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I was browsing the interwebz when I came across Kidz Bop. I am awaiting nightmares for the next year or two. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Thrift Shop
It was made, and it was frighteningly terrible. "Rock some tags" and "This is really awesome" basically sum it up.

P.S. they lie... It's not "really awesome"
This isn't just the worst Kidz Bop cover of all time, it's up there with Friday and Baby as one of the worst songs of all time. I feel sorry for anyone who has had to listen to this mess.
We are just lucky they hadn't covered other great songs from other great musicians of this generation like Eminem or from Music Legends such as Led Zeppelin or Queen (If they did, then I'm happy to say music just died)
[Newest]This is really awesome. That is just dumb that they ruined a good song

2Party Rock Anthem

3American Boy

4Burnin Up
I accidentally clicked on this.


5Fire Burning
Omigoodness, this is terrible. Words cannot describe. It causes innocent people to cry and sweet girls like me to jump off bridges.
It's a good song

6Better In Time

7Gangnam Style
How could this one not make the list? Their attempt at not only rapping, but also doing it in a language COMPLETELY alien to them completely butchers it.
Listen to the song, you will see why they completely ruined PSY's greatest song
They compleat lay ruined the song they suck


9Gotta Be Somebody

10Hot 'n' Cold

The Contenders

11Let It Rock
Let it rock how bout Let It Rot
I agree with whoever said 'let it rot'.
:'( After loveing the original, this made me cry. "Waved his hand to the world" Really!

12Beverly Hills
I officially hate Kidz Bop even more now.


I Max (no last name) love weezer, but kids bop had to just go and kill it. like why?
This is a disgrace to mankind

13All You Need Is Love
Kids bop is horrible. Even when they are messing around with the beatles and other people.
MY ears my poor ears why, why, why! Why must they kill songs!


The worst Kidz Bop song of all time.


14Float On

157 Things

16So What
I hate this song and I hate the kidzz bop version even more because who is going to go on iTunes and download the brand new kidz bop 60,000? You could not pay me enough to listen to this crap!
What's wrong with "husband"?

17Ice Cream and Guacamole
I hate who ever made this and newsflash, ice cream and gwokumoley don't go together.

18The Sweet Escape

19Feel Good Inc.
The original which is made actually by Gorillaz is one of my favorite songs. But this, this just makes me cry in a corner.
Lining them up like fast cats? What does that mean?
What an insult to Gorillaz!

20All the Small Things
What the hell was that Colin Hayes singing or something? Like actually, this is possibly the worst song I have ever heard and then they were doing an a capella that just sounded like a motor for a lawn mower. YOU ARE PAYING TO LISTEN TO A LAWN MOWER!
They found a way to ruin THIS song.


So bad I couldn't stop laughing!

21I Love It
They sing "I watched as you drived your car across the bridge and let it turn" and "I"m a kidz bop kid"
Al they say is 'I don't care, I love it'~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I don't care... I hate it

22Take a Bow

23Move Along

24Don't Let Me Get Me
They Changed "Damn" to "Darn"

25I Kissed a Girl
This person speaks the truth!
Yeah they make a good point
So its OK to teach kids to make out and sexualize themselves at the age if 8?

26Call Me Maybe
How can they kill what's already dead? They still found a way to do it. amazing.
The song already sucks and Kidz Bop successfully made it worst
I thought the original was bad...


27Set Fire to the Rain
Someone must've never been to Great Aunt Ruth's house, or Grandma's house... That's what happens there. Kissing on the lips
I love that song but "kissed my lips" gets turned to "held me hand".

28The Lazy Song
I wish I could put everything! They change all the ' words! I can't wait until they make a thrift shop. It's probably gonna go like, "walk into the classroom like what up I got a lunchbox. " They change the word sex to text. I heard they changed one song from "stayin up all night in my room" to "I love wakin up in my room". This is to set a good example that kids should go to sleep on time. :P

29Hey Baby
They made the song confusing

30Whatcha Say
This version was completely out of tune.

31Harlem Shake
Very bad song it is

Oh my god this version of Domino is terrible. They changed a lot of words I don't know where to start. They changed "sexy" to "happy" "dirty dancing" to "now were dancing" "when we touch" to "when we dance" "take" to "knock"

33Get the Party Started
That was an awesome song not when Kids Pop come in. If they do Nirvana I will personally send the spirit of Bruce Lee to the studio where those worthless are ruining society, when they record, he'll burn it. The creators will be mutilated or smell my unbearable farts FOR LIFE!
Dis song was on the kidz bop movie it epic I love kidz bbop so much day are epic and stuff

34What Makes You Beautiful
I hope Kidz Bop dies. All are bad they even make Bieber, Cyrus, Black, or Brown look good lolz

35Who Let the Dogs Out
I hate this song so much.

36Whenever, Wherever


38My Love




42Bad Day

43Underneath It All


They Changed "'" To "Very"

46DJ Got Us Falling In Love

47Bring Me to Life
Did anyone remember the guy yelling in It? That was bad.

48Let It Be
No way... How dare they cover one of my favourite songs ever? I would rather listen to someone rub their fingernails on a chalkboard than listen to Kidz Bop sing the Beatles!
Yes, they have officially ruined one of the best songs in history
They SHOULD have Let It Be.

This cove makes me sad

50Family Affair


The original version is terrible but this version is much worse.
Why, this song already sucks and they just ruined it even more?
The Original Version is Bad But This Version is Much Worse.

53Second Chance
They can cover bad pop culture songs all they want but when they "cover" actual songs, that's when I draw the line. Oh, they also try to sing Bring Me To Life, a song about death and depression. Way to go 7-year-olds.

Amazing. Just great. Who's bright idea was it to have little children murder songs? He needs to be SLAPPED!

55We Belong Together
GAWDD, the ending is so bad! Can't believe they actually released it...


57Let It Go
Just be glad they don't cover tool. "followed by millions of dumbfounded dip twits"
Why did they cover FROZEN?! They have gone way to far!

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

59Knock You Down

These people have too much time on their hands.

61I'm a Believer

Is this by smashing pumpkins?
It better not be

63My Immortal
This is a song about abuse and depression. But of course it had to be Kidz Boped

64A Thousand Miles



67Jenny from the Block
Jennifer Lopez Sang This Because she wanted to sing about her life. But Kidz Bop Had to Ruin it.
The song title has the original artist's name in it. Do Those Kidz Bop Idiots know that?

68Let Her Go
This version sucked just as much as the original version.

Yes they have ruined my favorite Bryan Adams
This is From The Los Lonely Boys. Thank God, They Didn't Cover Bryan Adams. If They Did, I'll send Chuck Norris to their studio.

70In the End
This song is all about a man's failures in life and depressions. They're too young for being angsty, just like 2 Evanescence'asong they covered.

71Uptown Funk

They ruined one of the bed songs in pop history, even if it was by Britney spears.

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