Worst Female Singers of All Time

You know their are great female singers but then their are some aweful ones. Let's expose these ladies. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Nicki Minaj
Why is she down here?
Her voice (live), her videos, and her face are all nasty as hell!
She shoudn't even be on a commercial or magazine
No duh shes the worst female singer. Horrible! She didn't get in the bizz based on talent that's for sure. She only got in cause shes got a huge chest and huge behind. Her videos are disturbing and disgusting, her voice is auto tuned, and even then it sounds horrible. She can't rap. She ENJOYS being treated like a sex toy, and really wants to be a sex toy. Gives women a terrible name. In every video she is constantly half naked or ready to have sex. I'd like to see her wear normal clothes for once. Her facial expressions are creepy as hell, and her lyrics are pointless and stupid. Whenever she makes her voice go really high or really low, it just freaks me out. She has no respect for her body and thinks shes all that. Why is she judging american idol when she can't sing? Her fake looks are what got her here, nothing more. She is destroying womens reputation and music


[Newest]She is so scary but I like some of her songs
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2Miley Cyrus
She is just a really bad actor/singer/celebrity... Pointless plots and bad music videos (don't do a fisheye lens and a pouty eyes closed thing (7 things), it looks awful). Even Rebecca Black is in some ways better.
Her speaking voice is like nails on a chalkboard... And she always has the same dumb expression on her face.
When she still young, she looks fine and nothing bad. But then, she became a disgusting, awful and the worst singer in my opinion. What made her into this? I don't know! This should be number 1 of the worst female singers! I swear this singer have no point on what is she did to herself, her voice and her expressing emotion! Her hair, her face, her personality disgusted me enough. So throw your fame away, Miley.


[Newest]What happened to her? She was sweet, innocent and kind and now I have no idea what the heck happened to her.

3Rebecca Black
God! Who told her she has talent? She seriously has no brain and her music can KILL someone! My mom had a heart attack when she heard her song 'friday'
WHO FLIPPING CARES ABOUT FRIDAY? It comes every week... Stop acting like its the last friday of you stinking, useless life rebecca...
She can sing, however, her song friday sucks balls. and she was already a great singer until she auto tuned her whole song friday
I hear she got bullied out of school after making Friday... Now her only friend is auto tune. FOREVER ALONE...
You should try a lot harder and why are not in first place? Because just because your father and mother had a lot of money that you got to make a lot music. Well if that chance I would have been a billionaire by now.
[Newest]Yeah Friday isn't a very good song, but if you've seen her Draw My Life, you'll know that she got bullied before that and when Friday came out it was fine for awhile until the bullying started again. Please stop giving her such a hard time, shes gone through hell and doesn't need to go back.

4Selena Gomez
I personally think Selena is a real person. She has worked so hard to get to the position she is in now. However, she is a grown woman now and we can see through her music, her movies and her physical presentation how much she has matured. Now aside from Selena, I personally admire singers that write their own lyrics, and I know Selena has written a small number of her songs... But I found the lyrics she sings contradictory to one another.

Take Who Says for example. This song has meaningful lyrics: you are beautiful.

"You may be insecure.
To me I wasn't good enough
But who are you to judge
When you're a diamond in the rough. "

But sadly, she sings Bang Bang Bang which lyrics include:

"My new boy use to be a model
He looks way better than you
He looks way better than you do"

Shallow much? And the rest of the lyrics is trash talking this boy and downsizing him to another boy. I get it. Maybe she has been cheated on. I feel you. You want him to feel miserable about his mistake. But really? You just said everyone was beautiful and perfect. This song is Selena trashing the boy as opposed to the other way around. Don't you just hate when the lyrics didn't come from a singers heart.

