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21Mr. Dream (Punch Out)
22Spotty Bulbear (Pikmin)
23Alec Trevelyan (GoldenEye)Alec Trevelyan was a former 00 Agent of Don Cossack descent and head of the Janus Crime Syndicate. He serves as the primary villain of the 1995 film GoldenEye and was portrayed by British actor Sean Bean. Formerly 006, he faked his death at the Arkangelsk Chemical Warfare Facility, commandeered by General more.
24Ninten (Mother)
25343 Guilty Spark (Halo)

Ahh, definitely. Why can't we defeat someone like... Dr. Evil? Halo, we are not impressed. Guilty Spark is barely a main character; yet, he is the villain. Why not toss Joker in with 2 assault rifles? Or Ali G with his AK-47s? Even Darth Vader! 343 is not evil at all, mostly a good character. With a high voice.

He's not really a villain, he isn't sinister. Or evil. He has no humour and just gets annoying. Definitely should be at least 5.

26Count Veger (Jak and Daxter)
27Charmy Bee (Sonic Series)

Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. There, that should describe that little twit.

Charmy is annoying as hell in sonic heroes I don't have the game and I haven't played it but I'm planning to get for playstation2

28Woolie Bubsy (Bubsy)
29Moneybags (Spyro Series)

This money hogger always made you pay money on your quest, from opening new passageways to unlocking new characters. His voice is annoying, too. At leas tin the end of one of the games you get all your money back. - bubbles1111

30Daisy (Mario Series)

Big surprise. Daisy doesn't serve any purpose nowadays and it's such a shame. She has a very interesting personality but that's it. She's underdeveloped and unpopular. It's sad, but you guys should accept that she's not going to get developed anymore and neither is Waluigi. - DCfnaf

I think she's awesome and her, Risalina and Luigi shouldn't be hated.

This brat sure has a rotten attitude -_-

31Yuri (Modern Warfare 3)

Who put Gary oak on here? He kicks ass! Was the guy who did it high or something? Geez...

32Tingle (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker)
33The Church Guy (Left 4 Dead)

What an idiot. To quote Bill, "I can't believe we're arguing for our lives with a damn mental moron! " And as if summoning a horde isn't bad enough, he also turns into a special infected after the fact.

Idiot. His voice is annoying, and all he did was send waves of zombies at you with his damn bell! He so got what he deserved, turning into a zombie!

34Nazeem (The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

He constantly talks down to you in an annoying way, and he has an annoying nasal voice.

Do you get to the Cloud District very often?

35Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog)

Ok this video game character is going downhill which is really bad since I'm a sonic hater

I think you have reached your SONIC hating limit look at your self in a
mirror see how ugly you are and hate yourself instead of sonic
dumb commenter

36Gary Oak (Pokemon Series)

His one liners make me aggressive, but "Smell Ya Later! " makes me ferocious. He picks the starter that counters yours, and wirse, he has an Anime counteroart. In Black 2 and White 2, he makes me even more ferocious by using Aerodactyl instead of Pidgeot in the World Tournament. It has higher Physical Attack and Speed than Pidgeot. And he gets help from Gen 5 moves. Get an Aerodactyl at a higher level than Gary if you fight him in the World Tournament. Die Gary.

With his irritating one-liners and always getting the better Pokemon, Gary Oak is AWFUL. Why 10? He was essential as the villain, so that's why he's lower. - bubbles1111

37Pac-Man (Pac-Man 2)

I am not talking about the pacman we know and love.
Instead, I'm talking about a completely different pacman. One that never follows orders in fact.
Know what pacman? SCREW U.

38Link (Legend of Zelda Series)Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

Sure he's the best, but no memorable though, not popular as other characters like Master Chief

What an overrated character. I hate him! I hate him! Why do people like him? I will never understand.

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39Gordon Freeman (Half-Life)Dr. Gordon Freeman is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Half-Life video game series, created by Gabe Newell and designed by Newell and Marc Laidlaw of Valve Corporation.

The most overrated game character ever.

He's the hero for Lambda Resistance in battle between the Resistance and Combine, he's also can fight his way to Lambda core, even though Black Mesa is already filled with HECU soldiers and Xen Creatures, he is also defeated Nihilanth, later fleed the Vortigaunts, Gordon Freeman can do such a lot of things, with only a single small Crowbar and heavy Gravity-gun also with regular HEV suits to describe how strong the Gordon Freeman is. Gordon Freeman is one of the most memorable character with Half-Life series, he may quiet, but remember what kind of job that he had done

He's the hero for the Resistance in the battle with Combine, He's also can fight his way through Lambda Complex, even though the Black Mesa is already filled with HECUs and Xens, He also can defeat the Xen's leader: Nihilanth, and later fleed the Vortigaunts, Gordon can do such a lot of things, with only a small crowbar, heavy gravity-gun, and regular HEV suit, this character is very memorable (doesn't good as master chief though, because Half-Life series is still a small game franchise)

40Lester (Lester the Unlikely)

Scared of turtles.. I guess turtles are scary at all (sarcasm)

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