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101 Toy Story 3 Toy Story 3
102 Gordy Gordy

Know one likes cinderrella please put it on because it is crap

103 Free Birds Free Birds

Planes is the best film ever compared to this!

I think even angry birds is better than this.

Freaky I cried and I had to walk out

This was actually good.

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104 Shaun the Sheep Movie Shaun the Sheep Movie

This is the best slow motion film ever. Stick to this rather than Fantastic Four (which sucks)

This movie was great! How can it be in the worst movie category

If anything this is one of the best films ever

This just proves new movies for kids are terrible. This was released in 2015, the same year many other bad movies were released

105 Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

How can you say that?! I loved Dora!

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106 The Master of Disguise The Master of Disguise

All I can say about this film is worst comedy worst kids film and it almost almost made it on to my top 11 worst movies I had ever seen list. P.S I don't think I really want to see this film again it's that bad.

107 Aladdin (Good Times) Aladdin (Good Times)

Knockoff of the Disney Aladdin. - Discord1

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108 Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure Charlotte's Web 2: Wilbur's Great Adventure V 1 Comment
109 Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016)

This movie was, creepy, dark, and terrible for kids I hate when Disney makes great movies but trashes the second...

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110 The Secret Life of Pets The Secret Life of Pets

I watched this already. It's not bad, but there's too much toilet humor that kids will find gross.

I like this movie I'm a fan of it so take it off.

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111 Charlotte's Web Charlotte's Web V 1 Comment
112 Cinderella III: A Twist in Time Cinderella III: A Twist in Time

You see, starting here haters without any taste start posting.

113 The Sound of Music The Sound of Music V 1 Comment
114 Barbie: Spy Squad Barbie: Spy Squad
115 An Ant's Life An Ant's Life
116 Cars Life 2 Cars Life 2
117 Hop Hop

It really cute my favorite part when he poops out jelly beans!

I don't care what you say I will always love this movie!

Hey this movies actually pretty good, also a little funny.

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118 Horton Hears a Who Horton Hears a Who

Its not overrated, it doesn't have a huge fandom like frozen or something

This movie is so overrated, okay?

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119 The Phoenix and the Carpet The Phoenix and the Carpet

THe acting is horrible, the plot is bad, and is so annoying!

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120 Fun Size Fun Size

Why in the hell would Nickelodeon make a movie like this?! Nickelodeon oughta be ashamed of themselves for adding adult material in this film.

Nickelodeon is just money grabbing and greedy. They don't care about kids they only care about money!

This is the worst Nickelodeon movie ever! This film is for adults, not for kids! Why is it rated PG-13 anyways?!

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