Top 10 Worst Lil Wayne Songs

To be clear, I love Weezy, but here are some songs I don't like.

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1Love Me

I like Lil' Wayne, but this is just abysmal. Everything about this song is just garbage. The beat is lifeless, the performance is bland and sad, and the lyrics make me cringe.

I hate every Lil Wayne song, but this is the talentless piece of lyrical crap. The entire song is about sex! - ToptenPizza

With lines like "and all she eat is dick, she's on a strict diet" it's normal to be here

I love you Wayne, but you went way to far this time. I found it very disgusting.

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3Where You At
4Karate Chop

"Beat that up like Emmett Till! "

How disgusting.

5The Heat
7Dr. Carter

Its cool when he said let me put my gloves on and my srcubs on dr carter to the rescue.

8Back On My Grizzy
9President Carter

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?Believe Me

The line "She said my dick could be the next black president" may just be one the worst of all time. - EmperorAguila

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11Look at Me Now
12Tie My Hands
136 Foot 7 Foot
15P**** Monster
16A Milli

If this was released today (along with the Black Eyed Peas' The Time (Dirty Bit)), it would be a meme. - WonkeyDude98

19My Homies StillV1 Comment
20Mrs. Officer
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1. Where You At
2. The Heat
3. Love Me
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