Top Ten Worst Guitar Brands

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First Act
Who the heck put Fender and Gibson on this list?


Like 39% of the people said, they are simply the worst. The first guitar I owned was the Ibanez Gio, I thought it was amazing. I play it every now and then, but not too much anymore. For its price, I think it is the best starter guitar, 10 times better than any first act. I owned a first act, it was the worst guitar of all time. Me finger killed after playing it because the strings are so hard to push down, the frets don't even stay attached to the guitar. All beginner guitarist, don't get first act.
First Act is a very peculiar guitar company. They have guitars that sell at Toys R Us that will literally fall apart in your hands. They sell pedals that are a complete joke, leaving you with the impression that they must be a bad, bad joke. Then something strange happened, I did a little research and found some info that was stunning. First Act has a couple of guitar lines that are some of the finest guitars I have ever seen, heard, or even read about. They have guitars that go for $3000 plus and are better guitars than any person commenting on this board will ever have the opportunity of even being in the same room with (including myself) Who would have thought?! Go figure.
[Newest]Comes in a cardboard box one would be forgiven to believe is from a knock off Lego set. The body is born from the hands of the utmost prestigious luthiers in the world... (he said sarcastically) Even for beginners, you'd be better off using a cereal box with rubber bands as a guitar. at least that one would have been well made.

No joke though, the best beginner guitar should be one that makes you want to pick it up and play it. Unless your goal is think you sound bad purely off the fact your instrument is poor, I recommend going out and trying guitars at different locations with someone you know that has experience in the field.
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Personally, I don't like the fender and gibson knockoffs, and squire's aren't the best brand, but I have a squire telecaster, which is actually great quality, better than I expected, and it has a slightly more drier, shaky tone that an actual tele, which is a nice feature. My friend has a squire precision bass, and upon hearing it, I honestly thought it was an actual precision bass at first, so, if you must get squire, than consider either the tele or the precision.
Three levels of Squier. The top levels the make are great!
Fender is already skating on the name alone. Nothing really quality about them. They made it big when there was no competition, so therefore they are a relic, which can always fool people into thinking it also means interchangeable with 'quality'. Squier is the poor persons, Mexican made edition of Fender. Do the math.
[Newest]The squire start plays very well. Also I think Telecaster's STINK!

I realize this list is for the worst, uyt being a musician for the past 40 years, I don't look for the worst or cheapest... Every guitar manufacturer, from Gibson to First Act, have variations in their instrumentsa that can be tweaked to suit the playability of a particular instrument... I have an early model SX guitar, that has a great action and the electronics and quality of wood, make this my back-up on stage and the one I always practice with... !
No one guitar is going to sound, OR play, exactly like another of the same model, and I'm sure the newer/cheaper manufactured SX guitars will not compare to the vintage instrument I own...
SX still is my main stage and recording guitar. Its great when you pimp it up...
SX guitars are made from good tone woods, have a good feel and sound. They do need some tweaking for the best playability, however they have good quality for the price. I've played Fenders and Gibsons that aren't worth 1/4 of what they cost.
[Newest]I have a couple of SX guitars. They're really not bad at all. They are solidly made, sound good and are easy to play.

Unbelievable how people are ignorant. Yamaha makes number of products but the origin and set up are totally different. Its music division was used to be specialized manufacturer called "Nippon Music Instrument". Yamaha took over and still maintains the specialty.
The Fact That Taylor, Gretsch, Gibson, Fender Are On The List. Is Blasphemy


If you don't know what brand to buy, buy Yamaha. There's a reason this brand is chosen by almost every music education establishment, they are the best available. The only downside is a lack of style, which I personally prefer, fashion is for sheep.

I disagree totally, I had a applause about 20 years ago and I wish I never had to sell it. It was a great guitar for the price and it sounded great hooked up to a decent amp.
I own an '80s Applause Strat and when played clean, sounds better than a MIM strat. Dirty sounds a little muddy but that might be because I have a crappy 60 watt Peavey amp.
Low cost version of the Ovation, not too bad.
[Newest]I've played an applause 12 string and it's not bad it has a smooth feeling to it. I'm 13!

