Top 10 Worst Missions In the Halo Franchise

Halo is great at its core. The mechanics, the enemies you encounter, the sound, the atmosphere... all of those have never been absent from any of the levels of the franchise. But even in Halo, there are levels that have a hard time shining because there's an unfortunate layer of poor decision making, filler and pointlessness that covers them.

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1Cortana - Halo 3

Ugh! It was a grind beating the Flood in HCE's Library but you always knew where to go thanks to Guilty Spark and you just had to take your time and retreat behind cover when the Flood respawns were heavy, rinse and repeat. Plenty of ammo drops made it easier, I was up to my eyeballs in shotgun shells in the Library LOL.

But in Cortana, you are dropped in a literal hellhole with lots of weaponless Flood and ammo scarcity issues. Twisting and winding caverns make it difficult to retreat for cover. And the Flood that shoot spikes on this level are a total pain. They're like Jackals with the health points of Brutes!

I get why they made this level - all through H3 it's foreshadowed with the Chief's visions that Cortana got herself into deep trouble and the Chief would need to go through hell and back to save her. But wandering through Jabba the Hut's anus and intestines and shooting up the flood in a virtual enema is quite the nervewracking experience. It was supposed to ...more

How are we going to end the trilogy, Bungie asked itself. Why, how about two Flood levels? And let's make the first one of the two a claustrophobic, confusing mess with frustrating encounters. The art is quite brilliant, but everything else flops.

VERY HARD on Heroic. At the beginning, you are dropped into the meat grinder. Several rooms make you feel as though you need an hour to clear each one, even if you don't die much. I still need to finish it on Legendary, and I am not looking forward to it.

It just sucks

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2The Library - Halo: Combat Evolved

So easy to get lost in this level, with TEN different sections, and very unclear directions/queues to get going to the next part. I struggle on this level on easy sometimes. And the rocket launcher flood - they get me every time. The layout of this level isn't well thought out, and if Bungie wanted to make you hate the flood, they did a good job.

Although the Cortana mission was bad The library was far worse. Repetitive, annoying, painfully long and difficult this mission drove me insane! To be honest I always hated the Flood as the low point of the Halo series as well as a being uninteresting and unnecessary secondary antagonist.

After playing this mission on legendary with my friend for three days we beat it. I believe this level should be number 1 due to the poor level layout, and the infinite "Zurg Rush." To keep it short and simple, the flood are way over powered, and toward the end of the level there is a door that will lock you out if you back into it, causing you to restart the mission over and over and over again.

This is the best level ever! What is it doing here! I LOVE this level!

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3Floodgate - Halo 3

In the preceding level, you came to the top of this hill, then some ship crashed on the other side of the city, which got infected. So what do you know, now youve got to fight your way back, this time through packs of the now-annoying Halo 3 flood. What an unimportant level. But the atmosphere shines. -

Really not that bad, eerie atmosphere and has a flamethrower!

Basically the same thing as the previous level, the storm, except with the flood.

Its pretty easy fir a flood level but like all flood levels its pretty boring

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4Requiem - Halo 4

Its Long and boring. Though it is sort of interesting and has some good scenery. But the gameplay is annoying and boring. I find it as the worst mission in Halo 4.

Just walking around a dark dingy place doing boring objectives which are pointless in the long run

Literally the most linear halo level ever, and not in any kind of good way

Overall unexciting, feels like Call of Duty rather than Halo.

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5Two Betrayals - Halo: Combat Evolved

Oh my god. I just can't believe it. I have always been a Halo fan, and I've been on it since Halo CE. The Halo I missed was 2 and Wars. ODST Was a disappointment, but nonetheless a Halo. I guess when I got Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, I forgot how LONG, REPETITIVE, and downright BORING this mission was. All you do, is move to the next section, take cover, fire, clear section, move to next section, take cover, fire, clear section, move to next section, WAIT! CUTSCENE! CORTANA TELLS YOU TO BLOW UP YOUR ENERGY SHIELD, move to next section, take cover, fire, clear section, move to next section, take cover, fire, clear section, move to next section, take cover, fire, clear section, hey look! I get a Banshee, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, shoot, fly, land, take cover, fire, clear section, move to next section, blow energy shields again, go back to banshee, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, fly, land, take cover, fire, clear section, move to next section, take cover, fire, move to next section. I ...more

Who ever put this level is crazy. This is a amazing level

It's bad enough that it's constantly walking through the same room copied and pasted throughout the map, with segments where you're forced to WALK through areas clearly designed for warthogs and ghosts, but it gets worse; IT'S ASSAULT ON THE CONTROL ROOM BACKWARDS. And that's not even an exaggeration. It's literally the exact same map, just at night.

Do you like backtracking an entire level, with endless waves of difficult enemies? Then Two Betrayals is for you.

