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21Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure

So true, I am sick of everyone's nostalgia of the game and the show it's based on.

23Pokemon Gold

Hate you all who put this on the list, this isn't even a licensed game, you idiotic scum.

Nintendo owns the Pokemon series. It's not a licensed game.

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24Ice Age: Continental Drift - Arctic Games
25Horrid Henry: Missions of Mischief
26The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Tipton Trouble

Oh boy this game was terrible. Why did they make it 3D if you can only go left and right. They put no effort into it and it's so boring. I was 7 when I played this game and I knew it was bad... and I liked pretty much any game with someone from Disney Channel in it.

27Dragon Ball Z Kinect
28SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty Krab
29Duck DynastyV1 Comment
30Sanjay and Craig: Butterslide
31Play with the Teletubbies

To quote PeanutButterGamer: "Anyone who is young enough to enjoy this game, I can assure you, is too young to properly operate a PlayStation controller." A solid reason why the PS1 was for older kids or teen audiences.

33Mega Man 6

Not a licensed game as Mega Man is a video game franchise.

34Austin Powers Pinball

Augustine powers oh behave on game boy color was even worse

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35South Park: The Stick of Truth

The game was good, but it could've been better. In my opinion, the game was just too short. It only took me a few hours to beat it. But still, it's a good game for people who watch the show, and the controls and everything were good.

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36Epic Mickey
37Madden NFL 15
38The Simpsons: Road Rage

Boring, lack of levels (4 levels) and more craps in this video game.

40Super Mario Bros. Special

2 words: Terrible graphics. - noo7na7

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