This is the worst guitar in the world


I have bought a esp e150 years ago used for the money esp got it together wont buy nothing else a year ago bought a esp vyper 400 one dude said it is a poor mans guitar well to each his own its for metal most of the tone is in your fingers but it helps to have decent geer esp does it rite I'm not promoting I just can't find anything wrong with it in my opinion peace
What the Hell ESP Shouldn't be here Since they're on the other list for best guitar brands!
Okay dude. I respect your opinions. But ESP currently is the number one guitar for nee genres of metal and rock. So get your facts right and do research and you will see that the greatest bands of all time use ESP as a trusted brand
Switching to ESP was the best decision I ever made? Who put this here?
[Newest]I got one I love it

False, the only acoustics that might come close to as sweet a sound as taylor is martin, and there are only a handful that may make the list. I have never been disappointed with any taylor I have picked up.
Taylor Guitars are the gold standard and to just see them on this list proves how worthless this list really is
While Taylor guitars are popular I find them to be very overrated. They aren't bad guitars, but there is nothing special about them. The best acoustic guitars for my money are made by Guild. Their electrics are very good as well. Brands like Taylor and Gibson benefit from good marketing and brand recognition, but in terms of quality and tone they fall a little short to me.
I'm sorry, but you are incredibly misinformed. Taylor, Gibson, and Martin make the greatest acoustic guitars that one's hands could ever grace. Brands are popular for a reason... They are quality products. No one will ever hear of "guild guitars" cause they suck compared to Taylor, Gibson, or Martin. End of story
I think they wanted to say the ELECTRIC TAYLORS!
[Newest]I have never ever been disappointed with any Taylor that I've picked up. So far out of the guitars I have, I'm think my taylor is the best one!

Excellent sound and eaasy fretting! Well made, attractive and improves with age.
Washburn was the brand of guitar I chose when I decided to start playing guitar after 20 years of inactivity and I was not disappointed. My electric experience been great and I didn't have to break the bank!
People must not know what they are talking about. Washburn makes some of the best quality guitars, Period.

I have had some dog bad guitars! You and every one passes up Rickenbacker. I just dumped mine, I had two in my life they are bad out dated guitars. I saw people come in a store to buy one, they play one with a great Fender amp and walk out with some other brand. You do not see and of the greats play them. The sounds of the 60's is not a Ricky. Look for them and you will only see old photo of Lennon play one, no solos!
I just watched a PBS special of Hulabaloo. Of the more than thirty groups and least 20 were using Rics. This is not even including Suzanna Hoffs, Steppenwolf, Roger McGuinn and a host of others. The fact that there is a waiting list for them would suggest that no nothing about Rickenbackers, the guitars or their history.

The Contenders

I have a friend who plays an ashton, and he actually thinks it's a good guitar, while he constantly has to put paper under the strings because otherwise everything above the 3th fret is literally unplayable. Poor guy
I made the mistake of buying a cheap Ashton acoustic just for practice, big mistake my god they are awful
I have nothing really important to say but Ashton guitars should be on the top list..

The reason I hate this brand is because, they advertise like there toys are a real instruments. The fret board feels like ass, the whammy bar does nothing be put the guitar out of tune. It should be a lil Wayne signature guitar, then they would have an excuse to make a Horrible guitar.
This is like a starter guitar worse than Squier or First Act. They can't hold a tune, they can't play without feedback/buzzing, and they are worth about as much as a guitar pick.
I own a spectrum and they're not that bad. They play just like a stratocaster I may be 13 but I know what a good guitar is because I am the best guitar player in my school.

I love my Mitchell! It's my second acoustic and my favorite by far! It does sound a little too bright acoustically but over an amp it sounds GREAT especially for the price!
A great guitar for its price

Unique sounds, especially the ones with the tuned sound holes. Good guitar if you stand up and use a strap.
I have a deep dish acoustic electric cutaway Ovation Legend that has been my main (and favorite) guitar for the last 20 years - excellent, deep sound - has onboard eq & never goes out of tune, even in the winter, by a bonfire - sturdy as an ox. I agree that the shallow body ovations don't have as nice a sound.
Ovation is the best these people above me are wrong
Plastic crap made for pennies and dumbed down for an ape to work on.

