Worst Kids Cartoons of All Time


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Fish Hooks
That show just makes me want to rip my eyes out!


This show is completely stupid. Has horrible graphics. And if you haven't noticed all the voices are washed up actors
This show sucks and it is just the stupidest show ever
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2Johnny Test
Lemme get this straight:

Johnny is a whiny, self-centered, pathetic kid who thinks he's cool but in reality is retarded. No one likes him for the sole reason that he blackmails, lies, steals, makes dirty jokes, and doesn't appreciate anything given to him. The sickest thing about him, though, is that these qualities are woven together in such a way that children laugh and follow his behavior. My little sister watches this. I can notice very clear signs of her copying this ugly, flaming hair kid's actions. When my mom says no, she goes, "PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! " When my dad asks, "What's ten plus two? " she says "Um... Sausage? Monster truck? "

Now to the sisters. They're supposed to be geniuses, but really are idiots. Their inventions are poorly thought out and would make absolutely no sense in real life. The writers assume that if they throw in a couple scientific terms into their script, the kids will buy it. Well, NO. They're just plain idiots for letting Johnny steal everything. They're also stupid enough to leave their lab unlocked, and to let themselves be blackmailed by Johnny.

In short, Johnny test is supposed to be the average kid, but this isn't what real kids act like. This is what the ADULT writers THINK normal kids like- video games, monster trucks, potato chips, tooth-rotting candy, burping. Yes, sometimes kids do like those, but not JUST those. Johnny has no manners, and now kids are becoming like him.
This show is very boring, very derivative and every single unlikeable character with the exception of Dukey, Mrs. Test, Jillian Vegan and Janet Nelson Jr. (The only likeable characters) are absolutely worthless scum. But Johnny test is the worst character on the show. He's widely disrespectful, selfish, troublesome, narcissistic, bratty, annoying, insipid and completely whiny ass who thinks he's better than everyone else, constantly disobeys his parents, steals his sisters' inventions and blackmails people to get what he wants. Johnny makes Fred Figglehorn look like SpongeBob. This show needs to be cancelled. This should've ended a long time ago SpongeBob deserves to go on because it's everything this show isn't this show needs to go off the air.
The characters with the exception of the only likeable characters Dukey, Mrs. Test, Jillian Vegan, Janet Nelson Jr. and the squrriel girl, the characters are so badly-defined that they're cardboard cutouts with the worst and most carboard cutout character being Johnny Test himself. Johnny Test thrives on causing trouble, playing video games, hates school, eats junk food, never eats his vegetables, disobeys his parents, throws tantrums when he doesn't get his way and never means well. Johnny is basically a stereotype of how adults view youths but this not what real youths act like. This is what the creator and the writers think normal youths act like. The show should've ended in 2011 and this is how it should've ended:
Johnny Test gets sent to boot camp.
Johnny Test finally sees himself for the scumbag he is and redeems himself.
Dukey convinces Susan and Mary to build an invention that could turn him into a better person and they do.
Go watch Regular Show it's way better.
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3The Mighty B!
I'm glad that show is over!


For your info the mighty bee is still on right now but it is still an annoying show.
Totally stupid and idiotic. Glad they pulled the plug on the The Mighty B!

4Dora the Explorer
Dora is also blind and deaf.
This stupid fat girl tries to make Toddlers deaf by yelling at the T.V.. I'm pretty sure they can hear you Dora. And she tries to teach toddlers Spanish when they barely know English. AND she teaches kids to tell a fox to stop stealing by saying SWIPER NO SWIPING! I don't think that will work, Dora. AANNND she teaches kids to leave the house and go on "adventures". This show is ruining the minds of children. :(
This show is MESSED UP. It's about a stupid pudgy bastard who always goes on adventures.
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5Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
This show is really lame.
This became a show, really


6Gravity Falls
This show is GREAT. This should be so much lower and Dora the Explorer should be number 1!
Your right this show sucks
Haters of this show must be blind or stereotypes
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7T.U.F.F. Puppy
It's a lame excuse for show. The jokes are mostly about farts and toilet humour. And annoying
It's a lie that it's worse

But it's so great! How dare you, Whoever put this on the list got dropped on their head when they were a baby.


Why the hell is this on the list? I've watched this show all of my 13 years and I still watch it. This is my favorite childhood anime. (Though I prefer it in Japanese)
I didn't mind Team Rocket at first but when it got to late Sinnoh it started pissing me off. DIE TEAM ROCKET DIE! I hope Ash and his Pikachu kill you! You ruined this whole show!
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9Rated A for Awesome
Rated A for Ass
Oh please, you think you're awesome? Well guess what? Rated a with a kiss mark stands for kiss my ass
Rated A For Awful.

10Adventure Time
I don't get it. Why are the new cartoon network shows are so dumb. I miss the older ones.


You had no childhood
No one does anything

The Contenders

This show sucks! It's so stupid. When I watch it I just wanna throw my T.V. out of the wndow.
I saw one episode of this and I started screeming
You are all morons. This show is great.

12Regular Show
I understand why some people like adventure time, the new my little pony, sponge bob or anything else which is hated for being popular but this dreadful and I honestly don't understand how anyone could watch this! Please take this show of the air or at least kill that raccoon in the most in humane way possible. I'm on my phone, don't judge my grammar as I do not want to re read my poorly written criticism.
Please take this off.
Why is tuff puppy spongebob and this now you guys don't even care about nickeloden I'm tired of you guys canceling my shows gr I HATE TOP TENS PS. I'm VERY SORRY, OK don't YOU GUYS AGREE
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13SpongeBob SquarePants
Who would put this on here. The old ones are great, but the new ones are questionable nonetheless.
SpongeBob is the greatest kids cartoon ever made! It shaped and filled my entire childhood, and lives a legacy greater than rugrats! And you put it above Sanjay and Craig! WHAT!?
Sanjay and craig are way worse than this
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14The Problem Solverz
This show is a problem.
I hate whoever put this here. The Problem Solverz is the best. It is from Paper Rad! I'm a big fan of Paper Rad and I love Problem Solverz!