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6Nightfall - Halo Reach

Worst in reach, though still good

Good level for sniping and included a range of wildlife as well E. G the Moa, the enormous Guta and rats... ?

It feels like the whole level was ripped from the sniping mission in Halo CE. Yeah, the Moa's and stuff are cool, but overall, it just comes off as tedious.

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7Inifinity - Halo 4
8Crow's Nest - Halo 3

Pointless backtracking. Still, lots of fun. -

9Data Hive - Halo 3: ODST

It's not moody. It's not half the big dark revelation it claims to be. Oh and it's also the worst level of the not so superb Halo 3: ODST collection of levels. -

ODST sucks altogether so I'm voting for this. The only good thing about this game is that you get the map packs for H3 and because you can unlock the other vidmaster challenges. Horrible campaign, dark and dingy gameplay. This shouldn't even be worthy of being called a "Halo" game. Give this a thumbs up if you have the recon helmet!

This is a annoying level. Very well thought bout but just a pain when your mates tell you there's a flamethrower andyou cacan't find it. I loved halo 3 odst,but this level was just annoying on legendary. The only part that was worse, was when you hhopped on the elevator and buggers attacked you! WHY! There's no cover, and they kill you in a matter of seconds. I had to crouch behind the elavatir controls and spam everything I got.

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10Mombasa Streets - Halo 3: ODST

The night and music are striking. But everything else is so-so. The detective bits are a waste of time. The confrontations are weak. -

This level is the reason this game is the worst in the whole series. You spend more time here looking for clues to the next level than you do in the actual levels.

Nothing interesting at all in this level. Random fights and pointless open world design - something the Halo franchise is not known for. Music is okay.

You only need to complete the prepare to drop mission and it says you've completed all the Mombasa street missions.

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?Midnight - Halo 4

God, I HATE this level. You keep crashing into things, and you have so little time to react you'll end up restarting the level over and over again. Then you get to the regular ground missions. There are so few checkpoints that even after making it through multiple portals to the point where you have to defend Cortana, if you get killed you have to restart at the armory.

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11The Storm - Halo 3

It's not really that bad. The scarab battle was pure awesome!

The first two levels on this list are bad, but the rest our good- shows how great Halo is.

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12Tayari Plaza - Halo 3: ODST

This ironically is the only level Gamespot must've been referring to when mentionning an occasional bland cut and paste feel in ODST. -

I liked Tayari Plaza. First time we're introduced to Buck. - Canuck101

13343 Guilty Spark - Halo: Combat Evolved

What was Bungie thinking when they created the Flood? The introduction of the Flood is plain boring, is repetitive, is long and the Flood is just annoying, the worst enemy in the whole Halo franchise.

Long, Boring, repetitive and just a maze. However the introduction of the Flood via the marine's memory data was great though, like something out a horror movie

The introduction of the flood was scary I hate the sounds they make I hate the exploding ones they are creepy

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14Forerunner - Halo 4

Hate me for it, but I actually like the variety of combat situations and large battlefields. Also, I like how much more intense the mission gets on your way up to the didact. Overall, requiem and shutdown are way worse

Boring. You shoot some forerunners, cross a bridge, repeat.

WAY too many prometheans and take forever to kill on legendary

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15Arcadia City - Halo Wars

Halo Wars is a great, underrated game. This level took me weeks. Mostly because the Covenant just LOVE, they're banshees. The banshees would take a transport at full health and in seconds destroy it, and this is on normal!. Definitely the hardest and most rage inducing for me.

Hard, took ages to complete. Had to complete on easy at first but I've come back to it on harder difficulties. The problem is having to be in several places at once.

Love halo wars, but is possibly my least favourite mission in halo history

16Shutdown - Halo 4

They finally gave us a pelican, and somehow made it boring

17Halo - Halo 3

A fun mission in my opinion, but a horrible trilogy ending one, they should have switched the one where truth dies with this one, might have even made more sense

Good level, great ending to a much-loved trilogy, the boss was OK and Johnson's death was sad

Warthog drive nearly as good as the maw

Horrible final boss fight, the flood is so annoying in this level, absolutely hated the vehicle section and overall boring level design.

18Sierra 117 - Halo 3

I like the sniper sections and the damage battle to be honest

This should be way lower. One of my fondest memories in Halo came from from dominating this mission with my friend. The people who dislike this are only salty because they keep getting killed by the jackal snipers. #getgood

You don't do anything except walk and fight a few bad battles.

19Reclaimer - Halo 4

Surprisingly, the only good part is when your able to get away from the mammoth and start driving in a hog

This level crashed on me like 4 'times. it sucked, especially since it is a terrible level.

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20Uprising - Halo 2

It's just really hard to care. There's nearly no real drama, which this sad part of the story needed. This is not helped by your opponents being only the jackals and annoying Halo 2 brutes. -

I didn't think it was too bad really

Boring, really, what makes you go Wow about this level

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