15Daisy Rock
This guitar is absolutely terrible.
Worst. Guitar. I've. Ever. Used.
Daisy rock is terrible

Honestly, this is a pretty good brand. If you're looking for a Gibson sound on a budget, Epiphone does a really good job of replicating that Gibson tone. Granted, it's not going to be perfect, but it's one of the best in the price range.
I bought an Epiphone Les Paul Special for my son. It has great sound and is fun to play. Tuning pegs aren't the best, but it's a fantastic guitar. Yes, someday he will upgrade to a Gibson but an Epiphone is a million times better than the Les Paul copies we used to play back when I was a kid.
Seriously Epiphone is way better than a "Daisy Rock". That is not a good name. Epiphone should not even be in the top 20
[Newest]I like a nice Gibson. An Epiphone is just a cheaper version of a Gibson. Same 13 year old speaking.

These guitars use very cheap materials. I bought a washburn WM24v PROE for $300 and it come with Mahogany body & neck, phenolic fretboard, emg81/85 and original floyd rose... Ibanez RG costs $400 and comes with basswood body, bolt on maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, shoddy pickups and a licensed floyd that WILL NOT stay in tune. Poor quality for money, if you get a Ibanez go for a fixed bridge/string-thru because their trems are HORRIBLE! Original floyd is the only way to go!
The best guitar money can buy! The best guitar there is. Gibson is like the nostalgic VW van with a fresh coat of poorly chosen, environmentally disastrous paint and the Ibanez is the Nissan GTR, bristling with the best in technology for a reasonable price.
I have a Ibanez bass it not really that bad besides the fact you haft to tune it down a half a step to play it

YUCK. looks good, but bad quality. great for beginners. but don't stick with it for more than a month.
It's Givson, an Indian ripoff the Original brand... Sucks!
Its just a cheap fake gibson

Junky guitars made for hyperactive children who think ugly graphics are cool. I mean seriously, have you seen the garbage Dean puts out at Guitar Center? The one thing even more immature is the Dean Forum.
The original Dean's from the early 80's were truly amazing guitars, but the weird Neon Strat copy stuff with the Solid white necks that were branded dean would have been better off as firewood if it wasn't for any toxic side effects that would have come from burning the paint that they glopped on. --Total Garbage.
Crummy guitars made in sweatshops in China and Indonesia. Top that off with the absolute worst Guitar Forum on the internet full of immature trolls and you have a brand to be ashamed of. Really sad as the original Dean Zelinsky guitars were amazing.
[Newest]I have a Dean Mako Acoustic, and it sounds way better than any of the 50+ acoustics I have played over the years.

Granada is quite a good guitar. Actually it is amazing
. I have one and I haven't changed its original strings since 5 years it also has good quality of wood because I have dropped it many times but it still sounds perfect who the hell put it in the worst list

Worst guitars ever. Bought one last year. I'd rather wipe my arse withe a grater then buy another
Terrible. Had the misfortune of playing one and the frets were wider than the neck!
Worst guitar ever... I have a Stagg Stratocaster copy and an Ibanez RG321MH. I never use my Stagg it keeps on distuning and it have a buzz sound that comes even with you put the channel on clean, and when it is overdrive... It is just for beginners, but still awful.

22Greg Bennett
Your mom has no nipples
I bought a Greg bennet avion 2 for 80 bucks at a second hand store and it's great. Sounds awesome for cleans and rock the action is low no fret buzz/choke and unplugged it's sounds very accoustic like not to to mention they come stock with Grover tuners and they stay intune after hours of bending
I have had one for the last ten years and it is a real good guitar of the money.

All the Rogue's that I have are made in China. With a little bit of nut and bridge (saddle) work, they sound just as good as guitars costing 5 times the price.

Good for newbies but seriously the worst guitar I've ever owned! Why the hell is Gibson on this list? My favourit brand by miles, expensive yes but the quality you get is amazing!

Called pyle for a reason. because they are a pyle of crap.

Jackson is owned by Fender now and are a very good guitar for starters.
My old original Jackson PS-2 is one of my favorite guitars, even though it's now almost completely worn out. I've heard the Fender versions are not on a par with the originals.
Made in China and India Jacksons: Yes, absolute junk.
Made in USA Jacksons: God himself couldn't build a better guitar.

Econau guitars have many flaws, jack wears out, the tune and volume knobs come loose or fail to work and the strings will snap after a few uses and the pickups barely work so its more like a glorified acoustic...