About her actual singing skills. Her vocal skill is not expert level and her range is not wide. A couple of her songs, notably Come and Get It, are auto tuned.
Come on its just a song about nick jonas, personally I love both of them and I really like that song because it just fun and it has a good rhythm I don't really like the lyrics to be honest but you can't say she is a trash singer come on just listen to the heart wants what it wants and then come back and vote again
Okay, so let me begin by saying that you should judge a singer by their live ability since in studio anything can be done. Next, her live singing is terrible because she is not in tune, her voice does not even come close to some notes, she uses auto-tune live which is pathetic. She also falls into the category of another disney girl. Just to show I don't put everyone in this category, I do have to say the one and only person from disney who has talent and might possibly be one of the top 25 best female singers is demi lovato. After hearing her I was surprised at how good she was. I made me think twice about selena, but then I listened to her again and realized selena is even worst than I thought
She can't sing live. She use autotune in her recording just to make her voice good. But she really can't sing.
[Newest]What why is she in this list
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5Taylor Swift
Why taylor Swift is great...
1. Will make more money than you will ever have
2. The only star out there that has not gone crazy yet.
3. Inspiring and has real meaning and messages behind her songs
4. Friendly
5. Prettier than you'll ever be.
6 better singer than you'll ever be!
Look taylor swift is my favorite singer I may not be able to relate to her music but I enjoy it and just because she writes about the awful or good men in her life that does not mean she is a bad singer
Taylor is a terrible singer and person. She is better than rebecca black, but all she does is put the same color lipstick on every day and curl iron her hair, Like someone said. Her songs are babyish and only appeal towards little girls and their family. She has a very weak vocal range too, according to a chart, only topping Luke Bryan. Her voice is nasally, which can be a good thing for SOME singers, like Leann Rimes, Celine Dion and Martina McBride. It makes me want to deject all my food like its poison just when a three minute song comes on the radio that she writes. They say she's sweet just because she whines like an attention seeking baby to all of her brainwashed fans that one of the 1700 men she has dated forgot her puppy's last name and bashes them. Being pretty does not make you a good singer. Adele, for example, may not have much physical beauty, but she's talented and truly gorgeous with a phenomenal voice. I wish you were still alive, Whitney, I pray for you and your family everyday.
[Newest]I would compare her voice to a cat being put in a blender
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6Lady Gaga
Dear people who are calling her a fraud,
She lipsings, but her songs are hers. I bet that your favorite singers (like that Macklemore crap) lipsing too.

Dear people who are calling her weird,
She's herself and she's not gonna change just because someone told her to! I respect that! Her style is her own. She wants to die an original. Lady Gaga stands out in a crowd and isn't afraid to be herself.

Lady Gaga is probably one of the MOST original artists that have walked this planet. She CAN sing and she's not afraid to sing what SHE believes, not what the entire world thinks.
For the sake of humanity, please people, take a brief moment of reflection about what you think of this woman. Do you really think that she is original in the world of music (industry)? Has she created a new style or even had any influence over any other (real) artist? I really doubt it, since she still does the same pop standard as everyone else out there. I heard some of her new jazz stuff, and it was decent, even good compared to what she had previosly done, I can give you that. But she is not that talented, wake up. She might have a good voice, nothing from another world, there are (and there were) MUCH better ones at different styles of music. So talking about the music she sells, it fits the pop average quality (which is actually quite low). Not to mention her lyrics, they are so dull and dumb (Just Dance, telephone, applause, highway unicorn and I can keep on mentioning) only refering sexual themes, drugs, popularity and otrher silly teenage thoughts.

I can't hate her music (actually, any kind of music), only say that its quite undistinguished, no more than catchy. But what I do hate about her is her public attitude, so silly and artificial, as her desperate attention calling attempts. That's nothing to be with art, that's marketing, and its far away from being called originality.

Sorry for my possible English mistakes, I'm from South America.
Her fashion sense gives me the creeps and her song downright annoying..
[Newest]She is one of the best!

7Brtiney Spears
I laugh at when people on facebook, twitter or youtube compete this fat fake voiced skank against Divas like christina aguilera, whitney houston, mariah carey etc saying britney doesn't autotune and she doesn't lip sync. I need to tell you blind geeks to go to specsavers and get glasses, maybe also a hearing aid. SHE IS THE CREATOR OF AUTO TUNE AND LIP SYNC!
Yuck. She can't sing for crap. It's all voice editing for her.
She had weird toddler kind of voice when she sang, today she is just overproduced machine autotune kind of voice mixed with dental drill. She never sings live and Thank God for that. In my opinion one of the worst female "singers" ever.
[Newest]Wow she got old pretty fast not in singing but in aging as well.

I seriously can't see why Kesha isn't in the top ten.

Horrible autotune singing! Songs just about drugs, sex and partying!

