Top 10 Worst Football (Soccer) National Teams

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42Saint Barthelemy

They have good players but every time they leave the country for a football they don't come back. While they have good players they are ranked as the worst.

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44AustraliaV3 Comments

Stop with all the lotion, you guys need to age

Well,China shouldn't play soccer.They can play anything else but soccer.

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Bosnia do have a good player but he is useless

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Their biggest win was 1-0 against Malta in 1994.

48EstoniaV1 Comment
50VietnamV1 Comment
51MongoliaV2 Comments
52Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
53El Salvador
54Puerto Rico
56CroatiaV1 Comment

It's a team that's never been in the World Cup

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58New Zealand

Mexico destroyed This team and it was for who cloud go to the World Cup 2014 the scores were 5-1 and 4-2 Mexico won both of them

They were not in the world cup 2014 FIFA they are rubbish even Bukino faso are better than them

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They just do not know how to kick the ball Syria is much better

Bangladesh the best team in the world

They sucked people their are poor yet hiw di they come here and afford a Jersey and cleats.

60Ivory Coast

They never got past the group stage.

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