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When I first saw Hoopa as a Confined Form, I hated him. He looked derpy, and his concept sucked. Rings? Really? Then his Unbound Form came out, and he almost instantly became my FAVORITE Pokemon! The beast genie made his way into my permanent hall of fame!

I have a hoopa and personally I love him. that is when he is unbound. I'm not a loud to give any info on hoopa though due to the hacking program staying up but I can tell you this hoopa becomes unbound with using a prison bottle, this gives him access to psy and dark type wich is undestroyable! But when hoopa is psy and ghost its pointless due to the fact that its weak to ghost and dark! Its practically 4 times more weak to dark type if its not in unbound form

Hoopa is actually coming out in North America this November. I'm rather hyped about it, too. Hoopa is a good Pokemon though, and I don't see why everybody is hating. - FineDough

Yeah hoopa unbound form looks cool

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Celebi is awesome! Just cause its cute doesn't mean its weak.

Celebi is cute and strong I beat my older brother with it so this is so stupid

Boring and that's all I can say I can beat it with a Persian

Your right this piece of celery is weak

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While this is a pretty bad legendary, people are thinking its really good. Articuno is actually the worst legendary, but I think its pretty good. - RainbowDedenne

Yeah moltres and zapdos are better

Articuno is probably the strongest of the bird trio because in the movie 2000 the evils can't caught articuno.

Worst out of bird trio easily defeated!

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Why is Deoxys in 12th place honestly he's my favourite legendary Pokemon.

Deoxys is on this list because HE SUCKS

While I like Deoxys, I see no point to his existance. So, in Speed Form he is "good" for setting Stealth Rock which has never been a threat to me. Why is he legendary again?

Deoxys... I'm skunked! Nothing to say I'm stuck on why he was invented

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In the brand new Super Smash Bros, it reverses everything. So things become really confusing.

Palkia does not suck its awesome! And very strong

Why palkia in this list it's my favourite legendary Pokemon of all time.

How is dialga higher on the list than palkia? - Doggus

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I saw this and I wanted to leave the website, arceus has access to all types and over 50% of moves and I don't need more reason than that! It's a god for heavens sake

Arceus is quite literally a GOD. You know what happens when you insult gods, man. - FineDough

The deity of Pokemon deities...the ultimate creator...has a design so poor I can't begin to think of him as a god. As a Pokemon, Arceus's design is amazing. Great-looking legendary. What gets me, however, is how Arceus looks as a GOD. This is supposed to be the mighty, invinsible creator of all Pokemon, and, yes, he does look pretty beast, but they could've chosen a better design for a GOD than a fat quadreped with a golden belt around his obese waist.

Arceus isn't even that good in battle despite that "god of all pokemon thing - clw23

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The best! Why put it on the list? I love generation 2! Thank god Ho-oh is not on this list.

This Pokemon is awesome! Don't tell lies dudes!

Lugia is stronger than you think guys!

Third strongest

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Victini is awesome! He's the best! The cutest! One of the best fire legendries! Don't tell lies!

Man victini is the man all this other Pokemon are not cute

Thinks he's cute when he's suppose to be strong raise attack its not suppose to be cute its suppose to deadly it's a legendary

Some stupid ugly rabbit chicken

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Who would make a fire and water type.

Really does suck. Can fall to a rotom easily.

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It's the worst designed of any legendary we finally get a fire dragon and it looks like this that isn't a dragon I don't know what it is to be honest

This thing hails in comparison to Zekrom

What the hell are you talking about its got a cool design

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There is no story after it anyway! What's the point?

I forgot what this Pokemon even is it's so ignorant

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Dark Void is the best move that puts opponent to sleep (Because it has 80% Accuracy unlike Hypnosis with 60% and sing with 55%). The best thing is that the user of dark void is Darkrai of course and he has an ability that removes 1/8 hp every time he puts opponents to sleep and he is in battle.

Umm... I hope you didn't notice but Dark Void puts all opponents to sleep...

This fool got rekt by my mahammadabeedrill so bad. Used poison jab not even effective on darkari did more than expected. It's so called. SIGNATURE MOVE. Missed.

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The only pokemon where its types are super effective to themselves. Giratina v Giratina goes to the faster one - Doggus

All you guys need to learn Pokemon

Worst legendary ever. And I'm joking. It can take out 6 legendaries if it wants to.

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Ditto isn't actually a legendary, while it might say so in the Ultimate Handbook, which has tons of errors and mistakes.

He is stronger. Than you think person who doesn't know a thing about Pokemon

Actually, the handbook has been updated and I think they fixed that.

Are you a mad he's not legendary

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35MewMew is one of the fictional species of creatures from Nintendo's and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri.

You stupid heads mew and mewtwo are the worst, hoop for rayquaza

This is more like the best legendary

This Pokemon can learn any move and has a base stat of 80! Buttt you can't get him without an action replay

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With Blaziken, Primal Groudon can sweep nearly everything with Precipice Blades or Earthquake. Flying types? No problem. Groudon has access to Fire type attacks and Stone Edge, which sweeps Mega Salamence thanks to the attack boost from Blaziken's Swords Dance. Overall can be the King of Ubers competitively. Designwise, Groudon and his Primal Reversion are no different than in game: AWESOME! Who can say no to the scarlet red dinosaur of the land, with the power to dry up the earth? Even giving Primal the Fire Type in addition to his Ground type didn't take away from the fiery behemoth's power, as his Desolate Land Ability completely cancels out any Water Type attack!

Primal Groudon is great, regular Groudon is great, why is Groudon even listed here? - FineDough

I don't really use groudon but I still think he's cool

He's the coolest of them all. he's more cool looking than Rayquaza

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I'd pick Groudon over Kyogre designwise and competitively any day. It isn't nearly as good with Blaziken or Scolipede as Groudon is, and Groudon and Rayquaza also look cooler (to me). Still though, I don't hate Kyogre and never will, and in his Primal form, I love the deep navy blue color in his official artwork, and the cerulean tint in his sprite! Not bad for the third generation.

Whoever said something about cloning is indeed a duma**. Also you must be so high you can't spell right either. I don't like him or you.

How is Kyogre a clone of Pokemon for future generations? Please do tell. - FineDough

I think you mean Kyurem.

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I don't care what you think don't lie Zekrom is awesome

Zekrom isn't great, but it's definitely NOT worthy of being of this list. It's a good legendary. - FineDough

I liked Zekrom better than Reshiram

Zekrom is beast

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39PikachuPikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

Hey dude he's not a legendry Pokemon have you gone mad

Pikachu isn't a legendary but I'm still voting for him.

Really?! Pikachu is not a legendary! And this weak!

Pikachu is legendarily cute

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It's not a legendary. If it was though, it would be terrible

Unown actually isn't a legendary, I don't think...there was still no point to his existence! He's just a gimmick

Unown isn't legendary and I had never seen anyone use it in battle except 5 year olds it is so stupid they called it unknown or un-owned haha

Not a legendary, just a really bad pokemon

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