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My neighbors are Chinese and they make fun of me when I didn't do anything to them! They look and at and they say to each other "Ching pi Ming Che Che Wu Wu " I can hear them yelling from downstairs the language is so annoying it gives me migraines its so harsh and very confusing and disgusting!
I went to a Chinese dance producation the other day, and there was a Mandarin translator. It was bearable, but a huge issue with the Chinese language is that it's really not something that can be translated into English. It's more funny than anything, and I was trying not to laugh at the translation screen the whole time.
Well, actually chinese isn't only cantonese and mandarin.
Whatever, every kind of chinese sounds difficult to understand, even the easiest mandarin.
You got to remember all the letters and there are no shortcuts! How to write them is like torture. Not saying it is bad but it is just hard to understand unlike Spanish which we can guess some words.
Oh my god! It's not a language, it's a real IQ programm for our memory! Can you imagine how many hieroglyph you are suppose to memorize to speak?! More than 9000! It's terrible
Just too difficult to learn. Sure Millions of people speak it but do they actually love it after learning another language.
Why can't they have words and not symbols? This and Japanese it's like, "Woah, woah, woah, slow down." VERY confusing. English is just hard to learn
There are so many Chinese students in my dorm. Every time they speak, I just want to pull my hair out and get the hell out. It sounds whiny and disgusting.
I'm a Chinese and I'm not a fan of mandarin
I prefer English
Seriously whenever a group of people started jabbering away in Chinese anyway near me, I get the hell away from there or I'll probably have to get my ears fixed
Just plain stupid. It makes no sense. I think it wasn't even ment to be made.
As a Malaysian Chinese, I honestly don't care Mandarin is the worst, it is the world's common spoken language.
When chinese people are speaking, everybody 's irritated by the noise
There is no competition. At all.
It annoys me so much, and I think that we can all agree on that one
It is definitely the worst
It sounds like a baby with potato in the mouth
hardest lagnaguargte to learn
This is disgusting language!
Worst language ching ching chung
China's lame! So is Chinese! Who wants to talk in high pitch tone acting all Jackie Chan!
Korean? Okay. Japanese? Okay? Bahasa? Okay. But Chinese & Vietnamese! 3 years of my life listening all day everyday at school. I don't miss it. Yoo-mo-gwai-di-fi-di-sao!
Tang tung chi kang loung fing pa...
What gibberish the chinese people speaks?

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