Worst Games For the Nintendo Wii

Everyone has a wii but what are the worst games for the console?

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1Ninjabread Man

Only game on this list that deserves to be here in my opinion.

This is the epitome of the Wii's motion controls being 70% unresponsive in a complete waste of time. I'll admit the concept is rather charming, but it was wasted on one of the most bland games I've ever played. - Garythesnail

How is this isn't 1 the game isn't the worst game but it's a major contender bad graphics its very liner and boring don't play this on any console - ikerevievs

Worst game by data design interactive

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2Mario Party 9

This game is based on luck, and doesn't allow the player to show that much skill. It's just like, "Oh, just leave it up to the dice block! " Screw the vehicle mechanic, it completely ruined this series! Just look at the reviews! If this keeps up they need to discontinue the series. Return to the traditional method, for heaven's sake!

Which dumbass voted Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kirby's Epic Yarn, Super Mario Galaxy, and Mario and Sonic 2008? Those are great games! Mario Party 9 is utter crap. It's a plot hole to the whole Mario Party series! The worst part is Nintendo FORGOT to put Luigi on the Japanese cover!

This game completely ruined the concept, moving it from a younger demographic to children. No stars, and everyone moves together sounds like a children's game. - alecola90

You guys are really biased. This is one of the best party games I've ever played! - SonicFan4Life

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3Wii Play

What Moron put Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Kirby's Epic Yarn and New Super Mario Bros. Wii those were great wii games, as for Wii play this game is incredibly boring and repetitive most people bought Wii Play only for the Extra Controller which was genius on the part of the creators take a crappy game that nobody wants and sell it along with an extra controller. - egnomac

This game had TONS of potential, but it didn't use it. "Shooting Range" could have been a straight port from the NES "Duck Hunt", and "Find Mii" could have been a straight port from the NES "Where's Waldo? "! "Pose Mii" is so terrible, it should have been left out completely. "Table Tennis" could have been a straight port from the NES "Smash Ping Pong"!

This is a really good game. I don't think it is the worst.

This game isn't bad. It's highly underrated in my opinion - thunderstar1124

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4Super Mario Galaxy

I hate you the person ho did this is a good game

This is the greatest wii game of all time!

Super Paper Mario is the greatest Wii game of all time besides Super Smash Bros. Brawl! But Super Mario Galaxy? It's great and horrible at the same time.

It's true, it's the highest rated game of all time. The only thing wrong with it is that you have to do it all again in luigi to unlock the last galaxy - Harri666

M&M's Kart Racing Sucks, This Game Is Awesome - VideoGamefan5

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5Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games 2008

The game was very hard to master! I know this game is two hard because I am good at the 2012 summer Olympic Games version!

Princess Peach is not at all adept as gymnastics! That should tell you everything.

It is a very good game if you like challenging games then this is the game. I don't know why it's on here

This Game Is Not As Bad You Guys Say It Is - VideoGamefan5

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6M&M'S Kart Racing

At Least It Finally Got Higher Than Smash Bros Brawl But Still Needs to Be Higher Than Super Mario Galaxy - VideoGamefan5

This Game Got In The Top Ten But It Still Needs To Be Higher Than Mario Galaxy And Smash Bros Brawl - VideoGamefan5

This is lower on here than on the worst video games list. - RalphBob

This Game Is Overrated Andrea Terrible

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7Super Smash Bros. Brawl

LIES this whole list was just made by some Mario hater!

Is this a joke? This is the best Wii game! Suck it, haters! - evil7

WRONG! You guys are liars. This game needs to be off of the list.

AR3 Is A Moron Who Doesn't Have A Taste In Games - VideoGamefan5

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8Golden Balls

My balls are a lot fun than this game - Spingebill

What it's name is without the golden.

That just sounds inappropriate

Liked the show, hate the game.

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9Dr. Mario Online RX
10Call of Duty: Black Ops

I meant I hate Call of Duty, halo and killzone are better

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11Carnival Games

This game is a total pain mostly because the mechanics are super cheap.

To be honest, this game got old very fast and I hated the graphics.

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12Super Mario Galaxy 2

This game is great! Why even on list

Princess Peach getting kidnapped and speaking with that annoying voice is another example.

I hate the person who made this list!

I don't like this person the made this list

Only thing that is bad is peach

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13Sonic and the Black Knight

It's awesome. It's not about skill, it's entertainment - Shadowstrikelogic

This game is so much fun if you look at it correctly - cdxtreme

This game is repitive its just mashing buttons takes zero skills -

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14New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Whoever keeps putting good games on the list must be banned.

I can't belive they even thought about putting it here.I think this is one of the best games EVER.By the way almost every mario game is very good

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15Jenga World Tour

What are the super Mario galaxy games doing on this list?!? Those game are awesome! Right on par with Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine! Call of Duty FANBOYS! - HeavyDonkeyKong

16Wii Sports

It isn't a BAD game. It can be a, little fun sometimes. The only Boris thing about it is golf.

It's good, but by today's standards, it really doesn't live up. Plus Resort is much better. - Garythesnail

It's really fun, but Resort is a lot better (larger variety)

This game kind of sucks, but it is a little bit fun.

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17Deal or No Deal

Horrible game! Was fun while it worked till it stopped working

18Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Bad graphics on Wii but the graphics on the ps3 and 360 are not that bad

19Game Party
20Kirby's Epic Yarn

Whoever put this here is dumb this game is very underrated please remove

This is my second favorite Kirby game, behind Return to Dream Land. Who cares if it's easy, it's tons of fun! - Garythesnail

The music makes me tired, and there's no numchuck support. Not really epic.

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