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161Nintendo 3DS

WHO PUT THE NINTENDO 3DS ON HERE! Come on guys this should removed from the list, please!

I never really have newer consoles, but I believe this is awesome. - FantasticFour

3DS is AWESOME and I think the person who put this here is a loser

3DS is the best console EVER!

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162Super Nintendo

You say the nes is better because of snes weird graphics well guess what their better than nes graphics and this is a 16 bit console which was accedptable in the first half of the 90s! What do you expect? - HeavyDonkeyKong

Are you kidding me!?!? The snes, is amazing! - nintendofan126

It sucks weird graphics nes is better than snes

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163Sega Dreamcast

Best console ever with the best game ever Sonic adventure 2

The controller was a bit off but the games were nice. - airplain313

Oh come n guys, this game basically changed gaming forever. Get the Dreamcast off this list

This console made Sega stop making consoles

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Whoever posted this has no childhood, hands down. - airplain313

You will not skin this guy alive! You will shut your trap!

Who voted this? I will skin you alive, then I will clone you and skin your clones alive too

This console is great. One of my favorites. - Metts

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165Nintendo 64

I wouldn't say that this console is BAD, but this was the time where Nintendo went down hill with their consoles, but the consoles were not bad, they were just not what everyone wanted,

Why. Is. This. ON HERE!? Stop poisoning your minds with Call of Duty and play more Mario 64!

Yeah, Super Mario 64 is undoubtedly the best video game ever which gets a beyond perfect 100+/100 score!

I really like the GameCube, but I was joking about the comment I made in response to N64dude because he didn't like the GameCube. I don't like him though - Gamecubesarecool193

It's at the bottom we win! N64 rules!

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166Nintendo Wii U

Excuse me, but I own a wii you and it is awesome! I lost my T.V. remote around 2 months ago, and guess what the wii you can be? A remote! It can also be, A Wii! And nobody like just tilting your head at a weird angle to look at the T.V. when you can look on the gamepad! This is a great console!

The wii you deserves more than just Xbox fans saying ' ha Nintendo fails'
Plus, nintendo is kinda milking out as many games from their franchises, but they are brilliant and original, - Harri666

Who put this on here? The Wii U was awesome in which offering innovative fun stuff. This list is bull. Whoever put this on here shall be skinned alive. - recaller

It's my favorite console. - Metts

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167Nintendo Entertainment System

Why in the f$^@ would the NES, the console that saved the video game crash be here?!?!

The NES was a great system, the best of the third generation! Still, it couldn't compete with the 16-bit, blast-processing Sega Genesis, which was arguably better, the controller could have been bigger and molded into your hands more comfortably, and the Sega Master System was superior in terms of power. Also, the NES can break down if it gathers too much dust, and the licensed LJN games are to be avoided. But really, that's just nit-picking for an excellent 8-bit game console.

But the NES saved the video game industry after the crash of 1983.

Great console, but can you ease up on the difficulty? I want to have fun.

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