by being banned in 5 countries she got huge amounts of publicity and the song was very successful)

I hate this drug-addict singer and she's lip-sinking! Her hair look road-killed and she wears skimpy outfits! She ruins every video especially the ones that her and Eminem created called, "Love the Way You Lie"! Megan Fox, I love you but stay away from Rihanna!

This girl can't sing live, she sing nasal and sing half of her songs and get tired easily... You call that a singer? Lmfao, if she wasn't pretty no one would care about her! Hoe-rrible!

Why is Rihanna on here? Yes her songs downgraded a TON but shes not the worst ever

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10Iggy Azalea

Put Iggy Azalea above Kesha and Nicki Minaj! She is worse than the two of them combine. At least Kesha and Nicki Minaj show that they have some talent and skill and are both wicked hot. BUT IGGY AZALEA HAS NO FLOW AND SHE IS SO FAKE WITH HER ACCENT AND SHE'S UGLY. Even with auto tune that Kesha and Nicki Minaj use they still sound more realistic than Iggy. Also Kesha has way better lyrics and doesn't write about the same thing over and over again, Nicki Minaj's songs sound the same, but in a way they work plus she's a way better freestyler than Iggy, Iggy is one of the worst freestylers I have ever heard. ALL OF IGGY AZALEA'S SONGS SOUND THE SAME! THEY'RE ALL ABOUT HOW GANGSTA SHE THINKS SHE IS WHEN IN REALITY SHE ISN'T! I have never seen a female musician as fake is Iggy Azalea. She is also even worse than Rebecca Black and Miley Cyrus, I didn't think that was possible to be worse than Rebecca and Miley, but Iggy actually managed to pull it off, Well Done!

She's worse than Nicky Minaj she wants to be black so bad. I mean have you heard her freestyle

She wants to be black, can't rap, and needs to keep her ass to herself.

Piggy Australia should be N.1 on this list shame on all of you

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11Meghan Trainor

Her message is good. You are perfect, no matter what your weight is but she uses curse words and criticizes skinny people. Some people can help it if they are skinny. Some people can't help it if they aren't. But you don't need to go around cursing at skinny people!

These female on the List are horrible

Taylor swift is worse than her but can't stand meghan

I hate this woman with a burning passion. I'm definitely not all about that bass, thank you very much. - RiverClanRocks

She's nothing but a hypocrite! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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12Ariana Grande

I'm a Mariah fan, but I will defend Ariana and say that she is a really good singer. Ariana is actually talented and sweet. She's not a terrible singer so she shouldn't even be on this list.

WHY is Ariana Grande lower than Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Mariah Carrey? Ariana copies Taylor's style and Selena's video. She also have the same voice as Mariah Carrey. People only like her because of her singing, but she is so rude toward Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez WITHOUT any reasons. She and Selena (who is number 4 on the list because of Arianators and Beliebers) should switch places

Ariana is a very good singer but she does have fans that are 20 191817 I am ten and has heard every one of her with my friends listening to her song all the time she is talented and everybody has their own opinions and I really like her - Neolion

She's neither a terrible singer nor great singer, just near to bad. She can hits high note well, yet pronounces words like she's slurring in every lines. - TheRegular1227

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13Katy Perry

What the hell is Katy Perry doing on this list?!? She writes her own lyrics and they're very inspiring!

Katy perry I love you

Excuse me Hello anybody home Why is katy on this list I mean she's the best singer I ever heard wake up people she's beautiful firework is the best song I ever heard I like wide awake and roar as well what are you all thinking

Best singer? Listen to Elton John, Billy Joel, Coldplay, Queen, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Beatles, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, or Jackie Evancho, then come back and see if she's the best. - okcnaline

But seriously? Katy great he is inspiring why is she on here this is crap

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14Cher Lloyd

Really she was the worst thing to come out of the UK X factor she can't sing just terrible a prime example of our stupid generation.

Cher Lloyd can definitely sing.

Well she's ok but like seriously her voice sounds terrible

I hate Cher Lloyd with a passion! She can't sing at all

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15Carly Rae Jepsen

Honestly.. FOR ME she's too bad

Please breathe between the singing...

Why is she here I love her

Carly, you better be an actress YouTube. If you want become a singer, you should learn singing again! Okay?

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16Demi Lovato


Demi location and Taylor swift are alright but selena Gomez ant sing for s! %#

Demi Lovato is a great singer! I don't know what's wrong with her, but she shouldn't be on this list

What's she doing on the list? I love Demi! She's so sweet and real and she's got some good pipes.

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Really nasty horrible voice which occasionally wobbles up in a really irritating way. Her hair looks less like a sun-drenched beach and more like a frazzled worn out mop. And having a six-pack and wiggling everything around is not a musical quality.

Horrible voice and ordinary looking.

Shakira is an amazing singer and she's very inspiring.

Worst voice I've ever heard, for pete's sake Shakira can't sing.

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Yeah, Tulisa sucks, but why isn't Becky G on this list? She thinks she can rap and dance... No... and she also does that stupid squeaky whiny thing and it's retarded.

She's bad! Very very very bad. - shinebrightlikeadiamond

19Lindsay Lohan

I don't wanna be mean about her because I've had grown up with her movies and I used to be a fan of her. That's why I'm so dissapointed, because I've been a fan of her. She has lost her talent and her dignity!

She ain't even a singer


I admire her self promotion talents but she can't sing. Very average voice, something you could hear at church or a school concert. Somehow she used her lack of talent to her advantage, like hey I'm so bad as.

Probably something you could not achieve and she made success of the talent she has. I her a soulful and angelic voice. I guess when you have no talent the best way is hide jealousy it to be a hater.

With Madonna, right from start, it was never about real talent. it was always marketing magic. the sound studios did for her what airbrushing does for cover models.

Thank god for a studio magic

Madonna is better than LOTS of singers, take her off this list

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