Top 10 Worst Gaming Characters

A list of the most hated, unfair, annoying, and/or stupid characters in video game history.

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1The Dog (Duck Hunt)

Shut up, shut up, just stop laughing and shut up you hellhound. I want to kill this mutt so much and I am a huge dog person.

ALL this dog does in duck hunt is when you shoot a duck it grabs it but what happens if the duck was bloody and stuff and you are gonna pick it up and laugh at the dead duck I hate you.

This dog is extremely bratty! When he doesn't get a simple duck he just whines! And when he does get it HE LAUGHS IN YOUR FACE! - Therater2

In smash four I beat that dog up with sonic for what he did to me in duck hunt

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2Jasper Batt Jr. (No More Heroes 2)

In real life, he is just a whiny old baby.

Heck to the yes, baby! Jasper is a rich corporate idiot tool of a kid with huge buck teeth and his role in No More Heroes 2 was one of the most unfair final bosses ever. His first form is easy, but then his health stops depelting! Then, he goes to Contra difficult and keeps spamming undodgeable atacks. Then, when you finally defeat that, his final phase is... A parade ballon. Plus, his voice in intolerable. And he doesn't scream in agony when he dies. In fact, he has a grin on his face. Why!? I hate him! - bubbles1111

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3Eric Sparrow (Tony Hawk's Underground)

Ugh. That guy definitely deserved that punch in the face.

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4Porky (Mother 3)

Porky's story: He was bored so he decided to massacre Lucas' family for no reason and create an army of pigmasks using the bodies of many from different timelines, which could possibly include Ness and Ninten, and the worst part, his defeat isn't satisfying, because he never dies thanks to immortality and the Absolutely Safe Capsule, or the Prick Protection Pod, not to mention Claus was turned into the Masked Man, and the battle with him ended in premature suicide. Porky is also a brat, which explains things.

Porky is pure evil. And not in a good way. Porky killed Luca's mother and Claus! He's obese and acts like a brat. - bubbles1111

He killed Lucas's mother and his brother Claus just because HE WAS BORED. And where did he get the money to buy all that equipment. That proves that porky is a SPOILED BRAT.

Excellent Villain We Love To Hate

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5That Beetle (Donkey Kong 64)

The racing beetle from DK64 is torture. You have to collect 50 coins and beat this unfair beetle. You lose 3 coins every time you touch him, so it's almost impossible to win. And when you lose, he says "You're just too slow. " I don't want another Sonic! Grr... - bubbles1111

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6Waluigi (Mario Series)

I have no more problems with this guy, but I just don't understand him. He's really bland compared to Mario. Waluigi has no trademark characteristics and serves no purpose. It's unfortunate that they wasted their time with this character and Daisy since they're not going to do anything with either of them (which is bogus)! At least Daisy has personality and has been in one Mario game though. - DCfnaf

I hate him because he always threw me in the lake in Mario bros. turns out it was my bro pranking me but I still hate waluigi to this day

Waluigi time! Waluigi time! Shut up.

He's the shameful one!

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7Kaepora Gaebora (Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask)

This menace is freakishly annoying! He tells you stuff that you already know and when you try to end it, you accidentally click Repeat and he'll say it all again. But at least he GIVES help... - bubbles1111

8Dormin (Shadow of the Colossus)
9Mario (Mario Series)Mario is a fictional character in the Mario video game franchise, created by Nintendo's Japanese video game designer, Shigeru Miyamoto. He serves as the eponymous protagonist of the series and is the mascot of Nintendo. The Mario franchise is the best-selling video game franchise of all time.

No! I understand that some people thinks he mental because of game theory's "Mario is mental," but if you ask me, I disagree. In Mario & Luigi Partners in time, it shoes that Mario has goodness in his heart. So please don't thinks he's mental, cause he's a great character. - nintendofan126

Really bubbles1111? Mario was the main reason why Nintendo was even popular than anything. Now I know that you are a big Call of Duty fanboy with no heart at all. (Sorry bubbles if you didn't do it but whoever did YOU SHOULD GO DIE)

Who says Mario is the worst character is a brainwashed Sony fanboy

He's a complete sociopath. Was Game Theory not convincing enough for you?! He dropped a Yoshi, stepped on Luigi's toe for winning and abused his prized ape. If that wasn't enough proof, Nintendo basically handed those facts out. Luigi isn't good either, he's also mental for doing some stuff Mario does. Yoshi might be the only good character.