Seriously, she's just horrible!
Hands down the most relentlessly untalented woman is music, her songs are nothing but spoken word auto-tuned to sound "good" if you really can call it that. She's another example of what happens when white trash gets money.
Good rhythm to her songs but they are only about sex partying and drugs mainly things no one is looking forward to
[Newest]I seriously know some Vocaloids that sound more realistic than her.
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It really annoys me how mediocre singers like Rihanna are so successful because they use auto tune and dance around naked in their videos. It's never about the love of music for Rihanna it's always what outrageous thing can I do so I can get even more publicity and make more money. (i.E. S&M by being banned in 5 countries she got huge amounts of publicity and the song was very successful)
I hate this drug-addict singer and she's lip-sinking! Her hair look road-killed and she wears skimpy outfits! She ruins every video especially the ones that her and Eminem created called, "Love the Way You Lie"! Megan Fox, I love you but stay away from Rihanna!
This girl can't sing live, she sing nasal and sing half of her songs and get tired easily... You call that a singer? Lmfao, if she wasn't pretty no one would care about her! Hoe-rrible!
[Newest]We're judging her on her voice, and shes not bad! I'm reading these comments and they're mostly commenting on her appearance.

10Katy Perry
What the hell is Katy Perry doing on this list?!? She writes her own lyrics and they're very inspiring!
Katy perry I love you
Excuse me Hello anybody home Why is katy on this list I mean she's the best singer I ever heard wake up people she's beautiful firework is the best song I ever heard I like wide awake and roar as well what are you all thinking
[Newest]Her voice is so bad that she sounds like Ash Ketchum... Just Kidding:) Katy Perry Is awesome!

The Contenders

11Ariana Grande
I'm a Mariah fan, but I will defend Ariana and say that she is a really good singer. Ariana is actually talented and sweet. She's not a terrible singer so she shouldn't even be on this list.
WHY is Ariana Grande lower than Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Mariah Carrey? Ariana copies Taylor's style and Selena's video. She also have the same voice as Mariah Carrey. People only like her because of her singing, but she is so rude toward Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez WITHOUT any reasons. She and Selena (who is number 4 on the list because of Arianators and Beliebers) should switch places
How I hate this boss-eyed ugly little monkey.
Why is she famous? She looks a burnt hot dog with Ketchup.
Talentless, anatomically incorrect creature.
Put it in the zoo and let us throw peanuts at it.
She's only famous because of her 6 to 12 year old Nickelodeon-fans.
Little information: Red hair only looks good on fair skinned ladies.
[Newest]She sounds like a dying chipmunk. She should be number one.

12Carly Rae Jepsen
Honestly.. FOR ME she's too bad
Why is she here I love her
Please breathe between the singing...
[Newest]She's 30 and act like a 14 year old
Lol so? This is on her SINGING, and shes unique so your opinion is not valid


13Cher Lloyd
Really she was the worst thing to come out of the UK X factor she can't sing just terrible a prime example of our stupid generation.
Cher Lloyd can definitely sing.
Well she's ok but like seriously her voice sounds terrible
[Newest]I love you Cher Lloyd

14Iggy Azalea
Iggy should not be on here she has a very beautiful voice
She wants to be black, can't rap, and needs to keep her ass to herself.
I love her favorite girl celeb she a young rapper just like me and I'm 11 I love her work and hope to met her one day
[Newest]She's talented, but mumbles half of her raps... sorry but no thanks


15Agnes Monica
That girl has terrible voice and often to scream when she was singing and the most important point, she is the biggest plagiarist of this planet and has bad taste of fashion she also has bad attitude!
She doesn't have any intenational albums yet. But she is already claim herself as world singer. She's not so talented she's always yelling, screaming shouting the notes she is the worst!
She always lipsync and scream.. Annoying.. She is actually talented, but, no x factor.. Constantly work hard, but too bad.. Biggest copycat and wannabe ever..
[Newest]I don't like the way she sing... And she is arrogant

16Justin Bieber
He is female laugh out loud


This is a worst FEMALE singers list...
I think this should be number 1 because Justin is not a boy.


[Newest]He is female... yeah for sure

17Jessica Simpson
Stop with that breathy thing you do.
Jessica Simpson is an amazing singer and person. This list is bogus! Celine Dion, Jessca Simpson and Mariah Carey are amazing! Leave this list for autotune people like brittney spears.
I don't like her since she ruined Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots are Made for Walking" :(

18Paula Abdul
If a mouse could sing it would sound like this.
She sounds fine and only on this list because of bias; I just wonder who drafted her here!

