Top Ten Worst Video Games of 2016


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1Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Of course its Call of Duty it's the same thing like last year - ikerevievs

This could be the nuclear explosion that will kill off call of duty. The trailer is given huge criticism and is the 4th trailer with the most dislikes on YouTube. This game could kill off Treyarch - Gamecubesarecool193

Or it could exceed those expectations. I think this will be a good game. - SelfDestruct

The trailer for the game is currently the 4th most disliked video on YT. As a matter of fact, the trailer pretty much created a huge hate movement. If you go to comment sections of the other most disliked videos on YT, even ones that the Call of Duty trailer hasn't surpassed yet, you can see tons of comments about Infinite Warfare. - Mcgillacuddy

Lol Call of Duty in 2016

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2No Man's Sky

This game is full of broken promises... - Moorefamval

Very boring game compared to other free roam games like Minecraft Witcher and Skyrim - ikerevievs

This is an empty sandbox, like Destiny on launch... But much worse and many more lies.

I was so hyped to play this game. But it was just a boring crappy drag

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3Street Fighter V

Yeah this game sucks hard. And it's STREET FIGHTER? Oh come on, guys you could've done better than this - Mcgillacuddy

I think it's time we accept Street Fighter is Mortal Kombat except for kids

This is one of the worst games I played the content in the game is as low as splatoon or star wars battlefront
and wheres arcade mode - ikerevievs

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4Mighty No.9

This game is super bland. I feel so sorry for all the Megaman fans out there who were really waiting for this game. - Mcgillacuddy

This game is not what we wanted we wanted a game like the original mega man games not this piece of trash that people will forget in a month - ikerevievs

I also hated the trailer it offended anime fans - ikerevievs

Terrible, just terrible. The end credits were longer than the game.

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5Sonic Boom: Fire and Ice

How can you judge this game? The first one was bad but you can't judge a game until it's out. And to be honest, I feel like the person that makes these lists only hates on these games for attention. - nintendofan126

Why are judging games that aren't out yet? - RalphBob

This list is stupid, how can you judge these games when they're not even out yet.

Game's out and it's actually good.

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6Metroid Prime: Federation Force

The game looks good for a spinoff, but it definitely wasn't worth attempting to take down legitimately great and amazing main-series games over (cough, cough, ANOTHER METROID 2 REMAKE, cough) - xandermartin98

This game might be good on its own, but it doesn't deserve the Metroid title at all. Disregarding that though, what's the point of this list? None of these games are out yet. - GamerBoy

Nintendo really hate Metroid and their fans

7Rolling Sky
8For Honor

What? Ike, do you think my retarded mate? This game isn't even out yet, and ubisoft maybe delays this one to 2017

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9Alekhine's Gun

All it is a horrible hitman clone - ikerevievs

10FIFA 17

This game is awesome you are stupid you should play the journey in Fifa 17 it is awesome you have not lived yet if you had not played it!

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?Destiny the Collection

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11Homefront: The Revolution

Sigh, this game is awful, big dissapointment, it's like a game from the 2000s, buy Call of Duty 2 or boyfriend Vietnam instead of this, an old fps is better

12Clash Royale

It has TERRIBLE balancing issues. - MKBeast

13Final Fantasy XV
14Horizon Zero DawnV1 Comment
15Quantum Break
16Halo Wars 2V1 Comment
17Madden NFL 17

You guys are so stupid this game is so awesome!

19Pokemon Go

I've been playing pokemon since I was 7 and all I'm going to say is pokemon go is dead - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

People almost die playing pokemon go

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20South Park: The Fractured But WholeV1 Comment
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