Made by the worst factory in the Philippines, ripped off the MC CURDY guitar in New York. Pickups rust in 10 days, half sized guitar, thick neck, priced almost as a Squier guitar and a 10watt amplifier and uses the worst painting that fades. Not even a starter guitar but a toy. I won't recommend this.
I hate this guitar brand!

I'd never heard of this brand but was recently in a store in North Carolina looking for a nylon string guitar. The salesman asked me if I was "open minded" and if I'd be receptive to trying a brand that I probably had never heard of. He handed me a really pretty instrument with a very different looking headstock. I immediately figured he was showing me a very expensive instrument. I asked how much it cost, but he didn't answer. He simply replied "Try it, then let me know what you think." I had no idea how much this guitar would cost, and honestly I hate guessing games, but the guitar was really beautiful. I played several classical guitars there that day. A Yamaha, a Cordoba and an Alvarez, but the Merida was unquestionably the best sounding (and looking).
The Merida cost $499. and blew the other comparably priced instruments out of the water. I didn't buy the Merida that day, but shortly after purchased two! I am now the proud owner of a T15 classical and a C35-GACES steel string guitar with a very comfortable "break/armrest" built into the side.
I play the nylon string almost every day and hate to ever put it down. I highly suggest trying these guitars. They are an up and coming company that I continue to hear more and more about.
Great quality guitars. Their classical guitars are among the best I have ever played at any price. I am the proud owner of a T25. It cost $899 and sounds every bit as good as a $4000. custom classical I had hand built in Spain in early 1992.
The Solid Cedar top resonates very well, the fit and finish are astoundingly beautiful. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a really great value and a terrific overall guitar look at a Merida!
The most beautiful and best sounding guitar ever - but "made in China"-quality: the wood doesn¬'t rest long enough, therefore it "moves" much more than usual. So you have to take care in winter. The repair-service within guarantee is a problem in Europe. No service in most of the countries. A month ago I had to leave my guitar in the shop - and I¬'ll probably wait 2 months further until I get it back. Meanwhile, my guitar travels through the EU..
[Newest]Nice guitars! Cool headstock. Looks like Lag, but better quality (I think! )

Totally disappointed in the workmanship.. No quality control.. the fret bars raised off the neck are so sharp that they almost cause lacarations in your fingers, they Pickups are the Cheapest you can get and I am very disappointed in the quality control and what product exactly they are trying to put out the door... maybe revamp your product and put out least worth getting a good review over...

I have a Kona Signature Acoustic with beautiful inlays in the wood. I believe the body is mahogany, decent resonant tone, and once I shimmed up the saddle bridge (which technically should have been replaced all together due to notching), sounds better than my Martin in many ways, where it better distributes the low, high, and mid-range tones. The Martin is too bassy sounding, but have ordered new bone bridge saddle, which hope it improves the cheap plastic one it came with...
I just bought a kona dakota and it looks good and sounds great. You do know what they say about opinions yes right that everyone has one. Just saying!
These guitars sound horrible. It was the worst guitar purchase I have ever made.

Honestly. Worst sounding things. You'd have to get a stupidly expensive one to get a sound that doesn't sound like a crappy $200 starter Epiphone lpj.

One of the most over looked and shockingly good guitars I have ever played in my 23 years of chopping wood. In their rich history there have been little misses, but over all Aria guitars are supreme to their competitor especially at the price point. My 1977 Aria les paul copy has at leased twice the balls as my buddy's 6 year old Gibson and tons more playability. Forget about comparing to epiphone, seriously. eBay yourself a Aria electric and you WILL be pleasantly surprised. Aria acoustics; If your reaching for a nylon, Aria makes some of the best classical guitars with a history of employing some of the most well noted artisans of the craft, such as Ryoji Matsuoka. Fine craftsmanship all around, built with quality woods and have a tendency to get better with age, laminated or not. As for steal strings, I've only played one to be honest, but this Martin 'lawsuit' was a work of art. Thank you.
I have a 1974 acoustic model 9400 sound better then most top brand names out there
What? I have an early 90s pe and I've recorded with it and its one of the best guitars I've ever played. Beutifull clean lp tone and ballsy as when you dirty it up. I also have a pro 2 fullarton which with the fender lace sensor pups I put in it, plays and sounds as good as any strat I've played in thirty years. Check the new arias comming out of the states at the moment and they are really awesome looking guitars. There is also a reason the early ones are known as lawsuit guitars as Gibson though they were so good they had to sue them!