Yeah, Tulisa sucks, but why isn't Becky G on this list? She thinks she can rap and dance... No... and she also does that stupid squeaky whiny thing and it's retarded.
She's bad! Very very very bad.


20Meghan Trainor
Just a white Nicki Minaj

21Lil' Kim
Can't really consider her as a rapper or singer because all she does is like to show half her body off to everybody in the world from magazine's or poster's.
She was the first decent female rapper and she worked her ass off to get where she is now. Bad singer? Hell no!
Idiots you added Adele one of the best singers in the list but did not put lil Kim in
this list

22Lindsay Lohan
I don't wanna be mean about her because I've had grown up with her movies and I used to be a fan of her. That's why I'm so dissapointed, because I've been a fan of her. She has lost her talent and her dignity!

23Queen Latifah
Who told you you can sing?
You suck and anyway you're an actor

24Demi Lovato
Demi location and Taylor swift are alright but selena Gomez ant sing for s! %#
Demi Lovato is a great singer! I don't know what's wrong with her, but she shouldn't be on this list
[Newest]I like let it go

25Jessie J
Jessie j can actually sing though who put her up here?!?
Jessie J can actually sing? Why is she on this list!?
I love her she is super pretty and got swag love you from maddy
[Newest]What is your favorite music

Beyonce should not be on this list she can't sing! Excellent voice & she works hard on her craft.
Excuse me? She's like the God of sex. Her thighs make even the homosexuals take a second look.
She's a singer? Could have fooled me?
[Newest]Beyoncé is a powerful mogul not a singer or artist.

The face she makes when she sings looks like she's constipated but generally she just looks like that anyway. She strains her voice too much. Her personality is disgusting, she slags everyone off because they're better than her.
A little sixteen year old walks into the real world of music and thinks she can dance weirdly, be rude to people better than her, wear stupid dark makeup, drone her voice, and act like an emo and still be Queen of Pop. NOT HAPPENING.
How the hell is Lorde Rock? I found her songs on the Billboard Rock Songs and it appears. She's not Rock, she's Pop.

Ugly. Iggy Azalea is better.
I think Iggy Azalea is the most terrifying rapper and the ugliest girl in the world. Lorde is one of my favourite teenage singers.

28Amy Winehouse
She doesn't deserve to be up here. Amy Winehouse had soul and so much power. Yet she passed away too soon... A loss of a great talent.
Beautiful voice of course, but I cannot understand a word she sings, she sounds always drunk
I did not mean to vote this... Can't undo it. Amy should NOT be on this list.
[Newest]Amy winehouse is amazing and people should stop pissing on her grave RIP

29Mariah Carey
I did a mistake! Mariah doesn't even deserve to be here! She's a great singer! Sorry
I think you thought this is the list for great singers that's why you added mariah right? I understand.. Mariah is a great singer!
She is a great one when she was new in early 90s. Then she just become barely good during her mid career. And now I feel she just squeaking in her every songs and sounds worst. She deserve to be in top 10. But unfortunately my vote alone can't make her in. So please support!
Uh uh nope she is my role model an icon and so much more she is every thing I ever want to be and I'm highly self obsessed so basicly I'm just saying I love her and I really want her vocals she is WONDERFUL!
[Newest]She sucks so bad, she is terrible.

30Pixie Lott

31Lilit Hovhannisyan

32Janet Jackson
She is way too talented so yo all can go to hell.
Shut the hell up people! Jackson is really talented! Like if you agree
A real plastic banana of the music world.

I admire her self promotion talents but she can't sing. Very average voice, something you could hear at church or a school concert. Somehow she used her lack of talent to her advantage, like hey I'm so bad as.
Probably something you could not achieve and she made success of the talent she has. I her a soulful and angelic voice. I guess when you have no talent the best way is hide jealousy it to be a hater.
With Madonna, right from start, it was never about real talent. it was always marketing magic. the sound studios did for her what airbrushing does for cover models.
Thank god for a studio magic
[Newest]What a load of crap she is!

34Fatin Shidqia
She can't sing
She was overrated
The worst female singer ever
Why is she in this rank? She should be in the top of this! Nobody worst than her
One word for her "so bad"! She can't sing, WORST EVER!
[Newest]I love your voice fatin

She a bad singer ever. full of hoax. 5 album were flop. she hasn't have any achievement as a singer. like fans, like idol are full of Hoax. She is Diva Hoax in the world
Her voice is very bad
Her attitude is nothing

36Hayley Williams
Hayley Williams is too talented. She sure beats most singers that is famous.
She must be 1000th because she is too far too those stupid singers AND WHY THE HELL SHE IS ON THIS LIST?! Oh well at least on this same website paramore is is at the 1st place
Why do people think Hayley is a bad singer? She's amazing and incredibly talented, cute, smart, funny, and is one of the best singers I've heard.