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10Big the Cat (Sonic Series)

That cat is absolutely retarded, fat, lazy and annoying he always looses his pathetic frog and he fishes for him.If Big gets even more retarded I will burn him up together with froggy

No character from Sonic irritates me more than Big the stinking cat. All Big does is go fishing. That's right. Fishing. All he ever did was find his best friend Froggy, which actually has more purpose than Big because Froggy actually posseses Chao. - bubbles1111

This guy was annoying and in sonic adventure fishing for froggy was so boring plus why is mario on this list?

Still better than Shadow, though.

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?Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

I hate this franchise (KH) as a whole and Sora is a terrible and very cliched protagonist. I cannot believe people want him to be in Smash Bros. (I hope he never gets in the series)

?Harken (Fire Emblem)

People prefer this suicidal snot over Karel which, to me, is mind boggling. Karel is obviously the better character, story and character development-wise, and he even has appeared in a few more games (Karel was originally from the Japan-only FE: Binding Blade). The only thing that benefits Harken is good stats and a happy ending, and that's nothing compared to other characters.

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11Bubsy (Bubsy Series)

The character isn't that bad, but his games... Awful. They have bad controls, visuals, and acting. - bubbles1111

12Ness (EarthBound)
13Tidus (Final Fantasy)

In Tidus's defense, if your home and everyone you knew and loved was destroyed in one day, you'd be a little whiny too.

14Mr. Resetti (Animal Crossing)

Viridi: There's a mole going around punishing cheaters!
Pit: Resetti!

Oh, animal crossing, you make my life happy if Resseti isn't around! Yup, he had to be on the list, all he does is tell you "You gotta save before you reset! " And you have to apoligize to him! But wait, it gets worse! Sometimes, he make say the apolagy you have to say if dosen't think you did it right! I had to spend 1 hour and 45 minutes just apoligizing to him!

15Navi (The Legend of Zelda Series)

I only hear her once every, like, 10 minutes?

I don't think she's that bad at all...


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16Reaver (Fable III)

Okay, Boss time. I hate this guy, it will be a pleasure to... What? Reaver? You killed him? How-"I'm sorry, did you want to kill him"? Oh no, but to be honest, YES! You're a spack, you know that?!

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17Baby Mario (Mario Series)

I agree. He doesn't do anything, except scream at you when you get attacked. Also, he gets taken to Bowser's Castle, the same place that you want to get to. I'd just follow him to the castle, storm in, and
Kill Bowser.

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18Flappy Bird (Flappy Bird)
19Peach (Mario Series)

Nothing but an ass for Mario to chase. She's the biggest ditz in gaming, and despite many attempts to kidnap her, she does nothing to increase the Mushroom kingdom security. With how many coins you guys have all over the kingdom, why not get better tech? Or hell, get some PMCs to replace those awful Toad Guards. Just the worst ruler in gaming history.

Why is she in mario games? She sounds like some one year old voice never reached puberty. Yuck daisy is better

Not really. Daisy's personality is way more interesting, but Peach has tons of secrets about the kingdom and hardly reveals them unless there's an emergency. So basically as far as I'm concerned, I'd give them the same rating. - DCfnaf

Peach you suck you're trying to get Mario and the gang KILLED all the time!

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20Toad (Mario Series)Toad, known in Japan as Kinopio, is a fictional character who primarily appears in Nintendo's Mario franchise.

He's useless not only that but he told me your princess is in another castle 4 TIMES! The only reason to why people like him is because they think he's cute.

He's been flipping us off for years, and we discovered this only recently.

Why the hell is pacman on here he is iconic! Well in pacman two he was a jerk and if your taling about that pacman then that makes sence but that was the only jerky pacman and toad and slippy are completely usless!

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