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141Design Master Senshi
142Neo Geo Pocket
143Neo Geo Pocket Color
144WonderSwanV1 Comment
145WonderSwan Color
147Pokemon Pikachu
148Pokemon Mini
151GP2X Wiz
152Nintendo DSi XL
153V.Smile Pocket

This is a baby-type handheld. It's because the games are educational dangit. It ran on 2AAs and had a full color display meaning that if you were using rechargeable batteries, here's the problem:
2AAs-1 Hour

154Sony PSP
155Neo Geo X
156New Nintendo 3DS XL

Seriously this is my 2nd favorite out of all of them right behind the 2DS - jwaughtal

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157PlayStation 2

What the heck!? Why ps2 is here its one of the best gaming console the market has seen. It was selling from 2000 until 2013

Whoever put this on here has a serious case of hater.

I think it even surpasses the GameCube. And I am a Nintendo fan.

The 90s kid could have probably put thins in here

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158Advanced Pico Beena
159Leapster 2
160Nintendo Wii

What the, no way! Wii is the best! You guy are just jealous cause the Wii can kick your console's butt

Well the Wii isn't my first choice its probably my 3rd because the best games are on here ex. Goldeneye, the conduit one and two

Underrated. It had motion controls and pulled it off. Also, don't blame the wii for modern warfare 3's wii version being bad: World at war's wii version was good, so modern warfare 3 could have been good too. the wii had nothing to do with it. Also, it has my two favorite games: Super Mario galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 (That's right, I'm one of THOSE! ) - HeavyDonkeyKong

Wii sucks it has bad graphics bad controllers and bad games - nintendoisdoodoo

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