"Cassie" There are so many Cassie's in the world
I just voted to lower Hayley's rank because why the hell is she so high up in this list, she's a great artists and a great person
Love you paramore! 1

38Julie Covington

39Parker Strom

40Kelly Clarkson
Her voice isn't bad but its just not good. She's got nothing special.
This is insane. Kelly is the bomb.

41Nancy Wilson

42Celine Dion
She's a wonderful singer! Even if she's not singing to my taste of music - she still got a terrific voice - that's no question. (I'm also a singer and musician). I don't think she needs to be Mother Theresa to do her job. Why is she in this list? Who put her here? A geezer who couldn't think of someone else? - Or a very jealous chick? O.K. let's see it like this: Scandal is a great publicity and nobody is kicking a dead dog :) right?
She's got a great voice. But she ain't got soul.
Celine Dion has a beautiful voice you shouldn't put her here!

43Sheryl Crow

44Jaclyn Victor
I don't know who she is, but I vote for her to make Celine Dion's place lower on the list
Her musics are garbage and her voice sounds like she got bathroom phobia...

45Debby Ryan
Put a sock in it Debby Ryan. Nobody cares about your career, how you were raised HELL, I don't care if your family assaulted you. You suck!
Debby Ryan should not be on the list she's an AMAZING singer and actress I love her
I downloaded one of her songs and I think she CAN sing

46Bette Midler

47Martina McBride
What is she doing on this list? She's powerful, talented and outright amazing. No one can sing as well as she does, makes you cry every time.
What the heck? She is beautiful and talented! She is a wonderful singer, just listen to Concrete Angel (a song about child abuse) and then you'll hear the emotion.
All loud with no emotions to it.

Really nasty horrible voice which occasionally wobbles up in a really irritating way. Her hair looks less like a sun-drenched beach and more like a frazzled worn out mop. And having a six-pack and wiggling everything around is not a musical quality.
Horrible voice and ordinary looking.
Shakira is an amazing singer and she's very inspiring.
[Newest]I am so glad she is on this list. I thought I was crazy that people thought she could sing. She is horrible.

49Sarah Geronimo
She is copycat. I hate her so much, she does not sing well. I mean she can't sing, so what is sje trying to sing.. :D
This is so true! Very trying hard.. Rachelle Ann Go and Juie Anne San Jose is better than her.. Swear!

50Charice Pempengco
That is so untrue. Charice may be young, but she has so much talent that I nearly died in awe when I heard her sing "No One" in the movie "Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel".
Who put charice here? She don't deserve to be here she's a great singer especially in LIVE concerts, she NEVER use autotune and her high notes is not screaming! David foster would not include her in his concerts if she's screaming...
This girl can sing her butt off. GET HEARING AIDS PLEASE.
[Newest]Charice doesn't deserve to be in this list.

51Victoria Justice
Shes my favourite singer she should be on the best list
What the heck man why is she here she is awesome
Whoever that put her (and Selena Gomez, Shakira, Rihanna and Mariah Carrey) should regret it because she is the best
[Newest]Finally got it right. HORRIBLE

52Hilary Duff
Her voice is so boring. She can't even sing. I'm surprised she's on number 46! She should be at least on 9/10.
She can't even sing!

53Vikki Carr
Good Lord, someone PULLEZE never again play that insipid and HIGHLY irritating song of hers "Let It Please Be Him"... I've never heard a singer lay on the schmaltz, and over emote to the point she does. It's absolutely obnoxious. And so is she!
Melodramatic and she oversings in two languages!

54Stacy Angie

55Bella Thorne
The reason her voice is good is because she uses auto tune. Her lyrics are stupid, only talking about phones, and BFFs, and so on. Listen to some Beatles, Nirvana, and Michael Jackson. That's good music. They are actually singing about something that IS WORTH SINGING ABOUT!


Her songs are stupid and her singing is so high pitched especially her song ring ring from shake it up
HAte her and she can't sing for her life

56Leona Lewis
Leona Lewis is the bomb!
She can really sing yall made another big mistake any how it don't get no better than the queen Whitney Houston sorry!

