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1Superman 64

You would be crazy to say that this game is better than mario 64 this game is one of the worst games ever and it came out in 1999, 3 years after mario 64 all you do is fly through rings or do something useless and the amount of glitches is crazy and all the character models look the same so overall everything is bad about this game this should be number 1

Now I have the game and let me say WHATS WITH THE RINGS I MEAN WHAT SUPER MAN movie shows him going thru rings. The only exception is superman that's it everything is go hit the road

I've played missions of mischief and it's mediocre but not downright awful,

But all you do in this game is fly through rings while being timed. That's downright awful.

Why do people hate Sonic 2006 when this is an even worse game? Licensed games suck and aren't as good as the brands they're based on.

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2E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

You knew this one was coming.E.T. was only the second game based on a movie and boy, did it ever set the tone for the rest of this list.

E.T. is arguably not just one of the worst licensed games, but one of the worst games of all time, period. It was rushed out in six weeks to make money off of the movie�s success and Atari�s brand loyalty. This strategy seemed to work at first, with a high volume of sales for Christmas.

Until people started returning it. In the end, the game managed to sell so badly it helped trigger Atari�s crash and burn, losing them over $500 million. Even though the cartridges were crushed, buried, and covered with cement, in an area devoid of all life, this hasn�t stopped the game from spreading like a virus and eradicating all signs of quality from nearby towns. The developer, meanwhile, remains at large. - Magnolia

You have to be a truly terrible developer to screw up a game based on the most popular movie of the year.

Sure Superman 64 was bad, but E.T. was a big mistake of a game. - ReakMayhem

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3Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi

"Teras Kasi" (Lucasian for "cash in on this trend NOW! ") basically features a bunch of beloved Star Wars characters, and a whole lot of annoying second stringers, beating the ever-loving crap out of each other in a stiff, badly designed manner. It also led to confusing questions like what a Jedi would need with hand-to-hand combat, since he has a sword that leaps into his hand, the ability to throw things around with his mind, and essentially no need to use his fist to beat somebody up whatsoever.

Even the most rabid Star Wars fan has chucked this one into a deep hole and forgotten about it�and that�s where it belongs. - Magnolia

4White Men Can't Jump

Oh my god don't even get me started with this game it mocks the movie like seriously

We�ll give the developer this much: White Men Can�t Jump is indeed a hit film and it lends itself to a video game.

But the game itself is a mess and we�ve really got to wonder what it�s doing on the Jaguar, of all platforms. Seriously? The Jaguar? What, did the 3DO and the Wonderswan turn you down? - Magnolia

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5Rambo: The Video Game

RAMBO is a awesome series I'm the rambo movies the first blood movies all great and selvester stolyone well is awesome any way SO WHY ON GODS GREEN EARTH would they make this a point gaining first person shooter that features all the movies besides 4 and the other one it should have been a 3rd person stelth shooter game that evould around strategy not this this is Call of Duty far cry 3 and bulletstorm all combined like I'm I the only one that thinks so or what

6Frozen: Olaf's Quest

Wait, wait, wait. This is an actual game?

, my sister got this for Christmas.

7Dragon Ball Evolution

Both this game and its movie are the biggest insult to Dragon Ball.

Okay the movie not that bad but this this is redeculos like what:(

8Alien: Isolation
9Fight Club

Putting out a fighting game about Fight Club is a shining symbol of missing the point completely, which is just the start of this fail-laden game.

That the game is broken goes without saying, but there�s also the fact that for some reason, the game features Fred Durst. We have no idea why. Fred Durst is the frontman of Limp Bizkit as well as a director of movies (but not Fight Club). In fact, he had nothing to do with the movie or the book. We�re assuming he was somehow involved in the production of the game, or they had the rights to his image and decided to use it, or maybe they�re just like the rest of us and want to beat the crap out of Fred Durst.

Unfortunately, they surrender a golden opportunity; Fred Durst can fight back and actually win, which further proves that video games are fantasies. In real life, we�re pretty sure Adam Lambert could take Fred Durst. - Magnolia


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10Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Oh come on! Sonic 06 should here not Sonic Boom!

But the game is better than superman 64

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11WWE Crush Hour

Worst WWE and wrestling game I've ever seen

Wrestling games have a long and storied history in video gaming, and for some reason, people want to try and use that to make games that don�t involve wrestling. Why, we have no idea. But "Crush Hour" sums up why it�s a bad idea.

Basically, the top WWE wrestlers run around in cars and try to destroy each other. In other words, it�s "Twisted Metal" with WWE decals. We�re still not sure why THQ put this one out, but contractual obligation sounds like a good theory. - Magnolia

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This would have been a great and revolutionary for it's arm controls. Only one problem, the arm controls barely work.

And who decided to have Anna's life bar on her breasts? Serously, that's just going a tad too far.

13The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead is an American horror drama television series developed by Frank Darabont, based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard . Andrew Lincoln plays the show's lead character, sheriff's deputy Rick Grimes, who awakens from a coma discovering more.

Which one? The Telltale game or Survival Instinct? Cause I heard of them was good rather then bad...

The emotions! Their horrible! Still great game.

14Spider Man (2002)

I loved this game on Xbox it was fun and I'm not lying but and there is a but this game is little anyoning with the training and the narrator he sucked but not a bad game

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15Dick Tracey
16Ghostbusters (Atari)

The main problem with the Atari game of Ghostbusters is how boring it is. There�s nothing too broken about the gameplay, aside from a few minor glitches, but it�s about as repetitive as it gets before we get into color matching and typing "games". Catch the ghost, go somewhere else, catch more ghosts, go somewhere else, climb to the top of a building, and so on.

Even for Atari, this is a little dull. Sure, they couldn�t fit the humor in there, but not even some text, guys? No one-liners? Not even differentiating the Ghostbusters from each other? - Magnolia

At least the new Ghostbusters video game is pretty good.

17Dirty Dancing

Yes, they made a game out of Dirty Dancing. Or, rather they "made" a "game" "out of" "Dirty Dancing", as the game itself has basically nothing to do with the movie, or the concept of the movie, or even dancing.

It�s essentially a collection of minigames set to music that is almost, but not quite, the music from the original movie, since that would be far, far too expensive for this shameless cash-in released decades after the movie. But you can play Bejeweled, with a Dirty Dancing theme! Thanks! - Magnolia

18Wikipedia Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
19Disney's Aladdin
20Rocko's Modern Life: Spunky's Dangerous Day

This game officially ruined the show's image. - xandermartin98

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