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1Final Fantasy XIV

This game was garbage, but it was remade into a Realm Reborn and that game is absolute gold. I would remove this as it technically no longer exists and reflects poorly on the remade masterpiece.

I actually like ff13 and I know many people didn't however this I wouldn't even waste my money on.

A real. Reborn was pretty good, but this is just awful. Broken controls, awful optimization, buggy, bland and overly difficult combat, it was just a mess.

Why does everyone hate this game.

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2Final Fantasy XIII

Someone explain to me why XII is here. That game is my all time favorite Final Fantasy. This game right here is just pure garbage. The combat is just mashing one button, the gameplay is just running in a straight line, most of the characters are like parodies of existing Final Fantasy characters and the story is just bottom line ridiculous. - Mikocloud

Thought the combat system was unique and creative but while the world was beautiful it felt soulless and I'm not a fan of moving in a straight line for 25 hours

Not only one of the worst final fantasy games, but one of the worst games period.

I love this game, but not as much as 12 or 10

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3Final Fantasy X-2

I do not get what is so bad about this game.

Take FFX, remove the good characters, replace the awesome soundtrack by electro and spit on the plot to obtain this game.

Final fantasy X was not that great so they make a spin off of it with a boring plot a boring main character and it a prequel to FFVII because the kid on the air ship is called shinra there is a good thing about it the musics good but the games is still bad you know just go on you tube and type in spoony ffx2 so funny

This game is awesome.

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4Final Fantasy XIII-2

This game is EXACTLY the same as Final Fantasy XI minus the story.. Seriously? At least X-2 was different.. The battle system and everything was different. That's how it should be. Plus Final Fantasy XI's battle system is boring as hell - you don't do anything other than auto attack or auto cast each turn.. Occasionally switching up your battle role strategies.

Also, the game is nearly completely linear - unlike all the good final fantasy games (IV, V, VI, VII, VI, IX) - BimmyJim

5Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
6Final Fantasy II

I meant the ACTUAL FF2. Not the American 2 which is actually 4.
Same goes with 3, I meant the actual FF3, not American 3 which is actually 6. Sorry about that.
Stupid wrong images.
Still though, why mix up sequels like that? - Akai

Same here, the ORIGINAL FF2 was pretty sloppy. It moved the series forward in narrative howerever the leveling up system just fell flat and for me made grinding a pain. I also noticed 1 or 2 huge difficulty spikes. Also while there was a narrative, it still sucked, I personally would have liked to just play the game and not waste my time with a mediocure story.

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7Final Fantasy VIII

This Game have sex in it! All Final Fantasy Games have sex in it from 8-now!

Clich├ęd, porny, hilariously bad storyline, no character development and most pathetic love story ever! Final Fantasy VIII is a filthy excuse for a video game.

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8Final Fantasy III

I think somebody got the wrong picture. This is Final Fantasy VI, which is I in the US, and that game was amazing! The real FF I sucked. - evil7

9Final Fantasy XII

This game really isn't that bad. In no way does it deserve to be hear.

To be honest. I actually kind of enjoyed this one. - Sage_Naruto

This game started the fall of Final Fantasy.

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10Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

What bad thing can we say about this game that hasn't already been said? Don't be secuded by the $4 price tag. All you need to do is just constantly rub the screen up and down as if you were jerking off (the characters won't do anything other than attack), one hit will kill any member and you have to either exit the fight and grind some more, wait 3 minutes for every downed character, or pay to revive them all at once. Then there's the premium characters which cost $1/piece. There are 35 in all, but you can't choose which one. It's totally random so you'll probably end up paying the full $35 before you get the one you want. And there are the added levels which cost even more. Don't look at this as nothing more than a bottomless money pit.

How is this behind revenant wings? This is one of the worst games of all time. After this, a good final fantasy game just won't happen anymore.

Cash-grabbing pile of garbage!

At least any other FF game had something to go for. But this? Nope!

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11Final Fantasy VII

It's incredibly boring, characters has absolutely no significant personality and many of them acts the same (especially in the movie), they're so inhuman they don't even know how to make expressions, the story is nothing special and it's also the most overrated game ever in history. I for one WONT buy or play the remake, it's like flushing money in the toilet. I'd rather spend that money on what is ACTUALLY amazing!

Its beyond me why this is even on this list.

Haters need to shut up and do something berr with their lives than diss a video game

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12Final Fantasy X

What the hell these have some of my favorite final fantasy characters ever

The main character is annoying - ikerevievs

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13Final Fantasy IX

This is the best Final Fantasy ever.

14Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

HOW in tarnation is this better than final fantasy 7?!

This is way worst than all the others combined.

What. A. Piece. Of. Crap. End of Story -_-

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15Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
16Final Fantasy XI

Dude Final Fantasy XI is the best in the series.

17Final Fantasy Adventure
18Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles

Not a true Final Fantasy game. A disappointment so thorough and profound for poor gamecube owners who were waiting for a good RPG. An orphan that should have ben aborted.

19Final Fantasy VI

Awesome characters, nice plot twists, above average combat sys (for the time), ridiculous cringy childish evil clown main antagonist

20Final Fantasy IV
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