The sound quality made by the strings are great.
The materials used for the guitar isn't bad. Great for beginners. However, one will soon discover that its not easy to press the string on the fret board. Many chords can't be pressed easily. So, I will probably give it a 6/10 for this brand.


36Jay Jr

37B.C. Rich
The early US Stuff was top rate gear, as were some of the early Japanese because Rico's. --I hated almost all of the mid-late 80's NJ series aside from a couple Neck Through models. --The Bolt on Stuff was garbage, and the super budget models pad plywood bodies.
Got a because rich warlock revenge and it's a great guitar. The pickups are musical. Tighten the flippin tuners if your guitar goes out of tune. I have a schecter hellraiser and you can hear every string on a chord.
OH COME ON.B.C. Rich sucks. Favorites:

Just bought a Grand suzuki electric. Great guitar. Fender strat and gibson in one guitar. Sounds super!
One of the finest! And originall sound possibilities.
Great guitars made by pro's

My Stadium Jazz guitar, Johnny Smith style, is magnificent. Sold one to a friend and bought another. Good luck trying to find one.

40Carlo Robelli
I'm sorry, but all you guys don't know what a bad guitar is. This guitar is the worst piece of crap I've ever used, and I'll never use one again. DO NOT GET's fake...I mean, plastic. Yeah. It's pretty awful. And not to mention the horrible sound it makes, and how hard it is to play.


Hello, kiddies. Here comes me, the storyteller of the holy craps. Once upon a time there was here in Brazil a brand called as above - it translates into "Soundly King" but the only soundly thing about it was its crapiness. It wouldn't fall apart, for it wqas made of one single piece of scrap wood and just about everything on it was kept in place with - cheap - glue. It came standard with stripped steel cable wire strings and doorbell coil pickups. As it couldn't get any worse, it featured an inline set of two acoustic guitar bar tuning machines and its frets were made of copperwire clippings. One great day, this Manufacturing Empire of Evil went bankrupt - as expected - and crumbled upon itself as an imploded rotten card castle, and everyone was happy ever after. The end.

43Burns Guitars
Had 3 burns cobra's every one has had poor fret work. I'm not talking about the 60's models. Just the parts bin thrown together cobra they are f#%$ing awful


My Hondo got its tires stuck in my grandmothers snatch...
I'm getting a Hondo revival 335 from a family member and I heard it plays better than a Gibson 335. Of course the Gibson 335s are still awesome.


471979 Cort Classic.
Beautifully made and very solid. The neck never moves and I'd love to see if anyone could tell the difference between this guitar and a Gibson Les Paul Custom in a blind test. Cort make more electric guitars than anyone else and dry store the timber for two years prior to manufacture. In the end it all comes down to personal preferences surely?

Schecters are great, I'm just being a dick by putting in on the list.
Laugh out loud to the "Shecters are great, I'm just being a dick by putting this on the list." guy.
Ever wonder why you see so many for sale on sites like Craigslist? , put any guitar up for trade on CL in 10 minutes you'll have a guy offering you a Schechter for whatever you have.. Its no a coincidence they're always "on sale" at music stores.


I've played better guitars in the Early Learning Centre

The Aluminum neck stuff was Tre cool, the 'American Made' stuff was good, the Stryker line was wonderfully craptacular, though I did come across a Stryker that had a prototype Floyd Rose. --The Floyd was worth more than the guitar!
I'm getting an axe shaped guitar and it's a Kramer. Kramer's is acually a custom brand

52K Tone
Good as a beginner guitar not much else


Earlier models weren't bad. I have two and the play well and sound good.


