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American English


I too am an American, and I'm extremely disappointed in my fellow countrymen. I don't like this whole n*****-speak going on in today's youth (I'm 19 by the way). People value stupidity in this country over intelligence. This country is on a one way track to oblivion.


The language is definitely deteriorating a lot faster in the United States than anywhere else. Not to mention a lot of Americans thinking that it's okay to swear every two milliseconds.


It sounds like someone's been sick. I can't listen to it, if I hear it on the tellie, I'll turn is off, or change channel to the BBC. I think it's the worst language in the world. Those Americans really can't speak English. Bloody Awful, it should be banned.
What you mean me don't know no english I know plenty of this language of which I try and speak


We cannot even speak correctly and we wonder why everyone has a difficult time learning the language with all of our slang and enunciation problems.
Worse than American English is only American English spoken by non native Americans (Asians etc. ), especially if accompanied by American body language. Actually American sounds like a combination of set phrases and not an expression of creative and original thought.
Specifically, southern American accent. Why do they have to say "God Damn" and use double negatives all the time?
American English also known as "Bastard English". Does not need any more explanation at all. If you disagree, then you may not know American English at all. YO!
I tend to speak more in British English for humorous purposes, but sometimes I truly wish that I could speak it all the time. The rather unusual pronunciation of the A's and the R's, I don't mind, but if someone says "ain't" or "y'all" one more time, I'm leaving the country.
I don't hate America or anything, but sometimes the accents are just plain awful...
I dislike this heavy accent of english (dunno if it is only a local dialect in the US) and in comparison to British English it sounds as if they are always eating chewing gum.
Use our proper English English! We really don't mind if you do! Why ruin a perfectly good language!
Ok I'm british I don't mind Americans speaking English but why change it? For example, colour into color etc. why? Why call trousers pants? Pants are underwear. why call trainers sneakers? How are they sneaky? Just annoying.


This is just lazy speech. Finish the ends of your words properly! A 't' is not pronounced the same as a 'd'. 'Like' and 'so' should not appear in every sentence. People get 'burgled' not burglarized' Sort it out!
There is no fluidity and each word is so separate, one can barely connect the first word of a sentence to the last.
The only language that works like "Subject, Verb, Object." (Sindy (Subject) walked (Verb) the dog (Object)) We have stupid slang like "'Sup" and "Yo" that make the language so irritating. Our language is so irrelevant compared to other languages.

In my opinion, the best language is Russian.


I like it.
While I'm not American,
I like the New York accent, the Boston accent, the New Jersey accent, the Texas accent.
I think it is very cute and keeps me awake, where as the British accent puts me to sleep...
I've noted that if you are not a native speaker, then its really hard to pronounce in American English.
ha its pretty sad but a lot of americans can't even speak their own language


I hate, hate, hate, HATE the Southern Dialect. It's like stuffing cheese in a cat's mouth and pulling on it's tail. I hate Redneck Culture, I hate their dialect, and I hate the geography. Culture as in being racist and loving guns.
Well, words were meant to be spoken. English is by far the hardest language to learn, with all the darn grammar Nazis in the country.


They pronounce thier words weirdly, australian english is the best.


American English is cool language and is better than English English.
I hate it when "ain't" instead of "isn't" or "aren't" is used. Very confusing.
It's stupid it makes no sense why do the rules always change.

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