15Fanboy & Chum Chum
Why hasn't nobody commented, this has got to be the WORST show in history. I like some episodes, but there are some I don't like

16My Little Pony
It stinks never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever watch it

17Phineas and Ferb
Why did you give Phineas and Ferb the green light, Disney Channel? I'll Tell you why:

"Disney Channel: [stupid voice] Duuhh...! We are to be DISNEY CHANNEL! Duhh...! We kickie you out of Disney, Kim Possible! We dood it, because in favor of Phineas and Ferb! We having a Cartoon about misshapen kids! That will being Funny! One guy with a triangle head, one guy with a blender head, and the female one with the bowl-head and the tongue-hair called the retardedly annoying Isabella! [guffaws] WE LOVING PHINEAS AND FERB! Yay!

Kim Possible: Disney Channel! Why?!

Phineas: [stupid voice] Duuhh.. Aee, Firb! I Are knowing what we be going to dew today!

Ferb: [no speaky]

Isabella: [stupid voice] Duuhh... Hae, Phineas! What are to be yew dewin'?

Kim Possible: AaaGGH! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! "
Why the heck do people love this show?! I loathe Phineas and Ferb! Anyone who loves this show oughta be ashamed!

In my opinion:

1. Phineas and Ferb fan = The Amazing World of Gumball hater

2. The Amazing World of Gumball fan = Phineas and Ferb hater
I'm ashamed of you for making this show, Disney Channel. Why would you do this?!
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18Sanjay and Craig

19Almost Naked Animals
This Canadian garbage is just worse than Fanboy & Chum Chum. Not only are Canadians lazy enough to rip off SpongeBob SquarePants, they created a show which isn't appropriate for children! The animals also look like monsters! This is the second worst Canadian cartoon to air on T.V. , behind Zombie Squirrel.
More like Almost Unaired Animals
More like Idiotic Rude Animals!

20Clifford the Big Red Dog

21Timon & Pumbaa
I love timon and pumbaa
Go to hell Timon and Pumbaa

22Chota Bheem
This is the worst cartoon I have seen

A rip-off of sponge bob Oswald is a stupid awful show. I am so glad they stopped airing it. Its not even educational, and the plots are annoying! One more thing, a cat that can speak without an accent but a red squid can speak with a giant accent... Do you see something wrong with this picture?
You know it only had 14 episodes


Oswald with his blue fat ass!

24Soupe Opera
That show is so lame! I absolutely hate Soupe Opera. PB&J Otter is worse than Soupe Opera. Sure, the fruits and veggies aren't creepy or insane, but the animation is.
I am so scared of this show.

25The Amazing World of Gumball
This show is seizure inducing, but not as much as Problem Solverz, but the animation is childish and creepy.

26Scaredy Squirrel
I have decided from now on I will never watch ANY silly Canadian cartoon. Why? Because I was angry to death when I saw Scaredy Squirrel! I was offended by the cheap animation, the bland goofball characters, and the fact that it ripped of SpongeBob. I just absolutely loathe this piece of garbage. I would rather watch Fanboy & Chum Chum or The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange!

27Ed, Edd n Eddy

28Magic School Bus

29My Dad the Rock Star

30The Get Along Gang

31Gilligan's Planet

32Yo Yogi!

33The Wacky World of Tex Avery

34Little Shop

35Popeye and Son

36Pink Panther and Sons

37My Little Monster

38Lazer Tag Academy

39Kick Buttowski: Suburban Daredevil
! Such crude humor. Farting, burping, even being nakes happens in this!

40Juanito Jones

41My Gym Partner's a Monkey


43The Neverending Story: The Animated Series

44Happy Ness: Secret of the Loch

45Special Agent Oso
Listen here, special agent oso will be the worst baby cartoon because oso is blind and deaf. I mean the red slide is like right there but he still asks where it is, because he can't see it. And when he asks questions he says "what did you just say" even when we are yelling the answer! OSO, DIE!

4664 Zoo Lane

47Handy Manny
Handy manny is a dumb show I do not like it anymore. I Like Phineas and Ferb, The Simpsons, Family guy, Spongebob, Wizards of waverly place, The Backyardigans, Max And Ruby, The Magic school bus, Regular show, adventure time, The X files, Avatar or super mario bros or back at the barnyard.

48Sofia the First
It's just like Digimon, except without the rip-off part. It's evil. Plus, it's on the channel that suddenly seems to be ripping of Nick Jr. Therefore, I'll never watch it. Ever.

Did Sofia illegaly go into that castle to steal equal rights to get this dumb show?

49Doc McStuffins
This show makes me jump out the window!

50Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

51Kid vs. Kat

52PB&J Otter
That show sucks! I'd rather watch Soupe Opera than to watch this show.

53Kim Possible
This show is the worst show ever is needs to be off the air
I know everybody likes this show. Listen! I'm not a bad guy. OKAY?! Everybody has their own opinion. Deal with it, Get over it, and move on. OKAY?! This show is boring, but not as boring as Phineas and Ferb.

54Speed Racer: The Next Generation

55Voltron Force
I hate the three cadets


57Max and Ruby


59Eliot Kid
Plain and boring. Hardly use any exaggeration.


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