They make fake guitars like these to make people think it's a Gibson when it's a copy of a Gibson except the letters are spelled different then Gibson.
Overpriced Chinese crap that some crooks in China sell on line to stupid westeners willing to pay for a hedstock and a name only

My school has a legend bass guitar and boy does it suck major balls. It breaks every time you unplug the cable, it is put out of tune by just PLUCKING one of the strings! A joke of a guitar company.
This fender Chinese copy sucks I mean seriously

These guitars are the worst I've ever played. Their web site is very misleading as it states that they have a uk they don't...they have a storage unit in the uk. They claim that they have expert luthiers working they don't. Pretty much everything about this company is bull...I bought a 12 string and had it appraised by a member of the guitar makers guild after finding a few problems with it, after e-mailing them to resolve the problems I was sent the same guitar not a replacement but the same faulty one with a new nut..jokers...
Agreed. Over-priced Chinese crap. I work in a guitar shop that used to sell them, we had so many problems with them we no longer deal with freshman. Avoid them.
I have several freshman guitars and they are all amazing guitars. I don't know any brand that can beat the high quality/price ratio of Freshman.


This guy above me is WRONG! Gibsons are the best even better than him. The only reason why he dose'nt like Gibson is because he can't afford one but he dreams every night about playing one. He only plays guitars called first act.
My first electric guitar was a white single pickup with a tortiseshell pickgaurd. Paid $30.00 for it new. Learned on it, still have it in original box. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would say it's a 7. I will hand it down to my granddaughter one day.


I could watch the bridge rise as I attempted to tune the acoustics. Sales-weasel stated that it was a one-off- did the same thing with all of the acoustics- every one.
The bracing is a joke; so is the glue that holds the wood to the binding- first humid day? Whoops- guitar fell apart!

Guitars fall apart quickly- black on the fretboard is painted in, the little fret markers can be removed just by pushing down one side. The amp blows chunks as well... I do have a bit of a positive, though: maybe the instrument cable wasn't too bad
Crap shaped like a guitar! They should market esteban's hat and glasses, now that's cool!

Heartz is a guitar company but I thought it was a truck rental place.
Heartz makes great pet products.
Heartz pet products are great

Some douche named Lemming plays one.



Overrated as hell, just like gibson, fender usa, esp or any other brand that makes cheaper and comparable versions of their instruments
Overrated as hell!, just like Gibson, fender usa, ESP and any other company that produces cheaper and comparable copies of their own instruments
These two people said the exact same thing so I'll go with that to

This guys right any guitar in India sucks because it's made out rotted wood because the country is so poor and crummy
Made in India, sucks
It's a fake replica of a hofner like I said the las comment it's made out of rotted wood

What fender isn't bad, who the hell said it was top 8 of the worst?
Fender is one of the best brands by the worst
That is one of the reasons it is so expensive!
You get what you pay for!
Fender is NOT bad. I'm not saying they are the best but they are definitely not bad. I have a strat and its great, I really like the feel of it. However says that fender is bad obviously doesn't know a lot about guitars
[Newest]The most overpriced guitars on the market.

Gibson is the greatest guitar company ever. The only other comparable brand is Ruokangas in Finland. People who don't like gibson hate gibson cause they want one of their guitars and can't afford one.
Gibson is a Great Brand... But Martin Guitars Blow Gibsons out of the water for sound... Sorry but it is so true
Gibson guitars are terrible, in my opinion. Their guitars are NOT versatile whatsoever (If you buy a Gibson, you're either gonna play classic rock, blues, or jazz), their quality control has gone off a cliff, their prices are outrageous, the tone is mediocre, and they just make re-hash after re-hash of the same bloody guitar.
Gibson was great back in the day.
I'm afraid that's the sad truth. Gibson guitars used to be great guitars. They still generally make a basically good guitar, but I won't forgive them for deliberately selling a custom guitar that had fading stain on the binding, (binding is plastic too - like what kind of big deal is that), and a neck they FULL WELL KNEW would warp in a couple years. Original owner paid probably $3500. I bought it used for $2800 and took 4 years and $400 to get it to tune. But still it isn't right - lots of fret buzz. What can I say, Gibson really sucks.


A friend of mine had a Gibson Acoustic Guitar. It was solid maple. It was a beautiful guitar. but it had the worst sound you could have in a guitar. We had a bluegrass band and he tried playing that piece of junk with us. No volume, no character, no bass and no boom. the only thing that guitar was good for was to look at it!
[Newest]I agree with this guy at the bottom Gibson is the best. And that's coming out of the mouth of a 13 year old. Also I have been there where people don't like Gibson just because they can't afford it
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72Gretsch Guitars
Eat it... Gretsch Rocks! Make list that means something
Nice fast necks, great tone.
I have a couple of Gresch's and they are great Guitars.

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