57Simone Simons
Um Simone is an amazing singer, I don't know why shes on this list are you kidding me?

58Nelly Furtado
I thought Nelly was a guy.
Seriously how is she not at the top of this list? If you have heard her sing live you would bump this betch up.

59Alanis Morissette
Lame, cheesy, unoriginal and then there's that grating voice...

60Jenna Rose
This girl is an amazing singer at 15
Take her off the list

61Brooke Hyland

62Kylie Minogue
Talk about your basic manufactured no talents who've had easy made careers from some sappy soaps. They both also share the same nose job and fake personalities. How they made it to this day is most likely a combination of who they know and prancing about in trashy clothes while seducing the cameras at every turn. They even get to judge real talent? They sing like they've been sucking in helium and their wax figure counterparts look far more human than they do. I am so sick of these talentless tramps and can't understand why anyone would find them attractive, let alone listen to their irritating songs.
This hoe needs to back up off the voice just because she got kicked off every other show she was on, she isn't wanted anywhere, not on the bbc and not on itv either! She just embarrassed herself At the Brits slurring around those guys, girl please don't try and flirt with men that don't want yo ass. And I feel sorry for Danny having a sister like that.
Worst song of all time,"Can^t Get You Out Of My Head". She makes Tiny Tim sound great. Diasagree with Celia Black and Celine Dion.

63Juliet Simms

64Anna Kendrick

65P. Susheela

66Cilla Black
Shes the only one on your list who can sing, maybe be that's why shes had so many number 1's, and she still looks fab

67Cheryl Cole
She should be in the worst 3 singers, she is terrible, her voice at some venues she played has been shocking, the music industry is all wrong, damn good singers getting rubbished while singers like this horrible voice is at the top, people are just too tone deaf. Without auto tune she would be on the scrap heap long ago.
She shouldn't even be on this list! She's the best singer in the world. You are seriously tune deaf and by the way I hate you

68Cyndi Lauper
Cyndi Lauper has actually a great voice especially as she gets older. Anyone thinking she cannot sing is tone deaf
She doesn't sound like she is singing I can't understand a single word she sings

69Courtney Love
Yes Courtney has a raspy voice to say the least but she is grunge so you are not suppose to get Celine Dion. For her style, she is fine and quite entertaining
Am I the only one that thinks she belongs on this list?
I really hate her she gets me a headache

Lenka has inspiring voice. She shouldn't be on the list
She's just UGLY. Rihanna is better than her.
She sings whiny. Avril Lavgine and Shakira are better.

71Katelyn Tarver

72Evan Barlage

73Tarja Turunen

74Suzi Quatro
"Can the can”, really? I could finish This with a corny saying but, it's not worth it.

75Suzy Bogguss

Whoever put Aaliyah here needs to slap themselves.
Aaliyah was awesome. Don't understand this list.
I agree whoever in the world would think that is out of their mind

77Grace Askew

78Lea Michele
I hate her all she does is sing covers of other singers hard work to make herself famous even her albums were written by other singers take cannonball for example it was written by SIA this woman is a cheat at least glee is in its final season thank god that show is over why was it nominated in the grammy's?
What? She's an AMAZING singer she can hit so many high notes and low notes not very many people can do that. She is VERY talented in my opinion.
I love her on Glee

79Dianna Agron

80Paris Hilton
Stars are blind is a good song

81Camila Cabello

82Pia Mia Perez

83Kim Kardashian
All Kim Kardashian does is walk around in clothes 10 sizes to small. Ohh and I forgot…SHE doesn't SING IDIOTS!
You are seriously the stupidest person ever! Kim kardashian isn't a singer
She's not a singer
[Newest]She does not even sing...

84Whitney Houston
Really Beyoncé Celine Mariah Whitney aaliyah whoever put them on this list needs a hearing aid


Whitney is great, she don't deserve to be here
I don't know what you talking about! She a good singer
[Newest]My nippy has the best voice of all time your just jealous

85Ayame Goriki
She sucks, she should just stick to acting or modeling.

86Florence Foster Jenkins

87Wing Han Tsang

88Serena Onasis

89Diana Ross
She is ok if you don't mind someone who sings through her nose.

