Worst Games On the Nintendo DS and 3DS


The Top TenXW

1Bird Mania 3D
2Feel The Magic XY & XX
3Elf Bowling 1 and 2
4Mario Party: Island Tour
5Chicken Shoot
6Simcity DS
7The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

Just a guy who claims to be a gamer but hates on one of the best games ever made. Nothing to see here folks. Really though, you have the worst opinions ever.

You're a casual, you probably hate on it because you're bad at real video games.

Why are there so many good Mario,Zelda and Sonic games on this list

8Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
9Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity
10Madden NFL 2005

The Contenders

11Chrono Trigger DS

Hating on the best rpg ever made? You must be a kid, or bad at rpgs. Both, most likely lol.

Actually, I kind of hate this game too. Mainly because it is so god-damned overrated. - xandermartin98

12Crash: Mind Over Mutant

I think crash MOM should not be on ds because...
1: I don't think crash bandicoot should belong on ds because there are ALREDY good games from crash on the wii and ps
2: I have played this game...there is a part in the middle that I could not beat for a wile then one night I played it and beat it then like half and hour later I finished it so this game is way to easy for ds

13Cave Story 3D

This is the worst version of cave story
They have the original game on eshop for $10 and this version is $40 - ikerevievs

14The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
15Mario Kart 7

I really despise this game so much and see my post Why I despise Mario Kart 7 for more information. Anyway this game needs to be in the top three. - Metts

16Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
17Face Raiders
18Sonic Rush

I love this game. It's favourite game on DS. - Nintendog

19Mario Kart DS

I agree with this mario kart ds is the most boring mario kart game I got it about 5 years ago and I was very sad to find out there is only like 7 playable characters and I really wanted ROSALINA

This game was made 2 years before Super Mario Galaxy s of course Rosalina wouldn't be in the game. - Pikachu7586

20Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
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