90Jennifer Lopez
How could anyone forget her? She should be number one. Worst singer ever!
32! , she's one the worst singers I've ever seen, she sucks live and even studio sounds pretty bad
No talent at all and promoted far beyond her looks and ability.
[Newest]No talent at all

91Avril Lavigne
Who put her up here.. She is the best!
Avril Lavigne I love What The Hell & Girlfriend the part that she is messing up with is the passion
She is one of the best singers ever and should not be in this list.
[Newest]Avril is a great singer but some of her songs like Hello Kitty isn't good

92Ann Wilson
Ann voice gives me a heart attack!
Wow Ann Wilson is definitely one of the best female singers ever. You cannot even put her on a bad list
When ever you sing a person dies

93K.S. Chithra
Please remove her name. She is the best singer, one can't select a singer's name put here without any knowledge of her amazing voice. She best singer of all from India.

94Alicia Keys

95Lana Del Rey
Seriously? Why is Lana on this list? She writes her own music and they're actually about real events that's happened in her life. She's an amazing artist so down to earth and real. She doesn't even deserve to be on this list.

I bet you're just jealous because you can't write your own music and sing with such soul.
Why on EARTH is Lana on the list? I LOVE her music and she is like the best singer ever, she can probably sing better than you! Yeah, maybe she isn't the best at performing live, but that don't matter at all! What matters is that Lana is the best singer ever and your just jealous, so that's the reason y'all put Lana on the "bad singer" list, and her lyrics are amazing too. So all you Lana haters, can go sit in the corner and think about how your so "better" than her, because I bet you are NOTHING compared to Lana.
Lana del Ray is a proper singer I listen to her album born to die all the time I no she lip sings but her songs are the most amazing songs ever

96Jackie Evancho
She's not a bad singer. She's just overrated.
Now that the show is over no one cares about her anymore.
Seriously, her parents should not market a child like that.
She'll end up with a personality disorder, cause she didn't
Get the fame and attention she expected.
So I assume you are also against ALL child performers?

Especially actors/actresses like Emma Watson, who at the age of 10 was subjected to horrible work hours and dangerous work conditions, sudden overwhelming wealth, constant paparazzi attention, and fawning adulation.

Really most any of dozens of popular teenage film actress/actors also experiences far more of this than Miss Evancho.
Jackie Evancho has now had her own T.V. special "THREE" times, and continues to show that a great singer does not have to twerk, use auto-tune, dress like a hooker, or sing about her butt. Just a beautiful voice, elegant but appropriate performance clothing, and a lovely, humble personality.
Pretty amazing that Jackie Evancho is on here, because at only 14 years old she has already incurred the wrath of several "stalker trolls", who scour the web for references to her and deface them.
She already has 3 top 10 CD's on the Billboard Top 200, along with having her own T.V. special TWICE.
The best singing voice of the past 100 years.

97Amy Lee
She is the best singer the best words she is singing no one can beat her at singing
She is NO singer.
Screaming and struggling so hard that the veins in your face explode doesn't make you a singer...
She just got lucky getting laid by the right guy at the right time.
Awful, squeaky vocals, gross looks, horrible personality.
Should be Number 1!

Why would she be on this list she is great but it is my opinion but really people Kelly Clarkson and Adele are on here you can do better than carelessly putting pink Adele and Kelly Clarkson on here
Not a bad singer but nothing fantastic. Much better singers out there and is very over-rated
Pink is the bomb!

99Christina Aguilera
Xtina totally deserves to be in the best Singers' list and not in this one,. , She is one of the greatest singers on this planet... She is blessed with the VOICE that a person might rarerly have in millions of people today. She deserves to be in the league of Whitney, Mariah, Celine.. Period...
Shes a wannabe who wants to be respected, but started out as a stripper like britney
Xtina has a beautiful voice and she should be in the same leauge as mariah whitney and celine.

You think adele is a bad singer, she has an amazing voice. You guys are all haters
Adele mustn't be in this list she is an amazing singer are you deaf?
People must have put Adele on this list because they think she is fat. She may be, but Adele doesn't have much time caring what others think about her. She is one who has a lot of talent. Like Adele says, her music is for the ears, not the eyes.
[Newest]She doesn't have a legendary voice, people are just making her big but actually she is overrated.


This show how little you know about range, pitch and voice. You really shouldn't comment on things you know nothing about. No, I'm not too into this woman's music, but talent-wise, there are few women in the last one hundred years who can top her, with the possible exception of Streisand, Houston, Ronstadt, and Fitzgerald.

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